Ask Nile: What Does Blog Syndication Mean?


So, for bloggers what does syndication mean? In this part of the Ask Nile Series, we talk about syndication. Some people have heard the term for other media, but may not be familiar with it in the blogosphere. Blog syndication is a form of web syndication. Wikipedia states that web syndication is: Web syndication is […]

You Gotta Keep Hustling!


After all these years, I’m still hustling. Hustling… it’s another word for working hard. I know a lot of people who keep telling me how they have a hard time making ends meet. Some of them, I’ve passed them opportunities that if they had only reached out, the job (which included benefits), was in the […]

#MondayMashup 2015 Volume 10


So, it’s not been easy to get back into blogging, especially when I’ve not been home for over a month. Thankfully, other people are always blogging, so I haven’t missed my reading, and that’s why I’m back to posting #MondayMashup. For anyone new to, the #MondayMashup is usually a weekly roundup of some blog […]

Blog Lingo: What is a Roundup?


It’s not uncommon for me to write up a roundup at In fact, they can be quite fun to do, and also can bring in traffic, especially if the topic is good. In the blogosphere, roundup can be entertaining. However, not everyone is publishing a roundup, and not everyone knows the term. In fact, […]

Ask Nile: When Can You Be Considered a Full Time Blogger?


In this part of the Ask Nile Series, I answer “When Can You Be Considered a Full Time Blogger?” This is certainly not an easy question. Becoming a full time blogger doesn’t happen over night. It takes quite a bit of time. And becoming a full time blogger can depend on how much money you […]

What is a Media Kit, and Do You Need One?


You may or may not have heard the term ‘media kit’ being said on various websites. If you’ve never dug deep enough, the media. You’re probably more familiar with people using “advertise here”, “advertise with us”, or just a general link that says “advertise.” On this page, you’ll usually see some information about the site, […]

WordPress Rockstar: Adam Warner


I’ve been a fan of using plugins from FooPlugins, like FooBox, and Sharelines. When I think of FooPlugins, I think of Adam Warner. I’ve decided to interview him for my WordPress Rockstar series because this guy gives back a lot to WordPress. He’s also a WordPress evangelist, much like I am. (I love that term.) […]

Blogging Etiquette: How to Handle Images in Roundups


Roundups are posts that allow you to put together a list, whether it’s great recipes, tutorials, or even showcasing people or websites. However, there’s some things people don’t know when they first step into writing a roundup article. Usually it deals with images taken from other websites. Hopefully this article will help you understand and […]