#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 5


Wow! Another #WordPressWednesday has come around and I’ve put together a roundup of great articles from around the WordPress community. It’s always important as a WordPress user to have some type of awareness of what is going on, whether it be nifty new plugins or themes, awesome tutorials to make creating and maintaining your site […]

Blog Ideas for Food Bloggers


In this article, I’m continuing my Ultimate List of Blog Ideas series, this time it’s blog ideas for food bloggers. Food bloggers, otherwise known as foodies blog about food. Some are focused on specific laser targeted niche like unique wineries or holistic foods, while others like to cover a wide spectrum. Food bloggers are an […]

The Responsibility of a Website Owner


It’s one thing to just put up a website, but really, what is the responsibility of a website owner? For many who are newbies at creating and maintaining a website, its important to remember a few things. Simply building a website won’t cut it. There’s a lot more involved and even for a business owner, […]

#WordPressWednesday 2014 Volume 4


#WordPressWednesday is here for another week. I’ve been off and on with trying to be consistent with posting this weekly roundup. This week is a little light due to the fact that I just presented 2 presentations at WordCamp Kansas City 2014, and have some family issues with my stepmom just diagnosed with having 6 […]

Social Media Etiquette: Don’t Be A Social Sharing Jerk


I posted on Facebook about noticing bloggers social sharing to secondary accounts that weren’t necessarily fake, but had no followers and no intention to build that handle. Most of this behavior has been occurring on Twitter and done by bloggers who are a part of comment and social syndication tribes. This behavior is wrong and […]

Blog Ideas for Fashion Bloggers


Fashion bloggers are a fun bunch. They often love clothing and have a passion for learning about the materials, how the clothing was put together, and even the designer responsible for such creations. This post is dedicated to sharing ideas for those either wanting to become a fashion blogger, or are in the niche, but […]

Blog Ideas for Photography Bloggers


Photographers and photography bloggers are a great niche that usually shares a lot of pictures and concepts in taking photos. This article is part of The Ultimate List of Blog Ideas. The goal of making such a list for photography bloggers is: For new bloggers in the niche of photography, this list can become a […]

The Ultimate List of Blog Ideas


I don’t mind it when people have a list of blog ideas, but one of my specialities is being consulted by individuals and companies to generate a list of ideas for them to use. It takes researching each niche to make it happen. One of the most frequent questions I get is ideas for content […]