When Is The Right Time To Take On Building Another Blog


So, you have one blog, but being the awesome and full of surprises person, you would like to branch out and start another blog. It is no surprise that you would considering you probably have content on your first blog that you have so much more to say, but want to have a site focused […]

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When Accepting Guest Posts Might Start Hurting Your Personal Blog


Guest posts are great. You get fresh content and the guest writer gets a backlink. That is merely the tip of what guest blogging is all about. However, there is a point when guest posts might start hurting your blog. If you are running a site and it is normally just you, and your followers […]

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Is Designing Your Own Site Hurting It?


When you decided to start a website, you may have looked into what it took to put one together. It may have become intimidating and you did not know what to do. A lot of business owners face this. Not every person out there is naturally gifted with creativity, nor has the patience to learn […]

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The Power of RSS Feeds


An RSS Feed is one of the simplest ways to market your business online without having to invest any additional time or resources, once it is set up and running as part of your blogging strategy. The search engines love fresh content, when you have an RSS Feed you make it easy for them to […]

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The Right Way To Advise A Newbie Blogger


There are so many tools out there for new bloggers to try and use. Unfortunately, for those who have already passed the ‘just born blogger’ hump, you learned that it took some searching to find what you needed. It also probably took extra searching to make sure what you found was not off the wall […]

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Why Autoblogging Should Be Avoided


Autoblogging software allows site owners to produce content on whim and literally puts a site on auto-pilot for the pure sport of making money. For serious bloggers, autoblogging should be avoided. How It Works The site owner installs the script or plugin (there are some companies that offer autoblogging software). They adjust the settings of […]

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Are Donations For Bloggers Acceptable?


Donating money is usually something that as an individual, you look at the service provided and access what it is worth before giving an amount of money away. This goes for anything, including donations of bloggers. I have seen bloggers putting up a donation module of some sort, whether it be Chipin, Paypal itself, or […]

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The Right Way To Leave A Blog After Selling It


I have become completely turned off with some of the blogs out there that I had visited regularly, especially after finding the very person that built the blog and its community left the moment they sold the blog. While I can see some of the reasons for selling a site, there really are some things […]

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