WordPress Plugin Review: Theme My Profile


In fact, I have been exercising this on a few sites for clients that wanted their users to not even be lead to the WordPress backend, even to edit their user profile. Theme My Profile works well with the plugin Theme My Profile, and were both created by Jeff Farthing. Of course, you can use […]

WordPress Plugin Review: Theme My Login


I found a nifty WordPress plugin and this one themes your login page to conform with your current layout. It is called Theme My Login and it was created by Jeff Farthing. Now, this is different from the tutorial on theming your WordPress login page. As further explained on Jeff’s site, his plugin overrides the […]

Blondish.net Podcast: Blogging and SEO


Episode 2 of the Blondish.net Podcast is a little beginner coverage on blogging and SEO. I wanted to cover basics on SEO for the content and design. I do recommend in this post the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast. I go over some advice for writing the title and the content of a post as […]

Please – No More Fake Reviews On Blogs!!!


You have probably read product or service reviews online. I know I have. You also have spotted fake ones or perhaps ones that just really make little to no sense. A lot of people rely on reviews from both blogs and other review sites to determine if a product or service is well worth the […]

How To Make A Tag Cloud Page In WordPress


Some people really would like to have a tag page. Well, on this tutorial, you will be able to add a tag cloud to a page without making a template or even using a plugin. You can use the template where you create a page and can select it, but perhaps you want to add […]

Blondish.net Podcast: Advice For Newbie Bloggers

I decided not to use Blog Talk Radio for podcasting as I felt the quality was not that great, and that if I needed to go over a minute or two, this was an issue. I will note that I may be a little breathier than usual due to the fact I have been ill […]

RSS Feed 101


What is the purpose of an RSS feed? That is one of many questions I get from people on a daily basis. I decided I would share. First, you have to understand what it is before I go onto explaining how you can use your RSS feed to your advantage. According to Wikipedia, an RSS […]