Are People Spending Too Much Time On Facebook?

Is Facebook becoming the place to go to even when it is not a rainy day? Aaron Wong wrote Facebook: The Leaky Faucet of Time in response to Mashable‘s article Facebook Is the Web’s Ultimate Timesink. He put to the fact that the Mashable article said that according to Nielsen Ratings that Facebook users are spending an average of 7 plus hours online – per month.

Why is this happening? Well, there are several things:

  • Social Game Applications
  • Discussion forums
  • Facebook can be used by a lot of mobile phones
  • Easy access to news
  • Unobtrusive advertising

I have to admit I use Facebook more than 7 hours a month… and probably more than 7 hours a week. Why? Well, most of it has to do with all of what I listed above. I am a social gamer and have a separate site called Game App Geek where so far, my boyfriend and I rate and review game apps from several places, including Facebook. Another, I connect with people over business and make new connections. Some of these connections are even from Twitter. I am a fan of several news places. Because I have a busy live stream, sometimes it is easier for me to catch the news in Facebook. I can also bookmark these places.

From Aaron’s article, he asks:

Is 7 hours per month too much? How much is too much time spent on Facebook? It seems that the trend is for increased time spent. Can Facebook replace television as family entertainment?

My response to Aaron’s article was that I did not think 7 hours a month was too much. I do however recommend that anyone who almost lives in front of the computer to make sure they have an exercise schedule in between all the internet surfing. Just typing and moving a mouse does not get calories burning.

As for family entertainment, the computer is not a place for the family to have quality time, not even Facebook, unless the household had a network. It is probably better to break out the Wii. At least with that, 4 family members can play at the same time.

What are your thoughts? Are People Spending Too Much Time On Facebook?


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      Not a problem. I thought it was buzzworthy. This is how blogging usually works. People are inspired by what they see. Mentioning related articles is just a nice way to allow people to see more information.

      My hours on Facebook should not matter, but places like Nielsen want to know if there is any correlation. Same goes for television shows. Last year, the founder of the Fan History wiki (who I intern for) had written a paper asking if there were a correlation between the popularity of certain television shows and the fanfiction written during the time the shows run. It was easy to say that there was indeed a correlation.

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    Nice and impressive. it was an interesting post and a great warning?

    Just typing and moving a mouse does not get calories burning.

    We are certainly spending more and more t3ime online in front of computer, though not all the time with Facebook, there still is another addiction Twitter and has to find time to StumbleUpon and Digg as well. Well Flores, when do you find time for your exercise with all these writing and being active in social medias to promote and engage yourself?
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    Only 5 comments? The topic is wonderful and deserving of more attention.

    What your post does is put forth a number of reasons that show how people get completely absorbed by Facebook. It's not the worst thing to get completely absorbed by something; it's how we learn. But it doesn't look to me like a lot of people are learning or achieving tons through Facebook. In fact, it looks to me people use Facebook to avoid the rest of the Internet, and even other people. I'd worry about Facebook and the problem of complete self-absorption, obviously.
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    Only 5 comments? The topic is wonderful and deserving of more attention.

    My own thought is that one wants to look at how people spend their time on Facebook – you make a number of good points about that. It seems to me that they're quite self-absorbed, using Facebook to avoid the rest of the Internet and people outside their immediate circle. It's not like people are learning nuclear physics through Farmville, either. Facebook can be a wonderful tool, but it definitely is not the healthiest place to be for long periods.
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      Definitely. I put it up as a featured topic because I thought it was pretty shocking to see the statistics on how much people spend time. Imagine that on top of time spent in general online… for me, the thought is frightening considering almost half of my life was without the Internet.

  4. Grendel says

    While I do understand the draw of Facebook as a virtual gathering place and a way to keep up with old friends who live clear across the country, my experience is somewhat different. Imagination that your spouse is so addicted that they plan their schedule around Farmville so they aren't late harvesting their crops! Add to the mix the ever vigilant best friend who will call them to remind them to log on when they don't see them on yet. I'm sitting on the couch with them and feel like I'm in a three-way communication because they're chatting on Facebook when I'm right there trying to talk with them! How is that helping relationships?! Where does it end?!!

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    Me , my family and my friends share a variety of things on facebook. We usually tag pictures especially after a memorable occasion, give updates on what's happening on our wall , much like on twitter. Farmville assets also clutter most of our conversations. It however does not replace us meeting together on occasions. Facebook just improves our relationships even with great distances.

  6. Sunny Dee says

    I used to spend a lot of time on Facebook as well and then I took a break from Facebook and did a digital cleanse. It was amazing to me the way the break served to separate me from Facebook just enough so that I now spend what I consider to be a reasonable amount of time on it. I am however, on the internet far more than 7 hours a month and even 7 hours a week would be falling short of the mark. It's just that now I'm using my social networks much more in the way you mentioned which is networking and making some really great connections.
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  7. David Southerland says

    I am on the internet a lot. I spend less than 1/2 of 1/2 of one percent of that time on Facebook. I've never been a fan, although I signed up for FB as a last-ditch effort to join another site. So I've decided that FB is for people(adults 25 and up) who have no friends to actively socialize with in external life. Usually because they keep their plate full all of the time, by either force or choice. So those people
    like the network. I on the other use the internet as a creative medium, and do not see any
    such medium on Facebook. FB is the single greatest example of collective consciousness and that's just another nail in the coffin. I have no interest in it, because I'd rather watch
    (not audit) a decent movie. Or write.

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    Yes, I think we spend too much time on Facebook. At least I do. I really don't have time, I'm just checking in and then I find some interesting videos or comments and suddenly I find myself writing commenting and I need to check this and that and the time just fly away. I think people spend more time than they intend to. My problem is to stay focused and do what I intended to do.

    Be yourself and be happy, never stop dreaming!
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    This is developing into a serious issue. Many people are becoming addicted to social media sites like Facebook. They check their profile constantly and their work and personal relationships begin to suffer. It is fine to use these sites for fun or a way to relax but everyone should set limits and not spend too much time on Facebook.

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    Great article
    Very true Nile, i am noticing my little brother that he is using facebook all the time and he is not giving attention to his work.
    any suggestion which can help me to stop my brother being addicted to facebook?
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    People use facebook for different reasons. Some want to share their life events with their friends and family, some want just follow these life events and don’t share much themselves. I personally don’t. And I do not understand the necessity of letting everybody who know me know what I am up to everyday of my life. Call me old fashioned but If I have sth important to share I call or text these few important people in my life. That’s it.

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    Facebook is definitely addicting. One of my friends plays Farmville at work! And he works in financial investments! Amazing… Facebook and mobile game apps are definitely starting to take off — I see kids all over them too these days.

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