BuddyPress goes 1.1!

Andy Peatling, announced BuddyPress 1.1 Released on September 30, 2009. There were a few updated to the core and now the social network platform offers:

  • One click internal bbPress forum integration
  • global forum directory
  • Easier theme integration
  • More freedom for administrators to control their site
  • Allow plug developers to hook their BuddyPress installation into outside web services
  • Group API to extend features.

as well as a few more attributes. The one-click install for the bbPress integration is something that I have particularly looking forward too as it is just less hassle than installing the files and then the plugin to fit it into the site. I have been working on my own installation for my class reunion site so we have a central place to talk, rather than use Facebook to sort through all the messages. Although I can say the class reunion was a success in September 2009, many people were informed last minute even though they were online to find out about the event.

Also, loading new themes had been quite the struggle for me in the past. In fact, even based on the FAQs and reading the forums on BuddyPress, I still had to wing a few things to get my theme working correctly, so this is a true relief.

I still wonder when BuddyPress might become available for a one-click install for webhosts to offer their clients (example: cPanel’s Fantastico Deluxe.)

Have you tried out BuddyPress? What do you think?

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