Ask Nile: My Images Look Great on My Blog, But Why Are My Posts Slow?


Ah, this question really makes me wonder if the person forgot their math. I love that people enjoy sharing their images, especially well done images. However with better quality images, your blog posts will load slower. The bigger the images and more resolution (DPI) the larger size the image will be. The, aside from the […]

When Leaving the Internet Marketing Lingo At the Door Is Best


I love some of you all and marketing may be your thing. It’s no problem if it is, but I WILL tell you about how to you can keep connecting with people outside of the Internet. You WILL end up prospecting people that you have met in person, and you will also engage with others […]

WordCamps: Let’s Talk About Security


Many of the WordCamps I present at, I also bring my bestie, Kimberly Castleberry and we’ve noticed a big issue: security. I’m not talking about WordPress security, but security for it’s attendees while using the Internet. In fact, Kim asked this back at the 2014 WordCamp St. Louis. The venue was Washington University, in St. […]

Social Media: Keep An Open Mind


There are a lot of site owners reading up on social media techniques and trying to implement them. Whether popular, old, or new of a site, social media techniques have constantly been revamped and reintroduced. The problem is- those who are stubborn. As a site owner who is striving for more traffic from an interested […]

Sometimes Meaning Well May Bring More Harm Than Good


As a business owner and someone who rubs elbows with a lot of people, I know I do help, but I also know that once in a while, without realizing it, sometimes meaning well brings more harm than good. Aside from web and graphic design, my passion has been to help people, and sometimes that […]

All About WordPress- 5K Member Celebration Giveaway


I’m extremely excited to announce that my Facebook group, All About WordPress has surpassed 5,000 members. We started in December of 2012, when I got a bit overwhelmed with being private messaged by people on their WordPress questions. I felt at that point that a group would be a better plan as not only could […]

Blog Ideas for Travel Bloggers


In continuing with my Ultimate List of Blog Ideas series, this article will cover blog ideas for travel bloggers. Travel bloggers are a fun bunch as their niche can be as small or big as they want. It can be focused on traveling to religious places, for sports, or just for leisure. This niche also […]

WordPress 4.0 is Here!


WordPress 4.0 is Here! It seems not long ago that I was updating with 3.0 and enjoying the menu system. As typical with a lot of software, I had expected this X.0 type version, I thought there would be a major feature change. I’ve actually discussed with a few others on how this seems […]