Upcoming Event: WordCamp Miami 2016 #WCMIA


I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be attending and speaking at WordCamp Miami 2016. The event is February 19-21, 2016 at Florida International University. This post also marks a new page for how I will cover events in the future. While I cover WordCamps quite thoroughly on Twitter, I haven’t done much on the website. […]

Is Blogging Dead?


Is blogging dead? No. Then you’ve probably swooped in to wonder why I’d asked such a crazy question? You may even be asking yourself, “Did I really ask that?” Yes, I did. No, I’m not asking your opinion if blogging is dead. It’s more like others seem to be asking it. I’ve found countless posts […]

The Pie is Larger Than You Think It Is


When it comes to making money or finding a job or being a blogger, some people have a mentality that can create unnecessary fear. That fear is that the pie is small, or you cannot find a job because there are so many others doing what you want to do. This is also known as […]

Dear Freelancers: How Not to Ask for a Job on Social Media


Because I moderate and run several large communities on several platforms, I often get messages from various freelancers that ask for a job. The majority of the requests I get are usually via social media, like Facebook. For myself, I’m not in the position to hire another designer or developer, and usually my response is […]

#MondayMashup 2016 Volume 2


This week’s #MondayMashup includes how to generate blog ideas, some resources on finding the right words when writing, making money using social media, some changes in Google, and a list of really cool looking fonts. As always, before getting further into the post, I gotta explain what #MondayMashup is all about. #MondayMashup is a roundup […]

#WordPressWednesday 2016 Volume 1


First #WordPressWednesday of 2016! This volume covers a new security and maintanence version of WordPress, some theme and plugin news, and much more. I’m going to start the season for The #WordPressWednesday Podcast next week. I have new equipment, and haven’t gotten to try it out yet. I hope with the new equipment, that my […]