7 Bright Color Combinations To Avoid Using In Web Design

On occasion I look at websites as a request from other web designers. I am far from perfect myself, but I like to think at least my choice in colors are either:

1. Not clashy and farfetched to put together
2. Do not hurt anyone’s eyes

Now, when I look at a website and my eyeballs want to bleed because the text or some images were too bright, I think that the web designer is:

1. Colorblind
2. Still discovering color combinations
3. Totally clueless

When using color on a website, especially bright colors, it is important to take the time to carefully choose what colors your site will have and if you are not sure if colors go together, get a second or third opinion. You must consider that some of your users may have eye problems where some colors may wreak havoc on their sight. Here are 7 bright color combinations I recommend avoiding in web design. They are merely color palettes as I did not want to embarrass anyone who might be using them. However, I have seen these used together. I apologize if your eyes bleed on a few of these.

color combo 1 color combo 2
color combo 3 color combo 4
color combo 5 color combo 6
color combo 7

Are there other bright color combinations that you might suggest avoiding?


  1. says

    I don't mind some bright colours but when a layout is screaming it as text or background then you gotta wonder why..

    When I was designing my current layout I wanted a blue shade for my links (so it would pop out) but some days I find that it and even the blue on twitter's logo are too much for my eyes.
    My recent post Farewell Midwest, Hello Westcoast

    • says

      Well, this was more for some of the recent sites I have had to look at. I was a between shocked and appalled on how someone would throw the colors together, even now. Year ago, I expected it…but now, I guess I grew too complacent at looking at newbie sites.

  2. says

    I just found your site via Dragon Blogger. I just looked through & you have some great tips on here. I’ll definitely be coming back!

    I am extremely picky when it comes to my layouts & at times if the blog that I’m visiting has loud colours or too many graphics, then I tend to leave pretty much right away.

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