How To List The Most Recent Registered Users In WordPress


For people who run websites that allow people to register, especially a community type website, sometimes it might be a novel idea to list the most recent registered users in WordPress. To do this, you must work a little PHP and WordPress database magic. For this code snippet tutorial, we’re bring in the user’s name, […]

Blog Ideas for Web Designers


As part of the Ultimate List of Blog Ideas series, this post contains blog ideas for web designers. I’ve met quite a few web designers and some of them always tell me that they don’t know what to blog about. There’s actually a lot of blog ideas for web designers to consider. Most of my […]

WordPress Plugin: Hello WP User


A few weeks ago, right before publishing my 5 Really Cool Hello Dolly Alternatives post, I created the Hello WP User Plugin. I’ve always been a fan of the Hello Dolly plugin. However, it’s always been used as a novelty. While it’s a great example of simple WordPress plugin development, it’s always been used for […]

Ask Nile: Are Tags Necessary?


In this Ask Nile Series question, I tackle: Are Tags Necessary? Please note that while I may mention WordPress, the concept of tags can be applied to most content management systems and blog platforms. People often confuse tags and keywords. They are different. Now, you can have the same term for a keyword and a […]

Happy 12th Birthday, WordPress!


May 27, 2015 signifies 12 years that WordPress has been around! Wow! Don’t believe me? Well, here’s when WordPress was first available back in 2003. WordPress has had an amazing journey. It’s grown from a blog platform, to a full-fledged content management system. It’s got a very active community and has conferences dedicated to educating […]

5 Tips for Getting Interviewed for a Featured Article


In another article, I covered tips for being interviewed for a feature, and immediately, I got requests from many of you to cover on tips on getting interviewed for a feature article. Well, you asked, and so you shall get. 5 Tips for Getting Interviewed for a Featured Article Create great content in as many […]

#MondayMashup 2015 Volume 3


A few weeks back, I blogged about some of the things going on in my life, and trying to juggle blogging into the equation. Now that things are better, or more like, I’ve found the strength through family issues to get back to the grindstone, some things like #MondayMashup are coming back. I still read […]

This Is What Happens When You Don’t Understand WordPress and Bad Mouth It


I’ve dealt with a lot of clients throughout the years. It’s not new that I design exclusively with WordPress for websites. It’s also not new that I offer services to convert other platforms and content management systems (ex: Drupal, Joomla, Blogger, etc…) over to WordPress. What I’ve also dealt with is competing for a proposal […]