Blog Ideas for Tech Bloggers


The niche in tech blogging can cover many different topics. Some can be news in tech, some are about gadgets for the home or for the computer, and much more. This blog ideas for tech bloggers post was an actual request. So, I’m not going to split it up. Use whatever ideas you need. Like […]

Ask Nile: What is this #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT stuff?


Yes, I actually got asked to explain #ThrowbackThursday or the #TBT stuff for my Ask Nile Series. Throwback Thursday is a weekly fun social networking activity that you can share pictures of yourself from another time of your life. Instead of saying “Throwback Thursday”, they’ve tagged it with the hashtag term #ThrowbackThursday or for short, […]

#WordPressWednesday 2015 Volume 2


Another week in the WordPress world, means yet again, another #WordPressWednesday. This series is dedicating to rounding up the most recent articles in the WordPress world. I read a lot of blog articles each week, and I know for some newbies, it’s hard to find a good solid source for unique news. That is how […]

Don’t Forget to Like and Share Your Posts


Forgetting to like or share your posts, well, that’s one of the hugest issues I see people do. I’m not sure if you’ve been watching the Field of Dreams movie too much, but “if you build it, the will come,” isn’t exactly true in the online world today. People are busy. If you never like […]

#MondayMashup 2015 Volume 4


Yes, I’ve on a roll with the #MondayMashup series, as well as blogging more frequently. Last week, 6 posts in 7 days. I think I’m getting back into the habit again. This week’s #MondayMashup, I’ve tried to select from a few different places. I believe it’s nice to try to cover a few different people, […]

How To List The Most Recent Registered Users In WordPress


For people who run websites that allow people to register, especially a community type website, sometimes it might be a novel idea to list the most recent registered users in WordPress. To do this, you must work a little PHP and WordPress database magic. For this code snippet tutorial, we’re bring in the user’s name, […]

Blog Ideas for Web Designers


As part of the Ultimate List of Blog Ideas series, this post contains blog ideas for web designers. I’ve met quite a few web designers and some of them always tell me that they don’t know what to blog about. There’s actually a lot of blog ideas for web designers to consider. Most of my […]

WordPress Plugin: Hello WP User


A few weeks ago, right before publishing my 5 Really Cool Hello Dolly Alternatives post, I created the Hello WP User Plugin. I’ve always been a fan of the Hello Dolly plugin. However, it’s always been used as a novelty. While it’s a great example of simple WordPress plugin development, it’s always been used for […]