Are Your WordPress Plugins Up To Date?

Are your WordPress plugins up to date? While many of you might have between a dozen and two dozen plugins installed, when you first installed them, did you check to see when they were late updated?

If not, you should check. Having plugins that have not been updated is as much risk as not keeping your WordPress install up to date… meaning, you could be running some serious risks.

Just a few to list:

  • Security risk
  • Possible risk to data resources on your web hosting server (for plugins that require it.)
  • Errors or the plugin breaks

While some of those plugins have been useful and at the moment, have no caused issues, if your plugin has not been updated in at least a year, you might want to contact the plugin developer to see if they can look over the plugin and get it up-to-date.

In some cases, it might just be updating the file to let others know that the plugin is fine in the most recent install of WordPress.

In the case that the plugin is not working correctly, make sure to report it in the WordPress Support forums. Doing so will inform other users of the issue and hopefully it will get back with the original developer – IF they are still behind the project.

Have you made sure your WordPress plugins are up to date?

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  1. This post highlights a very important and often neglected issue. I try to routinely check whether updates are available and install them as soon as I can. While it can be quite cumbersome, it is important to do it for all the reasons you mention.
    Ana recently posted..Best Affiliate Marketing Programs that PayMy Profile

  2. Yes, I’ve all up to date plugins. I never compromise with security and features.
    plaban recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Review by Tech2GoMy Profile

  3. Hello Nile, you make a good point. Many people may lag behind and not update their pluggins like they should. I am happy to say I just checked last night. We must be on the same wavelength.
    Steve recently posted..Definitions, Natural Law part 1My Profile

  4. not all my wordpress plugins up to date

  5. on this blog I found many tips and tricks for wordpress blog. but unfortunately I am using the blogger platform!

    • How can I get you to convert to WordPress rather than using Blogger? Blogger is not an open source platform, not something you can have your own version. Even with free accounts, you are getting better leverage with your site.

  6. I am a blogger myself and from my own blogging experience I would like to say that it is extremely important for a website owner to install WordPress plugins and update them in time. It should be noted that WordPress plugins can simplify the work of webmasters significantly, so just keep them always up-to-date!

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