#SharingSundays Recap 2013 Volume 4


Another Sunday has passed and that means another round in #SharingSundays. #SharingSundays is where bloggers can shamelessly plug their most recent article on my Facebook fan page wall at http://facebook.com/NileFlores. The intention of this event is to allow people to actually widen their blog circles and connect with other bloggers, even if they are not […]

#FanPageFriday Recap 2013 Volume 4


#FanPageFriday is always a great time for Facebook fan page owners to shamelessly plug their awesomeness. I am always delighted at the wide variety of pages shared and it does kind of tell a little bit about what each person is interested in when sharing a page that is owned by another person. Someone recommended […]

How To Widen Your Blog Circle


As a blogger, you probably have met quite a few people. You probably have some regular readers, and maybe interact with the same number of people. Not that they are boring, but after some time, you might find yourself stagnate in your site’s progress. It might be from lack of knowledge in a topic, or […]

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Use WordPress


Entrepreneurs have a lot of tools available to them when it comes to their website. One of the most powerful tools is WordPress. If someone says it cannot be done with WordPress, they either have no imagination or lack the skills to make any website project happen. I’m going to make a very bold statement […]

#SharingSundays Recap 2013 Volume 3


This past week, we had a small turnout, but I am still posting a recap. That means that I hope if you are reading this #SharingSundays recap, that you are visiting, commenting and sharing. #SharingSundays is every Sunday and is open to everyone. I send reminders out the day before or the day of the […]

#FanPageFriday Recap 2013 Volume 3


Fridays seems to come by quickly… so that means another #FanPageFriday happened at my Facebook Fan page. My fan page is not always about myself and events like #FanPageFriday allow others a bit of the spotlight. As usual, I always have to say how #FanPageFriday works. In ordr to participate, you need to go to […]

#FanPageFriday Recap 2013 Volume 2


I am please that #FanPageFriday has been welcomed with open arms. I know for some people who are newer to the concept, getting the hang of it took a little, but hey… we all learn something new everyday, right? 🙂 For those that are reading this and are not sure what #FanPageFriday is, well, it […]