Podcast: Marketing And Your Business


Marketing and business go hand in hand. You need to market your business. There are many tools or mediums in which to promote your business. This 20 minute podcast is on marketing and your business. As mentioned within the podcast, this can be for businesses that are online or have a physical location offline. I […]

Write For Humans!


Write for humans. It is really simple as that. Think about it. Humans build the computers and the programs for the search engines. Humans search online and read. The search engines do pick up what you write about, but it is not the search engine that you must rely on alone to receive traffic. Writing […]

Graphic: Got WordPress Codex?


Whether you design, develop, or just use WordPress, or perhaps all three, you will run into questions. Some people know WordPress like the back of their hand. Others have cheat sheets or their own theme frameworks. However, the first place to start looking is the WordPress Codex. The WordPress Codex is a wiki for people […]

Always Blog Your Best


I was alarmed to see some bloggers suggest in a blog tip that it is better to blog crap than not at all. That is WRONG!!! Always blog your best! If you are being told as a new blogger that you should blog as much as possible and not worry about the quality of your […]

Market On As Many Useful Mediums Possible


Sometimes when I see a social media consultant or a marketer, I get the strange feeling that they forgot about some important things when it comes to marketing, especially online. Marketing online is just another way to get your business out there to the masses. You can do this with television, billboards, pamphlets, business cards, […]

#SharingSundays Recap 2013 Volume 7


It is always great to read articles from people who participated in #SharingSundays. Not everyone who joins the event is in the same niche and even if they are, their topics are different. Anyone that has never been to and is reading this post wondering what #SharingSundays is, well it is a weekly event […]

#FanPageFriday Recap 2013 Volume 7


Another #FanPageFriday has passed by and it is great to see a couple new fan pages shared at the event. For those just tuning into this site and not sure what #FanPageFriday is all about, it is an event that happens every Friday on my professional Facebook fan page that allows people to promote their […]

WordPress Plugin Review: Custom Post Types UI


Custom Post Types UI allows WordPress users to quickly set up a custom post type on their website without having to handle any code to create. This plugin was created by WebDev Studios. Custom Post Types add more ways to organize and display your content. By default, most WordPress users know how to use the […]