Ways to Reach Out To Your Visitors To Keep Them Coming Back


It takes work to get your content out there for others to see. Whether by social networks, social bookmarking, message boards, and more, it all is based on how you deliver your message. That is how social media works. If you have people who are visiting, you will retain a few, but possibly have some […]

Presentation: Rocking Out Your Site With WordPress


I originally spoke at on my presentation Rocking Out Your Site With WordPress at WordCamp Chicago in 2010. I realized that just hosting my power point on Slideshare is not enough, so I decided to podcast it. You can follow the slideshow while listening to the podcast. Rocking Out Your Site With WordPress – Powerpoint […]

Building a Sturdy Community Around Your Blog With Comments


A lot of people like to use forums and social networks for communicating. Did you know you can have your own community, much like those forums through your blog’s comment system? Did you know that it should be one of your goals to convert people to comment on your blog? Well, its true! Each person […]

Changing Your Username In WordPress


Of course, when you go to your own WordPress admin panel and update your profile, you will see that it says you cannot change your username. A lot of people usually choose admin as their login username. This is very common. For those who are using ‘admin’ for their username, it is best to change […]

Several Ways to Combat Hotlinkers


Direct linking also known as hotlinking where a person uses the image source link on their site instead of hosting it on their own space, is a very common problem. Direct link steals not just the fact that the image was made by another person, but that very person’s bandwidth. Those that pay for their […]

10 Mistakes In Web Design To Look Out For


I thought after I was reading a few websites that I would address some common mistakes I see in web design layouts. I am not too much of a stickler about being valid, but more on the design issues as those are what people catch. 1. Margins. I cannot express the times I have been […]

Inserting Adsense Between Posts in WordPress


There have been a few tutorials out there for inserting Google Adsense between posts, but a lot of them no longer work. Users have a lot of choices in Adsense plugins to insert their code within posts, sidebars, or main banner images. However, inserting between posts, say the 4th and 5th post is not as […]