Are You Still Scared Of Updating Your WordPress Site?


Are you still scared of updating your WordPress? STOP! While you might be afraid of updating, you are doing more harm than good. Not might, some, a little… more like A LOT. WordPress is tested out thoroughly and by the time each version update is available, there are many important areas covered. Glitches/ bugs, security, […]

How to Change The WordPress Default Avatar


Sometimes that default Gravatar with the gray and white seems boring. Lucky for you, instead of altering internal WordPres files, you can harness the power of adding a filter to your theme’s functions.php to change your default image to display. 1. Open your template’s functions.php 2. Insert the following code:

3. Change where younewgravatar.jpg […]

Editing The Number Of Words For The Excerpt in WordPress


Some people might think it is the number of lines you have to define to edit how long or short your excerpt in your WordPress article. It is not. It is defined by how many words. WordPress by default picks the first 55 words as your excerpt. However, if you wish to edit to make […]

Big News! Will Be Carrying WordPress Topics Once Again


For over two years, has been without WordPress specific topics. After careful deliberation over stats like traffic, keywords, and my brand in general, I decided to close and move all the articles back over. I also consulted with a couple dear friends who are great marketing strategists before making this decision. What sparked […]

Klout’s New Algorithm Not A Winner With Fans


Klout, an Izea property that measures how much reach and influence a person has over several social network platforms recently rolled out a new algorithm. Along with this, an influx of angry users due to their major drops in their Klout scores. According to Klout, they score individuals based on three areas: True Reach, Amplification, […]

Interview With An Influential Blogger: Gail Gardner


I happened upon Gail Gardner of through my connected with Kimberly Castleberry and Kristi Hines, and noticed how she was interacting and putting out great content to her followers. I knew with the unveiling of GrowMap Anti-Spam Plugin, I wanted to interview Gail. The biggest thing that set her apart from other bloggers, in […]

A Guide to Blogging: Writing Product Reviews


Writing product reviews is not always easy. It does involve actually having used the product, being able to describe the item or service, and a lot of times, you may have to make sure you have a disclosure just in case you get compensation for your review. Here is a guide to writing product reviews […]