#FanPageFriday Recap 2013 Volume 1


#FanPageFriday is back! So, every Friday Facebook fan page owners can share 2 different fan pages on my professional fan page- Nile Flores. The first has to be a fan page that is owned by someone else. The second fan page can be their own fan page. While other Facebook page owners may have more […]

Be Careful When Title Baiting


Title baiting is a form of attracting attention to something in a false manner. In blogging, this does happen, and the result is not always so favorable for the blog. Why would someone title bait? The blogger wants drive in traffic by any means possible. The blogger wishes to create controversy in their niche. The […]

#WordPressWednesday 2013 Volume 1


I have been hinting several places online that I would finally start up an effort to gather quality WordPress posts from around the WordPress and blogging community that were recently published. Recent articles published qualify at the latest, 1 month. I would like to try to keep #WordPressWednesday as evergreen as possible, but it will […]

Best of Blondish.net 2012


As 2012 wraps up, this year had a lot of highs and lows. The lowest was when I conducted the blog hiatus experiment and that hurt my site. However, that is what experiments do. However, here are some of the highlights from Blondish.net: Top 10 WordPress Posts for Blondish.net in 2012 I had combined WPAddict […]

2012 Blondish.net Blog Rockstar Awards


I’ve decided to hold an awards that is not based on popularity, but based on specific criteria that I look for in a site that goes above and beyond . The annual awards is called the Blondish.net Website Rockstar Awards. I have been blogging more than a decade and have helped others with their sites. […]

Graphic: Inspiration Is All Around You


I hear it quite often from bloggers, web designers, and graphic designers about not being able to find any inspiration lately. Of course, people are quick to blame it on some creative or bloggers block, but really, inspiration can be found everywhere! You are really only limited by yourself. If you are finding you cannot […]

Infographics Are Suppose to be Simple!


Infographics are great ways of marketing and spreading necessary information to the masses online. However, there are a lot of people that have no idea how it should work and how to make one that makes an impact on their audience. Of course, many infographics are well designed and many are chock full of important […]

Graphic: Do Not Be a Curator of Crap Content


I love to read other blogs when I have time. Some of them are by individuals, and others comprise of a lot of guest bloggers. Normally, my definition for a site that the owner’s posts are a small percentage to that which they publish from other bloggers is a blog community. One of my biggest […]