How To Be More Relatable to Your Readers


One thing that really impresses me about one blogger over another is their relatability with their readers. Ever person has a different background filled with hundreds of unique experiences. It is often at this point, no matter what the article might be about, that a reader can become turned off. Here is how to be […] Podcast: Guest Blogging 101


Episode 3 of the Podcast is a little over twenty minutes and all on guest blogging basics. This Guest Blogging 101 podcast covers strictly basics as there is a lot more to it that needs to be split into a series. The reason for this is that there are a lot of things to […]

Why Anonymous Blogging Is Not for Serious Bloggers


How much of yourself do you put out there on your blog and social network sites? If you are an anonymous bloggers, are you really taking the precautions for keeping your information from wandering eyes? Unfortunately, for serious bloggers, those who are making a business of blogging and developing an authority amongst the blogging community […]

Guest Blogging: Preparing For Your Debut


So, you considered guest blogging on another site that was well known and could possibly bring you both some link love and some traffic. However, your site is still new and you are unsure if you might be welcomed in that community. While some of your worries might seem bad to you, they are not. […]

Blogging Ain’t Perfect: Your Blog Voice


I was an English major the first time I was in college and I have to say that my writing style is far from what it use to be for my blog. I was the one pointing out the errors and being a real grammar snob. And you know what? It was a put off […]

Presentation: Avoiding Bloggers Block


Avoiding Bloggers Block is a presentation I did at WordCamp Atlanta 2012 to address issues that bloggers of any niche may encounter when trying to fuel their block with more content. I have embedded the presentation in a couple formats: the powerpoint and a podcast. I talk a lot about blogging and content generation, but […]

How To Have a User-Friendly Hiatus For Your Blog


When you go to a site and it reads ‘HIATUS’, is it annoying? For me it is and I have heard from quite a few other bloggers that it can be irksome for them too. What is equally annoying is no updates for a while. Come on people… do you care about keeping your visitors? […]

Finding Inspiration For Your Site’s Content And Design


I was talking with a gal, whom I would probably call a colleague when it comes to art in general. She was having issues finding the right colors to inspire her to make her next website layout and not being inspired. Of course, for color issues I told her right away that she should try […]