Before You Monetize Your Site…

In the whole set up of a website, you might consider what type of monetizing plan you want to try. There are quite a few options.

– Self-hosted banner advertising

– Banner advertising with a company like BuySellAds, Project Wonderful, and more.

– Text Ads wit Text Link Ads, Google Adwords, and even Adbrite.

Of course, there are more places. These are just a few examples.

But STOP! You need to have a site with content, and then have traffic. Without traffic, how can you make money?

A lot of people think that just having a website means people will automatically come. It is not as simple as quoted in the movie Field of Dreams – “If you build it, he will come.”

There is more work involved. You can place all the right keywords, but that might attract and make people stay, subscribe, and become a regular… even a customer. It important to create a reputable presence for your site. Connect with others in your niche and allow them to give feedback. Return comments or make your visitors feel welcomed.

Once your site picks up enough traffic, you can finally start experimenting on incorporating ads and such to make money. Not every program works. Some do better while others do not. However, even if you build a site, be prepared to do more work to build a sturdy traffic flow.

Have you monetized your site? What works for you? (There is a poll in the sidebar related to this article… please try it out.)


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    There is also the problem of the type of content that attracts Advertisers and Sales. When you have some kind of solution to a problem people may be having on your site then this gives you a much better chance of making money with your site. I do well sometimes and other days it does not seem to be worth it but the key is to learn and have patience.
    My recent post Get a Free Squeeze Page and How to Use It

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    Definitely Nile, Making website a monetizing tool is not as easy as it sounds. Lots of contribution has to be given in order to make it the best monetizing tool. Things are not just over by simply building a website but it requires good design, good content, easy navigation, proper location of ads and more such things. From my point of view first we should need to build website enough to attract traffic and hold them on it. Then, the chances of making it monetizing can be increased. Thanks for the great idea.

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    What I can say from my experience is Affiliate Links like amazon links are the most easiest , reliable and the most profitable form of monetization.

    All other are just for starters. Realizing the potentiality of affiliate links Adsnese is nothing than just a time pass!


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    So many new webmasters fail to realize that they are wasting their time when they immediately monetize their site. I see so many sites with tons of contextual ads and little or no content. Hopefully newbies will heed your advice. Nice post.

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    Good job sharing these information. It is very important when to make the right move and that’s where most amateurs can be destroyed. A nice and informative post, thank you for sharing it.

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    I agree 100%. Traffic is the most important thing before concerning yourself with monetizing your site. Be patient as it does take time.

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    I agree Nile, a blog need to be “prepped” for monetization. By that I mean as we’re adding content and building traffic we have to build trust and establish ourselves as trustworthy experts before monetizing our blogs. That’s the same within our lists/newsletters, monetizing too early can do more harm than good.

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    There are many newbies who set a blog with several articles and expect to make thousand dollars a month. You article is very realistic… no traffic, no money. There is a small secret to succeed in this business…. work, work, work.

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    Hi Nile!
    Your post have made me clear about monetize the web site. Yes i agree there should not be a huge traffic of ads, viewers require content also. Thanks for sharing.

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    I wondered about a donation button and how effective people find it to be? Ads are a good source I suppose but I am picky about what lies behind the company ethically with ties to investments in countries that are suffering for instance.

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    This is exactly what i do before i monetize my website. I build, write content and work on SEO, way even before thinking of monetizing the site. I definitely know it would turn a visitor away with a bunch of banner ads on my new sites. In today’s search engines we have to create a website that is user friendly. Something that keeps visitors coming back to our sites.

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    it was a good time to read your very great article…I learned most of the new things by reading your article..
    hope you will write more better articles in future than this…… ?

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    If you are going to monetize your site, you better start making a move to turn it into an e-commerce site. Just think what software or even materials that you can sell through your site. Of course it should be somewhat connected with the overall theme of your site. But making it into an e-commerce site with enough traffic will prove to be worth it.

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    In my country Google only approve websites which have 6 months of life span and i think that fair enough too. Buysellads in another option but they hardly accept new websites.

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    i’ve used Adwords a while ago and Adwords is quite helpful when i just started my own blog… Now i’ve enough trrafic and i don’t feel like to advertise some where.

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