WordPress Rockstar: Matt Cromwell


There are quite a few people in the WordPress community that have contributed to it, and so my WordPress Series continues on with Matt Cromwell, a WordPress developer out of California. I’ve known Matt and have followed his progress online, as well as have enjoyed interacting with him on Facebook. He’s been a part of […]

#MondayMashup 2015 Volume 7


I was a bit worried after last week that I’d not be able to find much in the Blogging niche for #MondayMashup. Thankfully I dug a little deeper than usual to find some goodies. I’ve been considering perusing presentations on places like SlideShare and Speaker Deck to add to the bunch. I’d like to make […]

#SharingSundays Recap 2015 Volume 5


For a few weeks, Kimberly Castleberry and I were brainstorming our own ideas on how to make the #SharingSundays event more active. Well, with a brilliant move on Kim’s part to tag some of our members that blog, we were able to kick off #SharingSundays much better than before. For anyone reading into #SharingSundays, it’s […]

Watch Out For Site Speed With Those Video Ads!


I’m not gonna lie, video ads can be cool, but lately, they are a peeve of mine because people are abusing them. I’m not certain if the people are desperate to make money online, they don’t understand what it does to their website, or if they are aware of what it does to their visitors? […]

#WordPressWednesday 2015 Volume 4


#WordPressWednesday is here! This series is dedicated to recapping the most recent news in plugins, themes, tutorials and community stuff in the WordPress world. I’m prepping a podcast for future #WordPressWednesday roundups, and I’m excited about it as I’ve been back to my frequent content creating ways. The podcast allows me to express myself where […]

Why Using Hashtags When Sharing Blog Posts Can Be A Good Idea


I’m sure you’ve seen hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. However, do you really understand it? Of course, you’ve probably seen people hashtag the crap out of a post with umpteen hashtags. It’s kind of annoying, or in some cases, it could be funny depending on the context of the post. However, for […]

WordPress Rockstar: Michele Butcher


As part of the WordPress Rockstar series, I’ve asked Michele Butcher some interview questions. Michele is a rockstar because of her eagerness to contribute to WordPress, and teach people the importance of not just WordPress security, but security in general. Michele lives in my neck of the woods, in Southern Illinois and heads up the […]

#MondayMashup 2015 Volume 6


#MondayMashup time! #MondayMashup is where I round up recent articles in the blogging, social media, SEO, and web design blogospheres. I hope that these articles help you learn more about each niche and above all, aid you in growing your blog. I’m putting out a call to you all as I need more reliable resources […]