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Yes, I wrote about BloggerLuv at under the title BloggerLuv- Giving Back to Bloggers. However, I wanted to go into depth the necessities of why such a community is valuable… especially to bloggers.

As a blogger, you know what it is like to squeeze out those articles. Sometimes you will have to read and refer to other resources. Blogging can be work for some. It is for me and I blog quite frequently on several domains of my own and guest write at other sites. The problem is that even if you are trying to connect with people, the best people are the ones that are writing articles like you do.

Yes, you can do it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter where the audience is much broader and may be with people who are not blogging. BloggerLuv is focused on bloggers connecting. While it is a newer community and doing well, there may be some that might say:

1. If BloggerLuv gets larger, then I might just be another number. Why bother?
2. I already have joined a lot of communities. What makes BloggerLuv any different?
3. I am still a bit confused on what BloggerLuv does.

Well, pretty much I answered what the site is and if I have to explain again… re-read this article. As for joining another community, perhaps it seems daunting, but think about it- how active are you in those communities? Does the possibility of earning the loyalty of another reader or perhaps make a nice friendship sound far more enticing?

BloggerLuv is DoFollow and you can now share your links to your blog posts with the community – so you can get some link juice for your site. ๐Ÿ™‚

A lot of people worry about signing up and feeling guilty if they cannot participate much. You are not going to be shot down if you are not a frequent user of the site. Life happens. Already, there are quite a few people I connect with on nearly a daily or weekly basis… more so than Facebook and Twitter.

Have you joined BloggerLuv? Do you like it?

For those who have not? Do you have any questions about the site or still a bit shy?


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    In my opinion joining a lot of communities might prove less effective, than joining one or two for example, but being there daily commenting, voting, etc. If you have joined dozens of networks, then being active on all of them will require you tons of time and it will overall be a daunting task. Because of that it will be very hard to become some kind of an authority or at least a known face. Just my two cents.

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      Thank you! I really do enjoy BloggerLuv. John has been motivational to get me wanting to help with the site. I have not done much, but as I get time here and there, I will be able to help John for the website. It is important to me to have a community like BloggerLuv… instead of making my own and splitting the community, why not just help out somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks… appreciate it. You might like to subscribe to my RSS feed here.

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    I could Swear I left a comment last night must not of hit submit
    Anyway I was coming by to read some of your awesome wp info and saw
    this post Thanks so much and have an awesome weekend
    And unlike most sites bloggers CAN promote their own communities here
    It's an Open forum that is not just focused on it's own agenda
    In fact the real agenda is to minimize the site's exposure in lieu of the Bloggers Success ๐Ÿ™‚
    There's an old saying you can't keep what you got unless you give it away
    Thanks everyone for the excellent feedback ๐Ÿ™‚ and Thanks Niles for your help and friendship

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    Hi Nile.
    Luv, luv, luv BloggerLuv! For me it's like a second home. Last week the number of members leaped up to new heights. What really impresses me is the diversity of the bloggers – some are newbies and some are seasoned vets and you might think that they wouldn't even need to join a community in order to get noticed. What I found out is that they really don't, they are just taking advantage of making connections that are real. John created the community yet each member knows that we can do as we please. He doesn't have any rules, you don't even need to add a widget to your sidebar if you don't want. The fact that John went through the trouble to create the code to make the site DoFollow should earn him some type of BuddyPress award!

    If you're reading this and you haven't joined BloggerLuv, what ARE you waiting for???

    Thanks for this one Nile!
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