Ask Nile: Why Your Blog Comment Keeps Ending Up in the Spam Folder


You’ve taken the time to read and leave a comment. Your comment might even have a message saying that your comment is in moderation. Then a friend tells you that you were in the spam folder. What happened? Why does your blog comment keep ending up in the spam folder? Occasionally I get the questions […]

Tips to Pick the Best Domain for Your Blog


Back in the day of early blogging, picking the best domain for your blog wasn’t an issue. For example, for me picking, it wasn’t about keywords, but about branding. However, today, for a lot of website owners or people who are new to having a website, there are a lot of things to consider. […]

The Importance of Blog Commenting


The importance of blog commenting is a necessity for the life of any website. While content provides a means for sharing information, it is the reader that can have a hand in making or breaking a site. A comment is feedback for what is being said and often works like a forum. If you have […]

The Skinny on Blogging Fears


So what are the real reasons why blogger can’t blog confidently? Some think it’s due to branding and design. It doesn’t. It’s all about blogging fears, especially with the blogger’s mentality and choice in choosing to fear, rather than put it aside and just blog. It’s the same issue I’ve seen over and over with […]

Creating a Community With Comments on Your Blog


Content is King, but your Visitors are Queen. For those who’ve read my blog that have been long time members of any forum or group I’ve been on, you know I say this repeatedly. It might be a done to ad nauseum. However, today we are going to focus on the visitor part. Blogs thrive […]

Dear Fashion Bloggers


Dear Fashion Bloggers, I love to wear clothes. I love fashion. I think I have fairly good taste too. However, just because I have good taste in clothing, shoes, and accessories doesn’t mean I’m an expert at fashion, nor does it mean I’d become a serious fashion blogger. If you think you’re an expert, but […]

Are You Checking Your Guest Blogger’s Links In Their Posts?


Are you checking your guest blogger’s links in their posts? Do you care? If you’re not, you should be!!! While every blog owner has their own policy on what is allowed and what is not allowed in guest posting, the links some guest bloggers are pimping out may not be something you will want to […]

Are You Snubbing Your Blog Competition?


You’ve got a pretty cool blog, right? However, you keep hitting these plateaus and not being able to talk with other bloggers as easily as you would like. What is the deal? Are you snubbing your blog competition? With more than 20% of the Internet’s websites powered by WordPress alone, and many others hosted on […]