Call for Sponsors


Those who have been loyal readers and supporters the past couple years know that I have been speaking at WordCamps every year. Last year I spoke at 6. WordCamps are WordPress conferences where people come to learn more about using their WordPress-powered site to its maximum potential… whether you are a newbie, intermediate user, a […]

How to Use LinkedIn To Bring In Traffic To Your Site


LinkedIn is a great tool in itself that has become a way for professionals to connect. You can use it to reel in traffic. In a way, LinkedIn has become a social network for mature users, rather than convoluted with game apps and other things like Facebook and MySpace. By the way, I do love […]

Before You Monetize Your Site…


In the whole set up of a website, you might consider what type of monetizing plan you want to try. There are quite a few options. – Self-hosted banner advertising – Banner advertising with a company like BuySellAds, Project Wonderful, and more. – Text Ads wit Text Link Ads, Google Adwords, and even Adbrite. Of […]

What Makes A Person An Expert in Social Media?


No matter how many ridiculous lists there are on how to either be better at social media or how to commit social media suicide, or something similar. Yep, I am on a soapbox right now. Remember, social media is just another fancy word for marketing. It is not the monetary aspect, but more on the […] Podcast: Paid To Blog- Is It For You?


This podcast episode goes over what it takes to get paid to blog. I have also listed some sites that offer this opportunity to bloggers. I also offer some insight of choosing the right paid to blog opportunities for your site. The biggest thing I would like people to take away from this episode on […]

Adding and Editing Links in WordPress


Not everyone uses the Links section in the backend of their WordPress. However, there is Adding and editing links in WordPress. It is important to note that the Links section in the WordPress backend does not have to just be for blogroll links. It can be used for many things like affiliates, relevant sites to […]