Indentifying And Taking Care Of Comment Spam


Comment spam is definitely something a lot of bloggers encounter, no matter how few or many people visit. Some are geniune spammers, some are newbies who do not know any better, and some are just plain out of the loop. Yeah, that was not very nice, but hey – it is true. Obviously if a […]

Pingbacks And Trackbacks: Using Them Successfully


A lot of times when I go to my WordPress administrator panel, I look at the trackbacks. Sometimes it may be someone referenced a post in twitter, or another person’s blog. According to Wikipedia, A trackback is one of three types of linkbacks, methods for Web authors to request notification when somebody links to one […]

Blog At Your Own Risk, And When You Do Blog…


I was reading Chris Brogan’s Rules of the Pool article and I really had to reiterate that when you blog, choose what you think is best. Using together Blogging and social media are knocking all the rules of the normal pool we have come to know over the past decade, literally right out of the […]

Webmaster 101: Making Sense of Your Site Stats


For those who already know how to harness the power of their site stats and how to adjust their site focus, this article will be a real breeze. For those who are just getting into blogging and finding their way, this might be handy. Reading your site stats whether you use your StatPress plugin (for […]

Easy Guide Using TortoiseSVN For WordPress Plugin Developers

So, you made a plugin, submitted the plugin to be hosted at the WordPress Plugin Repository and got approved. So now what? All those directions are easily understandable by the geek gods, but you are like – huh? You are going to need to upload your plugin using SubVersion. So, for those who need the […]

Has Blogging Become A Chore to You?


You blog often and spend time writing quality articles, but feel you are not getting traffic or your blogging seems all for nothing? Has blogging become a chore? There could be several reasons why you might feed blogging is a tedious chore: Creating a post takes too much time Lack of motivation Discouraged because you […]

How To Display Two Columns For Categories In WordPress


Displaying two columns for categories in your WordPress is not too hard. Just takes a little php, html, and css. You can put this in your posts, pages, or sidebar. We are taking the usual category code for WordPress.

and replacing it with the following code. This php splits up each category and into […]

7 Tips To Being A Better WordPress Web Designer For Your Client


I having been designing exclusively for WordPress for 5 years, before that, I designed both in WordPress, static sites, and with other content management systems. I am not the best in visual efforts, but I like to try to work with my clients and make sure they have a more than satisfactory product that they […]