Blog Title Writing 101: Simple Grammar

good-bad-writerI will always keep repeating that blogging doesn’t have to be perfect, even if English is not your first language. However, if you are intending to keep a competitive site that keeps readers, you need to tighten up on grammar. That includes tightening up on the grammar when writing a blog title.

Writing can be frustrating. You have to thing of spelling, pronouns, what point of view you want to write in, and much more. The title of your article is the first thing people read before getting a chance to read an excerpt or the actual full blog post.

I think the best way to convey learning how to write a better blog title is to take some examples I’ve found from around the Internet and share them with you.

Below are five examples of grammatically incorrect blog titles.

  • 5 Obvious Truth You May Not Like About Blogging
  • Challenges of Blogging and How to Overcome
  • Facts no One Tells we Newbie Bloggers
  • 5 Things They Forget When They Become Successful Bloggers
  • The Truth as I Saw It

Do you know why these are written incorrect? If n

Example Blog Title #1: 5 Obvious Truth You May Not Like About Blogging

This is simple. The title should read 5 Obvious Truths You May Not Like About Blogging. This is a simple mistake when the writer forgets that the noun should be plural rather than singular.

Example Blog Title #2: Challenges of Blogging and How to Overcome

This is actually an incomplete thought and makes the title read a bit awkwardly. The title should be written Challenges of Blogging and How to Overcome Them. The “them” would refer back to the challenges of blogging.

Example Blog Title #3: Facts no One Tells we Newbie Bloggers

This is the case that there are some unnecessary words in the title and it makes the title awkward. In this case, the title should have been written as Facts That No One Tells Newbie Bloggers. In the case of getting by most readers, Facts That No One Tells Us Newbie Bloggers will also work. This is the wrong pronoun.

Example Blog Title #4: 5 Things They Forget When They Become Successful Bloggers

This one was a little over thought and needed to be simplified. There are no need for pronouns. What are ‘they’? Keep it simple and try 5 Things Forgotten By Successful Bloggers or 5 Things Successful Bloggers Forget.

Example Blog Title #5: The Truth as I Saw It

The is the wrong tense of the verb ‘to see”. It should be written as The Truth As I See It. You are still alive and seeing these. Using the past tense means its in the past and not up to date. The past tense also makes the phrase come off as awkward.

Check back on older posts and see if you can spot and correct your own mistakes. The great thing about blogging is that your posts are not set in stone. You can go back and update them anytime. It is part of growing as a blogger. Even if you think you’re hot stuff in the blogging world, there’s always room for improvement.

Have you found old blog titles from articles you’ve written in the past that needed to be corrected because of grammatical errors?


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    I always like to keep in mind many of the strategies that I used when writing headlines as a newspaper reporter. Boil everything down to the lowest common denominator, but keep it intriguing as well. One solid headline can sell your entire marketing piece!

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    Excellent examples Niles. I admit I’m a bit anal when it comes to publishing anything online – not just my blog posts. I do a bit of article marketing, occasionally guest posts and last year I was a feature writer on another blog. Theirs – mine – it’s all the same to me. I wouldn’t presume to imply I’ve got it all wired, but I do reread my posts and articles several times and then before I push the button I walk away and do something else for a few hours or the next day if I have time. Then I go back with fresh eyes and that has really made a huge difference. Thanks for the great tips and reminder!

  3. says

    Hi Nile,
    those are great examples!
    English is not my first language and I would have not noticed some of those mistake, while others were really obvious and awkward.
    Does it affect the navigation of search engines/rankings if we go back later and change the title or is that just the pemalink?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  4. says

    I love these examples Nile! I must rework my blog title 50 times before I finally settle on one. The goal is always to create an impact, but to eliminate all of the unnecessary words. Like you said..”who is they” and why do you need it in your title?

    I always appreciate how clear you are in your explanations!

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    I believe titles are just everything in blogging. If you are pushing thing rightly then you are going to get something, and titles are one of those things that allows you make a good impression on your readers.

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    Here’s the problem… accepting poor grammar is not acceptable. Especially if you are a blogger that is trying to bring in good advertisers. No one wants to buy advertising spots on a blog that relies on mediocre writing. It will eventually limit the site and the blog owner will only be able to rely on CPC with Adsense or something similar, of affiliate advertising.

    Serious ad clients don’t want poor grammar, and in regards to this article, the article titles alone that could be seen from their front page, 7 out of 10 had poorly written titles alone.

  7. says

    Its true that readers read the title first of any blog, If they found title is perfect and interesting they move to next step, This is place where you can attract more readers.

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    Well written posts are not only better for marketing, but are a pleasure to read. I enjoy words, and how writers use them. Not so much, when it’s poorly written. We want our words to enhance our message, rather than taking away from it.


  9. says

    I’ve heard people say that grammar and spelling is not important when you blog.

    You make a convincing argument to the contrary, Nile.

    First impressions are lasting ones. I could make a great speech at the podium, but if my shirt was buttoned noticeably wrong, that’s probably the overriding image of me that people would walk away with. “He seems to know his stuff, but is pretty casual and non-professional about it.”

    I’d rather tidy things up so people can focus on my message, and form a positive first impression of me. I think being very careful about the grammatical structure of your blog casts a lasting impression, too. You’ve given us good tips for making it a positive one.

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    I am inspiring blog writer. These issues driving me crazy I was thinking I am not good enough.
    I will definitely follow your tips here. thanks for sharing.

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    Hey Nile! I think my titles are actually the hardest part for me. I kow that this is what that is going to get the attention of my readers. I love you examples and will keep this in mind. You stated that we can always go back and change them HUM? I never thought about this.. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

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    Hi Nile. Good points! I caught myself the other day – I had meant to write Jake Steinfeld, and I wrote ‘Jack’, which was dumb, because I had ‘Jake’ in the body. Once the title goes in, I don’t really think about it anymore, but I guess I need to.

    I love that you say your blog can evolve. I have been going back through old posts and refreshing them, and it’s a good opportunity to fix things. Thanks so much for you continuing efforts to make us better ๐Ÿ™‚

    All the best,

  13. says

    Wow, that was an impressive post, I do like it a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I really used to implement difficult words that I just learn in my posts but that was a bad thing, so since that I started to just use easy words in my posts and that was good thing ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks for sharing this awesome post it was really informative!
    thanks for sharing this great post have a nice day! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Nile, you make valid points through out your article. I never give much thought to my titles and feel that the core message in my article will keep readers returning. My mission is not one of the norm with most bloggers.

    I write to share my passions and experiences with the hopes that others in a given time during this lifetime journey have or will experience the same challenges knowing this is a location which has a solution to bring an end result they may live with.

    Putting to much thought on a title is why so many people find it difficult to just take it easy and keep it simple. Just speak out loud what you would like to share and make sure you have experience on the topic. Then after your article is created quickly thing of a couple of words to summarize it.

    As for those who use their blogs for monetizing. Then you have all the complications that goes with strategist, studies and other detailed dry yet needed activities. Hey, you want advertisers to place ads on your blog go for it. I use my business sites for such a thing as to promote stuff which I find not needed for me. I do not place ads, and such on my blog which is my extended voice. Then all my business sites are for exposure on the support I provide Globally.

    Very well done Nile. I love all the interaction and just agree to not agree with methods is what I see here. Yet, you have given all of us a starting point to learn from. That I appreciate and will continue to support your site.

  15. says

    I read somewhere- “Every year I realize how foolish I was the year before”. Every blogger will surely find some mistakes in their past posts.

    Grammar is important in blogging, particularly while writing posts titles. Most of the internet users see only the title in search engines and having a grammatical mistake creates a bad impression. A visitor loss is a dollar (more/less) lost indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing this post with that self explaining 5 examples!

  16. says

    I’m a grammar nazi and can’t stand seeing grammar errors in headlines. If a headline isn’t grammatically correct then 9 times out of 10 I’m not going to click through and read the blog post.

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    Hello Nile…..I never thought about grammar after high school English class, until I started my own Blog…..I still labor over and over when I write a new post….Then after I publish the new work, I still find holes…..I shall keep after it……I have noticed that if I read something out loud…..and it doesn’t sound right …..It probably isn’t…..Thanks for helping us all to improve……Smokey

  18. Anonymous says

    Really helpful stuff! Sometimes it is hard to come up with an inspiring title. Thanks for the good reminders about basic grammar.

  19. says

    Awesome points Nile. English is not my first language and because of it I myself do such mistakes while writing posts but your this article inspired me a lot. Thanks for such a superb article ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. John Pak says

    Blog with the English language helped me improve my own ability. My audience often help me fix grammatical errors and I loved them.

  21. Meghan says

    My mentor always tells me that i cant write as i have a problem with the structure of the sentences.
    i feel so demotivated! i love blogging!

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