On Juggling Blogging and Family Who Are Ill


Most people reading this article, have some family out there. For the blogger who is really hungry for success, juggling blogging and family who are ill can be difficult. I’m actually having this issue right now. I was inspired to cover this topic because of the issue. I don’t cover many personal things on Blondish.net […]

Blog Ideas for e-Commerce Websites


Sometimes people who run e-Commerce sites often feel like if they blog, their posts end up sounding promotional. Sometimes, they may be, but with a little creativity, an e-commerce website owner can pull together a well-rounded blog. There’s a lot that can be written about, but sometimes it’s hard to think about it, especially if […]

How to Recover from Blogger Burnout


You’re probably wondering what is blogger burnout? Is it like bloggers block? No, blogger burnout is when you’ve been blogging and you get to the point that you are fed up with blogging. It doesn’t have to deal with lack of knowledge or resources, or the lack of motivation that is tied with bloggers block. […]

Blog Ideas for Conferences


As part of our Ultimate List of Blog Ideas series, I’m covering blog ideas for conferences. This can be any type of conference, so the majority of the list given below should have some ideas that can be used multiple times. I’ve done conferences in the past,especially WordCamps, and there’s nothing worse than a conference […]

How to Market via Email Without Running Afoul of the CAN-SPAM Act


Utilizing email lists to promote your product or services (or blog) is a tried-and-true marketing method frequently endorsed by savvy marketers (see here, for an example). Tutorials abound on how to build that mailing list to grow your audience. Some experienced email marketers suggest offering something free in exchange for that coveted email address—like an […]

How to Choose What Niche to Blog For


Blogging isn’t something you’ll just become a professional in over night. It takes time, and yes, plenty of struggle. For lot of bloggers, the struggle can start from day one, especially finding your own blog voice. However, it’s nothing to get scared of. Blogging isn’t perfect, and even the most professional bloggers out there today, […]

Ask Nile: Why Your Blog Comment Keeps Ending Up in the Spam Folder


You’ve taken the time to read and leave a comment. Your comment might even have a message saying that your comment is in moderation. Then a friend tells you that you were in the spam folder. What happened? Why does your blog comment keep ending up in the spam folder? Occasionally I get the questions […]

Tips to Pick the Best Domain for Your Blog


Back in the day of early blogging, picking the best domain for your blog wasn’t an issue. For example, for me picking Blondish.net, it wasn’t about keywords, but about branding. However, today, for a lot of website owners or people who are new to having a website, there are a lot of things to consider. […]