How to Improve the Quality of Your Blog Posts


Quality content is probably something you keep hearing or reading from people when it comes to content writing. Not everyone can be an English major, and we are all not perfect. However, to be competitive in your blog niche, you have to provide quality information. You can do this through several factors: Research Content Quality […]

Why Freelancers Should Have A Contract for Each Project


Whether it be web design or writing, or anything dealing with a service, freelancers should have a contract for each project, no matter how big or small the task may be. For newbies in the freelancing business, this can eliminate a lot frustration in case a the project does go as it is suppose to. […]

Incomplete Tutorials Do Not Help Anyone


One of the worst pieces of help a person can get online is from an incomplete tutorial. Many of the ones I have encountered that do this leave room for a business to do the rest for a fee. However, does this really help anyone? Not really, especially when it leaves the job half done. […]

Graphic: CMS Is The Solution


A very common question I get from clients is how can they maintain their web site with ease. Normally, these are clients that have web sites that are totally static HTML, and this makes them have to know some code to actually keep up their site. Then, there are clients with some knowledge of coding […]

Graphic: What Web Designers Are Not


The web designers usually have a lot of different skills, but only provide specific ones to their clients. The issue is that often the communication of what is expected to be done on a project and what is not expected becomes obscure, especially if the projects guidelines have not been put in place. It is […]

WordPress Video: How To Install A Theme In WordPress


There are a couple ways to install a theme in WordPress. I have put together a video screencast on how to install a theme in the WordPress administration area. This is just one of a few ways to install, but also the easiest way since it really is a one-click install method that takes mere […]