BuddyPress Is Finally 1.0

With social media being big, WordPress MU, which allows users to install mutiple WordPress and connect with other bloggers has finally developed even more into Buddypress. Months ago, I plugged BuddyPress as I thought it was great. It is a great alternative for those tired of Facebook and MySpace or Ning, but with those who had a big love for using WordPress.

I am a little bit behind from the announcement of this over at the BuddyPress blog, but I remember that there were people really interested in it. Personally, I think this takes WordPress over the top and heads above most blog scripts (or for some of you, blog platform.)

I think this is great, especially for those people who were into doing forums. Not only can you do forums, but basically just about anything from blogging. It makes socializing a heck of a lot easier. With people who offer subdomain hosting, Buddypress might prove to be a better alternative. BuddyPress contains some great features like extended profiles, friends section, private messaging, groups, streams (kind of like a Facebook/ Twitter feature), forums, stats so you can track your blog, and more.

This is where YARRP will go

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