WordPress Video: How To Create A Page In WordPress

Here is a video tutorial for newbie WordPress users on how to publish a page in WordPress. Pages and posts although seem alike, they are used for different purposes. Pages are usually more static, as mentioned in the video. Static is usually more for pages you normally do not update as often, like an About […]

WordPress Video: How To Create A Post In WordPress

The following is a simple video screenscast for new users to become familiar with creating a new post in WordPress. Hopefully this tutorial is helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This is for WordPress users who are really new and are not sure how to use WordPress yet. One of the […]

Podcast Presentation: WordPress for Business


I originally presented WordPress for Business at the March 2012 Southern Illinois Social Media Club meeting. I am honor to have been invited to present. The issue with WordPress for Business is that a lot of business owners are either confused, or have the concept of social networking and having a website backwards. I hope […]

SEO Is Not Dying


Optimizing your site is definitely a necessity, but overdoing it will hurt your site. All this talk on SEO dying is hogwash. If it were, then there would be no search engines. SEO is not dying. The issue that some people are hurt over is the fact that they actually have to write great content […]

Info Geek Humor Graphic: Pie Charts


I have been on a role with making infographics, but I feel like I need to have my geeky humor come through these days and you know… it feels great to put my graphic design skill and my own humor, so I NOW have a series called Info Geek Humor Graphics. I will still do […]

How To Use the Automatic Update When Upgrading WordPress

For newbies, using WordPress might be a little hard to learn. Even though WordPress makes it easy for users to upgrade their software, sometimes it can be scary. And yes, even scary just for clicking the button to automatically upgrade. No worries now! Below is a video screencast on how to use the automatic update […]