#MondayMashup 2015 Volume 9


It’s time for the #MondayMashup. I’m extremely happy with the picks this week from around the blog world. Just a little note for new Blondish.net readers: #MondayMashup is where I feature articles from around the Internet, that are related to blogging, social media, SEO, and web design. I find it really important to keep on […]

15 Women Who Blog That You Should Be Following in 2015


I haven’t done a lot of lists on people because they tend to be considered popularity posts. For me, I write mine based on who I like and if they’re delivering quality content. I’m not pulling out stats, but many who are listed below have a very strong and engaging community. This list contains 15 […]

Elevator Pitch for a Blog?


You need an elevator pitch for your blog? Well, yes you do! I already state who I am and what I do on the very front of my website. This post is part of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge. Because I’ve already established my own pitch, and it’s clearly posted on […]

#WordPressWednesday 2015 Volume 6


It’s time for #WordPressWednesday and it seems it’s all about drama. Alright people, simmer down! A lot of drama going on. We’ve all noticed it. I’m not going to inundate this roundup with a bunch of posts about people and their opinions about the snarkiness and negativity going around. We know about it. This series […]

#MondayMashup 2015 Volume 8


So, finding an adequate number of blogs about blogging to feature for the #MondayMashup has finally been solved. It’s tough to wade through a bunch of junky websites, but the ones that have wonderful content, are well worth it. I hope you find them worth reading too. This week’s #MondayMashup got delayed as a few […]

#WordPressWednesday 2015 Volume 5


I mentioned that last week I’d start a podcast in a separate post that was labeled #WordPressWedneday to accompany this roundup. Well, that was until I realized it was the week before the 4th of July. It’s kind of sometimes that my family gets into. I grew up a military brat, and I kind of […]