Podcast Presentation: Podcasting for WordPress


I enjoy talking about different types of content creation, like podcasting, so when WordCamp Dayton came around, I was excited to be a part of the event. A lot of people aren’t quite sure how to implement podcasting as another way to broadcast their content. It can be quite powerful if used as it allows […]

Can Your Business Be Too Blog Focused?


Can your business be too blog focused? An article on Forbes said that one of the biggest mistakes in creating a website for a business, is being too blog focused. I don’t fully agree with this point on several levels and while there are 5 mistakes listed, I’m sticking to this particular topic. In fact, […]

WordPress Plugin Review: Google Analytics For WordPress


Google Analytics for WordPress is a plugin that makes it easy for both the basic and advanced user to implement Google Analytics into any website. It does require signing up for Google Analytics and adding your website, in order to track traffic. Let me clarify… it has the ability to help track your site in […]

How To Set Up Google Analytics In WordPress


Google Analytics is just about a standard necessity to have when creating a website, especially for web stats. A lot of new website owners aren’t sure where to implement it, especially with WordPress. Google has developed their Analytics product to help you track as much of your website, as well as social engagement. Below are […]

Confessions Of A Dyslexic Blogger


Dear Bloggers: I’m dyslexic. Some people know it and others don’t. It’s one of the reasons why I’m tough on people who choose blogging or writing as a career, or a means to elevate themselves to a leadership position. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect some care in writing. There are so many […]

A Guide to Ghost Blogging


Ghost blogging is not all that different from the term called ghost writing. No, it’s isn’t a spooky ghost writing blog posts! It is basically writing blog posts or content for other blogs without getting credit, and usually in exchange for money. A lot of people tend to get guest blogging and ghost blogging confused. […]