Dear Fashion Bloggers


Dear Fashion Bloggers, I love to wear clothes. I love fashion. I think I have fairly good taste too. However, just because I have good taste in clothing, shoes, and accessories doesn’t mean I’m an expert at fashion, nor does it mean I’d become a serious fashion blogger. If you think you’re an expert, but […]

#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 11


Another week, another Wednesday has arrived. This week’s #WordPressWednesday I selected a few good recaps from the 2014 WordCamp San Francisco event. I didn’t want to plaster a whole bunch of event recaps this week as the WordPress world still does continue with content being created. I’ve recently been looking on Twitter in the #WordPress […]

The Excerpt Metabox in WordPress


Throughout the years, there’s some areas in the WordPress backend that people aren’t aware that exists, or really what it can be used for. The excerpt metabox is just one of those areas that happens to be it. By default, if you have a theme that pulls in the excerpt of a post, the post […]

#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 10


I’ve been a bit busy lately for update for #WordPressWednesday, but I’ve been still keeping up with the news in the WordPress community. This week is exciting for the WordPress community because we are about to have the annual WordCamp San Francisco, which is THE WordCamp of WordCamps. Many WordPress Meetups around the world are […]

Are You Checking Your Guest Blogger’s Links In Their Posts?


Are you checking your guest blogger’s links in their posts? Do you care? If you’re not, you should be!!! While every blog owner has their own policy on what is allowed and what is not allowed in guest posting, the links some guest bloggers are pimping out may not be something you will want to […]

Tag Cloud Do’s and Don’ts


I have been seeing a disturbing number of blogs with some creepy tag clouds. This isn’t something just recent. The tag cloud tragedies I’ve seen span more than a decade! Some have no CSS spacing implemented and others, well, they really are a ‘drag’ on the layout’s load time. I am not going to draw […]