#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 3


Wednesdays are for #WordPressWednesday here at Blondish.net, as well as my Facebook group, All About WordPress. This event not only encourages bloggers to share their most recent WordPress articles in the Facebook group, but for me to pick a nice slice of posts from the entire WordPress community to be featured. The goal is to […]

WordPress Support Tips – Wait, There’s Etiquette?


The WordPress community is constantly growing. This means that there are more newbies needing help. Aside from the newbies, there are seasoned users, designers, and developers that all look for help. Aside from the official WordPress Support forum, there are groups all over the place just brimming with people either needing help, or people wanting […]

How To Optimize and Repair A WordPress Database


Don’t forget that your website is saved on a server, which is another computer. Sometimes your data gets corrupted, or sometimes the databases fail. To keep your WordPress database happy, it might be necessary to repair and optimize them. Your web host isn’t always obligated to do this for you, but one of the more […]

#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 2


#WordPressWednesday is here again. Oh my goodness… this past week has the community fired up about hosting, especially managed WordPress hosting. Well, seems that is life when it comes to web hosting anywhere. Other than that, I’ve found some cool tutorials that some of you may like. Others… it might go over your head. Sorry! […]

Blondish.net Podcast – 2014 Mini Episode 3


This Blondish.net mini podcast episode is about conferences. Should bloggers attend them? What can attendees expect? I even mention a conference that is held in cities all over the world that even a bootstrap blogger should attend. Oh, and I’ve also issued a challenge to bloggers who haven’t taken advantage of attending a conference in […]

#MondayMashup – 2014 Volume 2


Wow… a little late in the day, but I was searching for some great shares for this #MondayMashpup roundup. If you have any suggestions for places I should look and see if there are any juicy tidbits of news in blogging, social media, SEO, or web design, let me know. I want to cover as […]

#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 1


It’s been a long time. Winter froze my brain up, as well as some of my blogging motivation. However, summer is just around the corner and I’m fired up to begin #WordPressWednesday again! Normally, I hold #WordPressWednesday as a weekly even in All About WordPress, my WordPress group on Facebook. It as to allow the […]