#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 10


I’ve been a bit busy lately for update for #WordPressWednesday, but I’ve been still keeping up with the news in the WordPress community. This week is exciting for the WordPress community because we are about to have the annual WordCamp San Francisco, which is THE WordCamp of WordCamps. Many WordPress Meetups around the world are […]

Are You Checking Your Guest Blogger’s Links In Their Posts?


Are you checking your guest blogger’s links in their posts? Do you care? If you’re not, you should be!!! While every blog owner has their own policy on what is allowed and what is not allowed in guest posting, the links some guest bloggers are pimping out may not be something you will want to […]

Tag Cloud Do’s and Don’ts


I have been seeing a disturbing number of blogs with some creepy tag clouds. This isn’t something just recent. The tag cloud tragedies I’ve seen span more than a decade! Some have no CSS spacing implemented and others, well, they really are a ‘drag’ on the layout’s load time. I am not going to draw […]

Are You Snubbing Your Blog Competition?


You’ve got a pretty cool blog, right? However, you keep hitting these plateaus and not being able to talk with other bloggers as easily as you would like. What is the deal? Are you snubbing your blog competition? With more than 20% of the Internet’s websites powered by WordPress alone, and many others hosted on […]

Popularity And Being Influential Are Not Always The Same


Popularity and being influential are not always the same thing. While it is often great to be popular, or be influential, or both, they are not always a hand in hand type of deal. For example, you can influence a small group of people or a large group of people. Being popular normally means you […]

Getting Paid to Give A Testimonial?


Certainly I was a bit baffled at first when I learned that people are paying for testimonials on Fiverr (just look up the search for the word testimonial at Fiverr) and even freelancer sites. These paid gigs are to leave reviews on Yelp, Google+ pages, and many other places that consumers look at in order […]

#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 9


Another week, another Wednesday, making it once again time for #WordPressWednesday. This is a weekly recap of some of the news from around the WordPress community, outside my own WordPress articles here at Blondish.net. Now, I’ve been known to accidentally skip some weeks, but life happens and I run my site alone, but I try […]