Graphic: Typography Is An Art


For some, typorgraphy is just a bunch of words with letters shaped in some sort of manner. However, with some color and strategy in placing words, typography can become an art in itself. It is no rumor that many people find that they remember things much better from aesthetically pleasing images. There are thousands of […]

Graphic: Blogging Is Not A Glamorous Job


Blogging seems to be something people think might be cool, but really… blogging is NOT a glamorous job. To become successful, it takes a lot of work. Just some of the work involves: Many hours of writing posts. Many hours of reading and researching. Many hours to engage with other bloggers, as well as your […]

WordPress Video: Adding A Featured Thumbnail In WordPress


I have put together a WordPress screencast video on adding a featured thumbnail in WordPress. A thumbnail is usually a small image that represents something like a larger image, or even a small image related to an article. WordPress is pretty cool to have the ability for featured thumbnails built into the core. However, it […]

How to Improve the Quality of Your Blog Posts


Quality content is probably something you keep hearing or reading from people when it comes to content writing. Not everyone can be an English major, and we are all not perfect. However, to be competitive in your blog niche, you have to provide quality information. You can do this through several factors: Research Content Quality […]

Why Freelancers Should Have A Contract for Each Project


Whether it be web design or writing, or anything dealing with a service, freelancers should have a contract for each project, no matter how big or small the task may be. For newbies in the freelancing business, this can eliminate a lot frustration in case a the project does go as it is suppose to. […]

Infographics – Keep It Simple To Put Forth The Most Effective Message


Infographics are really a great addition for any blog or for anyone in particular trying to put a message together that is visually pleasing and will effectively give a quick message to their intended audience. The problem is- infographic creation is getting way out of hand. There are some that are great and take only […]