Blogging And Plants – What’s The Connection?

Hesham asks on his site “is blogs like plants and cars?!

I felt that my response could be better stated in an article rather than a long comment. I tend to get winded in my comments. πŸ˜†

Blogs can be very similar to plants. Your design is the soil- the foundation to prepare for your plant. The seed is the content itself that needs nuturing. You can nuture your site by bring in people to read and comment. Each comment quenches the seed’s needs in order to grow.

As more seeds are planted, the blog becomes like a garden of various flowers.

Is that a cheesy analogy? For me… no.

It is important that you find out how to make your blog grow. Some methods work better than others, and some work hand-in-hand. Some great places to find people who are interested:

  • Social networking sites
  • forums
  • relevant blogs in your niche

In return, you can help nuture other sites too by leaving comments. It only takes a minute to do and can prove to be valuable to the website owner. Do not be afraid to ask how you can improve your own site and what you should do to promote it?

How do you nuture your blog?


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    For some reason, when I first read the title, I thought it was "Blogging and Pants", lol. But my blindness aside, I do like your analogy. Like plants, blogs need to be nurtured consistently, which is one area I'm struggling in. I'm also on the hunt for a forum where I could meet other bloggers/web designers that are in a similar "net clique", but no luck so far πŸ™
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      There are plenty on LinkedIn that I have participated on…fairly active discussions. Probably the best thing is to go to popular blogs in web design and those will have a lot of people that comment who interested in that and might even blog about it.

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    I love the analogy Nile, especially since I'm a plant lover, I can relate 100%. Just as there are many niches of blogs there are many types of plants that require different levels of attention in the various climates (niches).

    On another note, I like your post on Famous Bloggers, I'm also a web designer. Being a designer I would love to get your insight on my blog and what I could do to improve it. Thanks.

    Keep up the good work.

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