Blog Title Writing 101: Mean What You Write


I’ve been stumbling on articles where the title doesn’t make sense or fit with the content of the post. Now, the post’s content itself doesn’t have very many problems, but when I read the article and reflect back to the title, it means a whole different thing. Are you finding that an issue sometimes with […]

#FanPageFriday Recap 2013 Volume 22


This past week’s #FanPageFriday was a blast. We had a lot of people show up and share a variety of Facebook fan pages. There were also quiet a few that didn’t follow the rules and had been hidden from the thread. If you don’t know what #FanPageFriday is about, well, it’s an event that happens […]

Niche Recommended WordPress Plugin Series: e-Commerce


In this part of the niche recommended WordPress plugin series, I am covering eCommerce sites. eCommerce sites or web shops have to allow people to see the products, the product’s price, the product’s description, shipping, and even process the purchases with some type of payment system. Often, eCommerce sites do have a blog covering relevant […]

#WordPressWednesday 2013 Volume 9


I’ve been busy and sadly slacking on putting together the links to news around the WordPress world for #WordPressWednesday. This past week there have been quite a few cool things announced from FooPlugins, iThemes, StudioPress, and WP Engine. I hope you enjoy this week’s #WordPressWednesday. #WordPressWednesday 2013 Volume 9 WordPress Themes Brian Gardner of StudioPress […]

Infographic: Basic Anatomy Of A Blog Post


The basic anatomy of a blog post, especially if you wish to keep it organized for easier reading for your readers as well as easier crawling for search engines, is to pay attention to how your post content and headings are written and styled. Your heading tags should always follow in order from largest being […]

24 Common Web Design Terms


For anyone learning how to create a website, you definitely have to learn some of the terminology. I’ve put together 24 common web design terms to help you on you way. 24 Common Web Design Terms HTML – Hypertext Markup Language PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor. This is a server-side scripting language. CSS – This is […]

Google Rolls Out Hummingbird


Back on September 26, 2013, Google officially rolled out their new algorithm update called Hummingbird. However, they had rolled it out quietly about a month ago. The biggest of the update included with Hummingbird Google to handle long questions better further improving Knowledge Graph. Another update was for more advanced voice queries, which is great […]

Social Chats Recap


I was recently asked by Karla Campos to join in on a Spreecast episode at Social Chats with Tonya Scholz. I have to apologize as I had some issues connecting with Spreecast at first. However, after a few reboots, I made it…lol. And there was some echo. We talked about and how I reached […]