Podcast: Paid To Blog- Is It For You?

This podcast episode goes over what it takes to get paid to blog. I have also listed some sites that offer this opportunity to bloggers. I also offer some insight of choosing the right paid to blog opportunities for your site.

The biggest thing I would like people to take away from this episode on paid to blog or sponsored posts, is that you need to honest and not just think about getting the money. You have to respect your readers and the advertiser, and deliver an article that is top notch. Podcast: Paid To Blog- Is It For You?



  1. Shane says

    I’ve always been wanting to earn from blogging or to monetize my blog, but I know that you need to really have a decent amount of traffic in order to earn decent money from your blogs. And success won’t happen overnight so patience is really a must. What is the best paid to blog sites that you could recommend for below PR3 blog? Thanks for sharing this stuff with us.

  2. says

    You mentioned in the podcast that requirements for these programs might, for example, be that at least every other post be yours (and not sponsored). What if your blog has many guest posts?

    • says

      The problem is that your site has to be written by primarily you… so it would not be accepted if you are relying on guest posters to fuel your blog’s content. In fact, I have talked about brand purity and encourage individual bloggers to not use guest blogging as a crutch. It should be used sparingly unless you intend on running a community blog. In that case…it is no longer called “guest blogging”.

  3. says

    I’ve seen persons willing to endorse any product for money, but I really respect the true bloggers who state their real opinions even if they are paid to review a certain product or service. On the long run, I think that this aspect differentiates the amateurs from the professional bloggers.

  4. says

    We know that people have their various preferences when it comes to getting information. Yes, a Podcast adds variety to your blog, but it also caters to auditory learners.

  5. says


    Yet another great useful presentation that will help lots of people get use to creating real content that people find needed and get paid just sharing their passions.

    I knew it could be done and you have given massive people a chance just to share their passions and get paid for it. Now, this is a great foundation for anyone’s business.

    Nile, your always on the breaking side of things. I believe your one of our greatest mentors and coaches in this industry.

  6. says

    Loved this podcast. If you can blog and get paid + love doing it… Then why not!? I guess there are pro’s and con’s to anything, though. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Kathrryn says

    I agree that patience is very important and we should be aware with it.. If we have patience, we can get what we really want in due time..

  8. says

    Right now I think the primary reason that I blog is to develop the know, like, and trust factor among my readership. Thanks for the practical advice regarding doing Blogging for money. I have done a few podcast/interviews but have little experience generating revenue doing any product promotions based on an article with the rare exception of a few affiliate program promotions.
    You are obviously a Blog Rock Star!

  9. says

    Podcast gives lots of flexibility to bloggers and the they should deliver the high quality unique content to the readers. In this way one can earn better and at the same time can improve the blog quality. Thanx a lot Nile.

  10. says

    I was contacted about 2 months ago to write an article for a company in the US on my blog and they would have paid me, but I turned it down. I wouldn’t do promotions just for the sake of it and the money.

    My blog was launched 7 months ago to try and help others using my experiences and way of thinking and it is doing really well in terms of traffic and I wouldn’t compromise the site by doing paid promotional work like that. I am though now looking for a Global Sponsor.

    I have just published my first ever interview and it is with performance artist and Rock Revolutionist, Alez Zapak titled “The Naked Countess,” but I did the interview because the theme fitted in with what my site is about.

    Hope you are having a lovely day.
    Isaac Sarayiah

  11. says

    Content has to be 100% fantastic for this kind of work. The problem is most people are unable to produce some of the high standards some of these businesses require.

    A good way to check if your work is good enough is to submit some articles to some high article directories like ezinearticles. That way you can see the quality you need to achieve.

  12. says

    I agree with the posts being original part. After all if posts are not original, you may fool the user but you cannot escape Google’s eye and you will finally get caught. It is better to spend more time thinking up useful original content.
    After all, content is king.

  13. Patty Jones says

    I agree with you when you said that blogger should not just think about getting the money. All bloggers must respect their readers and the advertiser. They must also deliver an article that is informative and beneficial to their readers.


  14. says

    If you enjoy blogging (and the topics you cover) and can earn something from doing so, it’s ideal. If you labour over it, then it’s hardly worth it.

  15. Kazzsandra says

    This is an awesome podcast! Actually, a lot of people can relate with this.. Thanks for the shared information..

  16. says

    Well my blog is actually monetized so I earn some change from it every month. I write articles for others and thats how I earn my living. Being patient is the key I guess, success may only be round the corner. Great podcast again Nile.

  17. says

    Hi Nile,
    Once again, you have introduced me to a new technique and I appreciate it. I haven’t done any PodCasting yet, but I’m liking it!

    You have given me great tips on Paid To Blog! I didn’t understand it until now.

    Thank you

  18. says

    This is not a new gig and I also have some friends that generate their income from blogging. In this gig, some bloggers get paid for the number of words that they write. So when you are entering this type of field, make sure that you know how much should really be paid to you for what you write. Great post!

  19. says

    I agree fully with what Jack Sanders above says. If you are writing it is always best practice to give your true opinion even if you are paid. As you will eran greater respect from your readers but also boost your readers returning to your blog.

  20. says

    My blog is fairly recent and doing well but I love the concept of a podcast and will now seriouls look at doing this offering beauty tips for my readers.

  21. says

    I think blogging is must for every small business, so that you can write interesting post and by promoting it on social media you can easily attract your targeted audience. Many small businesses are using this technique quite successfully.

  22. says

    I agree to what you say but there may not be many sits that would accept paid bloggers. And besides that, real bloggers love to make money themselves from the affiliate and other ad campaigns rather than being paid as an author.

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