Plugins Are Great, But Not Always the Solution


For those who are in love with plugins, that is fine, but they are not always the solution. Some of those plugins are bulky and not just for the files, but the database request connections they produce. For some web hosts, they crack down hard on people who use more resources than allotted, and that […]

WordPress Plugin Review: Google Analyticator


The Google Analyticator plugin is design to be used in WordPress blogs to allow your Google Analytics to pick up the stats of your blog. The plugin is written by Ronald Heft. The convenience of this plugin is that you do not have to end up inserting the Google Analytics code manually. This plugin does […]

8 Ways You Can Support Your Favorite Blogger


I have a couple favorite bloggers I like to read, and I know you do too. While not everyone has the financial means to support their favorite bloggers, here are 8 ways you can support yours. 1. Leave a comment. This is the easiest way you can support your favorite blogger, especially if you regularly […]

Can Your Static Site Be Converted to WordPress?


I always have people that want a blog added to their site find it shocking that they can have their entire static site on WordPress. The problem is that a lot of people who say they want to use WordPress and are new users, are intimidated by being able to maintain their site. Sometimes the […]

Two Ways to Retrieve Your WordPress Password


Sometimes you forget. You might find it annoying, but when there are so many things to do and remember on a daily basis, some things slide through your mind and out your ear, like perhaps your password to log into you admin panel for WordPress. This article will explain three ways for you to be […]

Are Your WordPress Plugins Up To Date?


Are your WordPress plugins up to date? While many of you might have between a dozen and two dozen plugins installed, when you first installed them, did you check to see when they were late updated? If not, you should check. Having plugins that have not been updated is as much risk as not keeping […]

Are You Snubbing Your Blog Competition?


You’ve got a pretty cool blog, right? However, you keep hitting these plateaus and not being able to talk with other bloggers as easily as you would like. What is the deal? Are you snubbing your blog competition? With 15% of the Internet powered by WordPress alone, and many others hosted on other blog host […]