Blogging Etiquette: How to Handle Images in Roundups


Roundups are posts that allow you to put together a list, whether it’s great recipes, tutorials, or even showcasing people or websites. However, there’s some things people don’t know when they first step into writing a roundup article. Usually it deals with images taken from other websites. Hopefully this article will help you understand and […]

15 Women Who Blog That You Should Be Following in 2015


I haven’t done a lot of lists on people because they tend to be considered popularity posts. For me, I write mine based on who I like and if they’re delivering quality content. I’m not pulling out stats, but many who are listed below have a very strong and engaging community. This list contains 15 […]

Elevator Pitch for a Blog?


You need an elevator pitch for your blog? Well, yes you do! I already state who I am and what I do on the very front of my website. This post is part of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge. Because I’ve already established my own pitch, and it’s clearly posted on […]

#WordPressWednesday 2015 Volume 6


It’s time for #WordPressWednesday and it seems it’s all about drama. Alright people, simmer down! A lot of drama going on. We’ve all noticed it. I’m not going to inundate this roundup with a bunch of posts about people and their opinions about the snarkiness and negativity going around. We know about it. This series […]

#WordPressWednesday 2015 Volume 5


I mentioned that last week I’d start a podcast in a separate post that was labeled #WordPressWedneday to accompany this roundup. Well, that was until I realized it was the week before the 4th of July. It’s kind of sometimes that my family gets into. I grew up a military brat, and I kind of […]

Blog Ideas for Internet Marketers


As part of the Ultimate List of Blog Ideas Series, this post is on blog ideas for Internet marketers. This niche can be very focused or broad. Internet marketers are selling something through email or through some website. It could be one product or several. Some Internet marketers also like to coach or give tips. […]

Should You Use an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog?


Should you use an editorial calendar for your blog? Good question. I’m not going to lie. I’ve been blogging so long that I rely on my Drafts section in my WordPress backend. I actually added the Drafts section as a menu item under Posts. Writing comes natural to me, so I blog when I feel […]

Blog Ideas for Tech Bloggers


The niche in tech blogging can cover many different topics. Some can be news in tech, some are about gadgets for the home or for the computer, and much more. This blog ideas for tech bloggers post was an actual request. So, I’m not going to split it up. Use whatever ideas you need. Like […]