Are There Things Not To Say When Blogging?

It is funny how recently the show House, M.D. had a character that was a blogger. In fact, this sparked a bit of conversation in the blogging community too. For example, I found How much is too much to share by Lady Grier. In the episode it seemed that she had to blog about everything going on in her life, even when she was facing death’s door. She was even asking her readers on advice on how to proceed with her medical procedures. It was a bit bizarre there.

For one, if you are comfortable giving out personal information – fine, but remember that you should probably retain something that only you know or nothing will seem special or sacred. Plus, even if you think people like to hear about how you went to the bathroom, details on how you have sex with another person (specifically naming that person), what was on your grocery list, or your minute-by-minute updates – you are wrong. There are a lot of people who will not say anything because they are kind and have a lot of reserve. On the other hand, there will be people who are turned off by that behavior.

Please note that there are sites that address intimacy issues and adult topics, so if your site is focused on this, great, but also remember to make sure your partner is okay with you divulging information about them.

Freedom of speech has always been a touchy topic for a lot of people. It is not that you are not allowed to say something – it is that you might want to not say it because it might be too much information. (Also known as the TMI, WTMI or WTMFI.) And no, this is not including profanity into the mix. This is including things that really have no business in public and could actually be hurtful if there is backfire.

Your readers are important, but in the case of putting decisions of your life in their hands, you are not being true to yourself. (This is what happened in the House M.D episode.) This is not the type of person that shows leadership qualities and how they influenced so many people. Doing this will probably turn away readers faster than anything else.

Have you read blogs that had a little too much information? What are your thoughts on this?


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    I've not seen the episode in question… but my boyfriend has. It really pissed him off because apparently her partner was extremely supportive as well, but she just wouldn't talk to him! Strange person.

    I get it, some people like to share intimite details, whatever right? Not for me.

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      He was supportive to the point where she was going to jeopardize her health because she let her visitors decide what she should do. Thankfully, in the end she came to some of her senses.

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    It's just crazy how absorbed people can become; I mean, I get that it was only an episode of House, but they do base things (however loosely) on real cases. Also I could see that happening with some people in the blogosphere, very strange.

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      It has happened…lol. I have seen it a lot in the last decade. Some things are funny and others pathetic. Most of the people I see are usually ones that are always seeking attention in a negative manner.

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    It is funny how some people tell all their business. I had joined a group on Facebook called "Not everything comes in your head needs to be on Facebook" and the page was removed because people complained. Really? I guess someone got their feeling hurt.

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      lol… Well, that is no surprise. Get enough people complaining and Facebook will step in. I am not much for telling everyone my business, but it can be shocking some of the stuff that people say. Those who have put themselves as having a good reputation have to watch out. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who are very sensitive…lol

  5. marciewrites says

    I haven't read any blogs with too much information on them but I can say that Freedom of Speech is not free. Was that off topic?

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      No, not off topic. I have seen a lot of different blogs and believe me… there are some that really push the envelope on their topics, including revealing personal info that is a bit too much information….lol.

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    Well said Nile and thanks for such an educating article. I believe not all but few things that need to say ‘No’. Up to your business is good but never involve in the personal life. I agree there is freedom of speech but it means not that just to say what reveals in the mind. Sometime it hurt.

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