Why You May be Failing as a Brand in Social Media


Mastering social media marketing is often a sore spot for business owners trying to build a brand online. The problem on why you may be failing as a brand in social media, is that most of it revolves around lack of knowledge, or when they have access to the right knowledge in social media marketing, […]

What Is WordCamp?


WordCamp is a conference focused on WordPress. In fact, WordCamps are scheduled weekly in cities around the world to hopefully reach as many WordPress users as possible. For those who are new to WordPress, and haven’t built a website, or perhaps they have a static site, and need a better solution, WordCamps offer the opportunity […]

#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume #15


Wow, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for WordPress were insanely awesome! However, it’s back to a regular #WordPressWednesday roundup. This week’s roundup is a little light as I gotta get on the road and head out to WordCamp Orlando. It’s been a busy week trying to fit blogging and my work into the […]

What to Look for When Choosing a WordPress Theme


There are a lot of articles out there on what to look for when choosing a WordPress theme, but many of them are written from the user who doesn’t have too much design experience, and doesn’t really think about the average beginning WordPress user. When I say ‘average beginning WordPress user’, I do mean someone […]

Niche Recommended WordPress Plugin Series: Mommy Blogger


This article in the Niche Recommended WordPress Plugin Series will cover suggested plugins for websites run by a mommy blogger. Some people think being a mommy blogger is a bad thing, but it really isn’t when a lot of bloggers actually are moms taking care of their children and working out of their homes. Many […]

On Being Professional About Constructive Criticism


Every person has their own opinion. That is quite alright to do. Those opinions may come from knowledge, or pure emotional place. However, as a professional, we often forget that in contacting other professionals, it’s important to be civil and use constructive criticism, otherwise it ends up seeming like the opinion comes from a hateful […]

#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 14


This #WordPressWednesday, even though it’s near Black Friday and Cyber Monday for 2014, I think leaving a few links to places that have done a decent job gathering the deals are probably better than me taking more time to put a list together myself. For those not aware, I solely run Blondish.net, so it takes […]

The Importance of Being Unique With Your Online Business


There are millions of websites, some of them are in your own niche. It’s takes a lot to be a be unique and some people give up because they are not sure why they are not getting the traffic they desire. Your ability of being unique with your online business is something that is important, […]