Adding and Editing Links in WordPress

Not everyone uses the Links section in the backend of their WordPress. However, there is Adding and editing links in WordPress.

It is important to note that the Links section in the WordPress backend does not have to just be for blogroll links. It can be used for many things like affiliates, relevant sites to yours, supporters, and much more. You have the capabilities in WordPress templating to make a template to call a specific link category to a page if you want.

This is where YARRP will go

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  1. first of all Nile i absolutely love the site the design looks so clean, hopefully one day i can get to your level though i doubt it. I always find using high PR sites for links usually works well especially the Wiki Wiki’s.

  2. This is cool. I always saw the links feature as discussed here on wordpress, but never really understood what it was for. Seems like it’s more versatile than I thought and am going to figure out how I can use it on my site ASAP! Another great WordPress tutorial. :D
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  3. How serendipitous….I came to your site for an unrelated matter but….This was the exact thing I was attempting to today. My blogroll and links need a tune up, thanks for the video Nile. :)

    Nathan recently posted..How To Keep Your Girlfriend – The 25 RulesMy Profile

  4. It’s been a while since I used a blogroll and I’m glad there are new features built into WordPress for them… like the images you point out in the video. I’m going to revisit this for some sidebars that need more content. Thanks !!
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  5. Great video. Sounds like a good opportunity for newbies to learn all about wordpress. thanks for the share.

  6. tinafreysd says:

    A Web page without links is like a radio without buttons; if you have nothing to click or press, you have no options, and no place to go. WordPress, a free blogging site, allows bloggers to add formatted text and links to their blog posts. Links that you see on Web pages consist of HTML code..
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  7. Very good tutorial about editing links in WordPress. This is one of the few areas of WordPress that I haven’t explored till know, but I will in the future. I wasn’t aware that we can make so many things with the links in Wp, but it seems like we can improve the navigation for the users.
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  8. Great and excellent tutorial in editing links in WordPress. I learn a lot by this post.Just few more and I will make it perfect.
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  9. Nile, I have one concern regarding links on wordpress. How can I make it dofollow and nofollow.
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  10. This is a part of WordPress that I haven’t explored, so appreciated the information. At some point I need to list something besides WordPress : ) Thanks, Nile!
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  11. Link Adding and editing in WordPress is really great way to for any link creation in blog or website. Video of link adding provides enough information for all process of link adding in WordPress admin panel.
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  12. Thanks for you post. Great video about adding and editing links in WordPress.

  13. I think that wordpress is one of the most easiest way to enhance the post and what you have written…
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  14. I have been only using the link list as a blogroll. Glad you have opened my eyes and shown me all the other things that can placed in the section.
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  15. NIle,
    Thank you, thank you! This is an area of my site that I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on, so I really appreciate your explicit information on this matter! I have so much to learn about WP blogs.
    Have a great week,
    Lynn Jones recently posted..How You Can Have a Happy Life Mingling with Society.My Profile

  16. Nile you are great and your article is as usual great like you . Extremely helpful and informative stuff .Thanks for share such nice thoughts.
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  17. Hi Nile,
    Thankyou soo much for the post. When I first started blogging I did not see this link feature but when I came to know about it then I used/am using it and took/am taking full advantage of this feature. This post is helpful for many readers because most of us especially who are new to wordpress don’t know about it.
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  18. Nile,

    Nice little video about a feature that most people just forget to use because it was never explained to them.

    I know that it can be helpful to the blog site and blog post SEO to link to a relevant site from inside a blog post because it lets Google know that you not only have, but are Linking to useful information.

    I am wondering if the links in the blogroll that you add by hand as described in this video would have any effect on SEO.

    Great video.

    I must admit I was surprised not to see Kimberly’s link listed!

    Thanks for more great, useful stuff!


    Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim recently posted..I Got 50,000 Video Views on my YouTube Channel!My Profile

  19. Thanks for the great information. I think the links feature is essential for people who want to be taken seriously. I use it to link the sources to back up any facts that I include. I plan to share with others I think could use this, and appreciate you sharing!

  20. Hi Nile,
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on building the blogroll or using the LINK feature. I really haven’t explored this much and will now do so. Thanks for sharing that Better Blogroll plugin – I will take a look at that.

    Do you suggest I share blogs that are in my niche because frankly I haven’t found many. Perhaps there is a list of Dofollow health blogs – do you know?

    Clare recently posted..April is Autism Awareness MonthMy Profile

  21. Nile,
    Thanks for the video! I have been using wordpress links to connect with blog carnivals that I participate in and also for company products that I recommend on my blog and they are really useful. I would be interested to find out how these links are helping my seo.
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  22. Really great post you share with us. Its very helpful for me thank you so much for sharing this post.
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  23. nice video about adding links in wordpress i love your tutorial.
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  24. Hi your blog looks very neat! actually my daughter loves it and she wants something like this in her blog! I must say the video you showed really helped me understand the subject matter better. I am a visual learner so pictures and videos really helped me! Thank you.
    Stevie Smith recently posted..Ways To Make A Man Love YouMy Profile

    • lol… Thanks. I get that a lot for my site. I still have a lot of work to do to it… but my clients always come first before my site.

  25. WordPress has everything that bloggers need to properly monetize their blogs. The video is very helpful in learning this. Thank you for the post!

  26. Hi Nile,
    It’s an awesome video tutorial. Newbies would be so lucky if they find your post to watch your video tutorial.
    Keep on keepin on,
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  27. Your article is very helpull thanks for you post. Great video about adding and editing links in WordPress.
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  28. Nile,

    Thank you.

    I have been hunting all over for a useful and easily digestible user guide for wordpress. I’ve just started a blog of my own and despite it seeming like a fairly easy package quite a bit of it, I have found, is counterintuitive.

    I will be going over all your posts as my needs dictate but I just wanted to say thank you for the help.


  29. Hi Nile,

    Great tutorial! I do use the link feature but I did not realize you could add an image instead of having the ugly text links.

    Thanks for the great information!

    Johna Rimmer recently posted..Goal for TodayMy Profile

  30. nice, this is very helpful for my wp blog, thanks

  31. Till date i was not knowing about the image links. Will try this out in my blog. Thanks for sharing the valuable tip.
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  32. i really love your post very nice information i am also learning wordpress and i will do this my self and i will add some links in my blog
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  33. I always saw the links feature as discussed here on wordpress, but never really understood what it was for. 
    Laura recently posted..What is Smile Makeover?My Profile

  34. Thanks for the great video on adding links.
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  35. Really nice article. I had a bit idea of this but never thought of this section other than blogroll. Your video explained well on this topic. I will have another look & checkout how can I utilize this more effectively.
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  36. Nile, Thanks for the post! It was very eye-opening!

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