A Theme Is What You Make of It


WordPress themes can be tricky to learn how to build. There are a lot of great resources explaining how to build a WordPress theme from scratch, but the end result depends on the designer. My philosophy when designing and developing themes is – A theme is what you make of it. There are so many […]

#Fail – HostGator Needs To Wake Up!


HostGator reported on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, at 11:00 AM CST USA, that their Provo datacenter had a network outage. The outage turned into a solid downtime of 13 to 15 hours for some hostees, including myself. In fact, my dedicated server is still having hiccups – short downtime spells. This is what I had […]

Implementing Fonts in WordPress Using the @font-face Method


I’m a stickler for telling people to stop using Google Fonts. Everyone knows that some services of Google have been slow or down at times. It’s not often, but it is an annoyance because the end user can’t do anything. Most web hosts allow you to host your fonts in house, so why not do […]

Does Spelling and Grammar Matter In SEO?

Vintage banner.Background chalkboard.

Does spelling and grammar matter in SEO? Yes, it does matter. Even though blogging isn’t something that has to be perfect, being understood is extremely important. Every blogger brings to the table their own blog voice, and that includes their own style of writing. This is influenced by the blogger’s past education and the individual’s […]

Podcast Presentation: Podcasting for WordPress


I enjoy talking about different types of content creation, like podcasting, so when WordCamp Dayton came around, I was excited to be a part of the event. A lot of people aren’t quite sure how to implement podcasting as another way to broadcast their content. It can be quite powerful if used as it allows […]

Can Your Business Be Too Blog Focused?


Can your business be too blog focused? An article on Forbes said that one of the biggest mistakes in creating a website for a business, is being too blog focused. I don’t fully agree with this point on several levels and while there are 5 mistakes listed, I’m sticking to this particular topic. In fact, […]

WordPress Plugin Review: Google Analytics For WordPress


Google Analytics for WordPress is a plugin that makes it easy for both the basic and advanced user to implement Google Analytics into any website. It does require signing up for Google Analytics and adding your website, in order to track traffic. Let me clarify… it has the ability to help track your site in […]