Are You Digitally Distinct?


What is digital distinction? Well, digital distinction in regards to social media, though it has no official meaning, is describe as: Digital Distinction(in my own words): It is a description in the development your own internet branding or your internet reputation. It is how you brand yourself online to be unique and how people can […]

Fiverr And WordPress Support Questions Equals FAIL


I recently decided to try out Fiverr, a site where you can put up a service and charge $5. While it works great for a lot of things, it was an Epic fail for WordPress support questions. I specifically worded my “gig” to not accept advanced questions or questions that would require me to fix […]

Add More Social Network Handles To Your WordPress Author Profile


The author’s page by default only allows you to put just enough information up. For those who utilize their authors.php page, they can add more things like your Twitter and Facebook profile to their author profile and not have to even alter the core of their site. You can even add more than that. This […]

WordPress Plugin Review: Slidedeck


Slidedeck is a jquery slideshow plugin for WordPress. For users unable to build a content slider, this might be a nice option. Slidedeck comes in two versions: a free version and a PRO version. The PRO version costs, but you have the ability to customize the plugin further. Even with just the free version, it […]

Caution When Downloading Free WordPress Themes


There are over 1,400 themes available at the WordPress Theme Directory. There are a lot more elsewhere online. Although Leland of Themelab blogs Stop Downloading WordPress Themes from Shady Sites, the point really should be: be cautious when downloading any themes ANYWHERE. Some of the things to look for: – Encrypted code – Inability to […]

6 Nifty Social Bookmarking Plugins For Your WordPress Blog


There are plenty of roundup posts about social bookmark plugins for WordPress. However, I have to ask: have you really tried them out before settling on the best, or did you pick the first one you found? I am a real stickler when it comes to using plugins, especially social bookmark plugins. Why? For several […]

On Installing And Uninstalling WordPress Plugins


I have noticed a lot of plugins over the years lack the ability to totally uninstall files. What I mean by totally uninstalling is that when you use your WordPress admin panel to delete the files, it does not always take away the database tables that were installed in the beginning. A couple I can […]

The Death of Uninformed Shopping


I love polls, but not every poll taken is going to exactly reflect the whole of a target audience. Every opinion has its nook and cranny to observe. TechCrunch wrote on The Death Of The Impulse Shopper saying that more shoppers are prepared when shopping these days due to technology allowing the consumer to find […]