WordPress Web Design: What Happened To Being Creative?


Trends come and trends go. This is true even in the world of web design, even WordPress web design. The fact of the matter is there are more WordPress designers using pre-built frameworks to customize their work. This is quite fine and often a way to help streamline work. However, the work is different from […]

Infographic: 5 Most Common Website Navigation Design Setups


The menu of your site if extremely important. It’s available to help direct your website’s visitors to the areas of your site that are most important. Each website has its own unique structure in terms of the content, but the general placement of the navigation menu is the quite similar to many other sites. Throughout […]

Cute Personalized Blinkie Signatures


I’ve actually had blinkies on my site for years. A lot of people like to have their signatures at the end of their post. This is the reason why I created them before. They are your normal signature, or for some of us, we call them siggies. I just didn’t realize that since my site […]

Dear WordPress: Please Remember The User’s Choice in Upgrading


I don’t normally do columns or letter-like responses, but I find myself writing one today. And if this is seen, great. If nothing is done, well, at least my thoughts have been shared on the matter. This is in regards to the automatic upgrade feature in WordPress. For those really new to WordPress, the older […]

Web Design, Development, and Strategy For Your Client


Web design might seem simple for some folks, but it takes strategy, especially if you’re developing a website that needs to convert visitors to buyers or subscribers. When people go to your site, they need to know why is matters that they should be on your site. It takes a perfect balance of web design, […]

The Art of Blogging: Building A Sturdy Foundation


Slow and steady – that’s what you need to build a good foundation for your site if you’re relying on blogging as a main drive for your business. People who brag about being able to post more than 1 a day will usually run into a lull and have to eat their words. Even I […]

Facebook Ads And Fan Pages: Traffic Decline


After Facebook adjusted its algorithms late November 2013, fan pages have been suffering traffic-wise. In fact, a study by Ignite said that the Facebook fan page traffic decreased by an average of 44%. Their study consisted of over 689 brands. In fact, brand reach is at 3%, and not the former 16% that Facebook boasted. […]

The Art of Blogging: Time Does Equal Money


If any blogger is telling you that it costs no money to start a blog and actually earn money, they need a reality check. In fact, if you’re reading this article and you’ve read articles like it, it’s good that stumbled upon this one. “It takes money to earn money.” I don’t know who originally […]