RSS Feed 101


What is the purpose of an RSS feed? That is one of many questions I get from people on a daily basis. I decided I would share. First, you have to understand what it is before I go onto explaining how you can use your RSS feed to your advantage. According to Wikipedia, an RSS […]

Determining How Frequent You Should Blog In Order to Be A Success


You may have read a few times that you have to blog frequently. The problem is… how frequently should you blog? And why should you blog frequently? Who should be blogging frequently? One specific answer for all bloggers does not cut it. There are so many different niche and even more so, different types of […]

The Impact of Google+ Brand Pages


Google+ recently introduced a new feature called Google+ brand pages. The concept of this, is much like Facebook pages. One of the biggest features allowed companies to benefit from listing a company profile outside of a user profile. This feature in return allowed people to be able to not just tag (using the plus sign […]

Community Blogging Versus Guest Blogging


Are you a blogger that accepts guest bloggers quite frequently? You might want to think about how you label your site, especially if you are wanting to strengthen your own brand. Guest blogging can be really great for blog owners as it is a means to supplement content when it cannot be published as frequently. […]

WordPress Moon Wallpaper


I hope you enjoy this simple computer desktop wallpaper. It is another WordPress related one for those who are fans. Why do I make these? Because I like WordPress enough as a fan and have met many like myself who share the enthusiasm. When I attend and speak at WordCamps (WordPress conferences), I always see […]

Taking That First Step To Starting A Blog


Starting your own blog does take courage. You are starting it with the obvious intent to reach out to others, whether it to provide information, provide inspiration, make money, for therapeutic reasons, or other reasons. Before you start a blog, you really have no need to be monetizing it yet. Of course, you can implement […]

WordPress Plugin Review: StatPress


I really enjoy using StatPress. Let me re-phrase that – I really enjoyed using StatPress for a time. I would review StatPress Reloaded, but it is only compatible to 2.9.2 and seems to not have any updates since WordPress is on version 3.3 (December 2011.) StatPress is a real-time statistics plugin for users to install […]