is 9 Years Old!


As of May 11, 2015, is 9 years old. Wow! Before, I had hopped around on a few cute domains before settling. While I’ve actually contemplated switching to my own name for a domain name instead, I decided to keep with because… it still suits me. I’m still helping people with their […]

Podcast Presentation: Making Money Using WordPress


It’s been some time, but I’ve been catching up on re-podcasting some of my conference and WordCamp presentations. This one was originally done at WordCamp Orlando in 2014. I want to thank Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner for last minute inspiration on adding a question to my presentation that is often asked in regards to making […]

WordPress Premium Plugin Review: Sharelines


Recently, my friend Adam Warner at FooPlugins sent me the details on this sexy little plugin called Sharelines. While it seems simple, it could potentially be a wonderful piece to marketing what you’re writing on your blog. Sharelines allows you to share lines of your WordPress posts. You can customize those lines to be whatever […]

On Juggling Blogging and Family Who Are Ill


Most people reading this article, have some family out there. For the blogger who is really hungry for success, juggling blogging and family who are ill can be difficult. I’m actually having this issue right now. I was inspired to cover this topic because of the issue. I don’t cover many personal things on […]

Blog Ideas for e-Commerce Websites


Sometimes people who run e-Commerce sites often feel like if they blog, their posts end up sounding promotional. Sometimes, they may be, but with a little creativity, an e-commerce website owner can pull together a well-rounded blog. There’s a lot that can be written about, but sometimes it’s hard to think about it, especially if […]

5 Really Cool Hello Dolly Plugin Alternatives


The Hello Dolly plugin is about one of the oldest plugins in WordPress, and is usually one of the few default plugins offered with WordPress. It’s a plugin built by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress. The plugin simply rotates quotes lyrics from the song “Hello Dolly” by Louis Armstrong in the top right of […]

Lady Blogger 2015 – Conference Recap


I was invited to speak at Lady Blogger 2015. I actually went with one of my WordPress friend’s Michele Butcher of Can’t Speak Geek. I presented on Making Money Using WordPress. As a side note, Michele and I realized as we entered the conference that we were wearing the same EXACT colors. (In the pic […]

How to Recover from Blogger Burnout


You’re probably wondering what is blogger burnout? Is it like bloggers block? No, blogger burnout is when you’ve been blogging and you get to the point that you are fed up with blogging. It doesn’t have to deal with lack of knowledge or resources, or the lack of motivation that is tied with bloggers block. […]