Is Blogging Dead?


Is blogging dead? No. Then you’ve probably swooped in to wonder why I’d asked such a crazy question? You may even be asking yourself, “Did I really ask that?” Yes, I did. No, I’m not asking your opinion if blogging is dead. It’s more like others seem to be asking it. I’ve found countless posts […]

The Pie is Larger Than You Think It Is


When it comes to making money or finding a job or being a blogger, some people have a mentality that can create unnecessary fear. That fear is that the pie is small, or you cannot find a job because there are so many others doing what you want to do. This is also known as […]

Dear Freelancers: How Not to Ask for a Job on Social Media


Because I moderate and run several large communities on several platforms, I often get messages from various freelancers that ask for a job. The majority of the requests I get are usually via social media, like Facebook. For myself, I’m not in the position to hire another designer or developer, and usually my response is […]

#MondayMashup 2016 Volume 2


This week’s #MondayMashup includes how to generate blog ideas, some resources on finding the right words when writing, making money using social media, some changes in Google, and a list of really cool looking fonts. As always, before getting further into the post, I gotta explain what #MondayMashup is all about. #MondayMashup is a roundup […]

#WordPressWednesday 2016 Volume 1


First #WordPressWednesday of 2016! This volume covers a new security and maintanence version of WordPress, some theme and plugin news, and much more. I’m going to start the season for The #WordPressWednesday Podcast next week. I have new equipment, and haven’t gotten to try it out yet. I hope with the new equipment, that my […]

The Ultimate List of Free Stock Photos and Free Images


Not everyone can take a photograph, or create a graphic image like a professional, so that’s why I’ve put together an ultimate list of free stock photos and free images. It’s quite fine if you have little talent in the artsy department. However, it’s not fine when you take an image and not give credit. […]