#FanPageFriday Recap 2013 Volume 16


Once again, another Friday has passed. That means another #FanPageFriday event was held at my Facebook fan page. This weekly event is really simple for anyone to participate in and only needs a couple actions. First, you have to like my professional Facebook fan page – NileFlores. Next, you need to recommend one fan page […]

How To Find, Connect, And Influence Followers


Finding, connecting, and influencing followers is definitely not easy when you are trying to do all three. It is easy to find followers on Twitter, but to actually connect and influence them, is a whole different game. On top of it, it is is hard to do all three, especially when trying to trying to […]

Depositphotos Giveaway


Last year, I did a review for Depositphotos, an image resource site. I was really happy to see that a lot of people responded positively to their service, and it seems Depositphotos also took notice. I was contacted by Depositphotos, and have been given the opportunity to do a giveaway with all of you who […]

The Infographic On Infographics


Infographics done right can deliver clear and concise information. They don’t have to be fancy as not everyone is a graphic designer, but that is always a nice bonus. However, with all the sharing on social networks, we end up forgetting our audience. Not all of your audience wants to download a graphic just to […]

Blondish.net Podcast – 2013 Mini Episode 3


Podcast Mini Episode 3 is all about blogger Love and the benefit of linking to other bloggers in your articles. I cover some of the benefits and a couple good examples to capitalize on this method. I’d like your feedback on whether you link to other bloggers or only to larger online resources? If only […]

#SharingSundays Recap 2013 Volume 17


Another Sunday, another #SharingSundays. This is a weekly event to let bloggers have the opportunity to plug their most recent post and hopefully get some comments, shares, and overall connect with other people. This event is held at my Facebook fan page – Nile Flores. This is different from my personal profile as I solely […]

#FanPageFriday Recap 2013 Volume 15


So many fan pages on Facebook and only so much time to go through them… which is why #FanPageFriday is a great event to have. It allows people to connect and share their Facebook fan pages with each other. In order to participate, you have to like my fan page and then share 2 different […]

How to Recover a Lost Password in WordPress


It’s okay to be forgetful sometimes, especially when you forget your WordPress password. Thankfully, WordPress allows you to recover your password. This article will go over 2 different methods on how to recover a lost password in WordPress. In fact, I briefly went over these two ways to retrieve your WordPress password, but I felt […]