5 Tips To Finding The Right Blog To Guest Write For


Guest blogging has its link building benefits, but sometimes choosing the right site is better than guest posting at just any place. It is obvious if you are going to guest blog, you are going to get something out of it- even owners of larger and more popular blogs are going to know this. Of […]

Blondish.net on Blog Talk Radio: Advice for New Bloggers


I did my first show, Blondish.net on Blog Talk Radio – Advice for New Bloggers. It was a bit awkward considering it is my first time and it was through my telephone. I had to make sure to turn my own sound down because I would have heard myself talking and that would have messed […]

When Is The Right Time To Take On Building Another Blog


So, you have one blog, but being the awesome and full of surprises person, you would like to branch out and start another blog. It is no surprise that you would considering you probably have content on your first blog that you have so much more to say, but want to have a site focused […]

Is Designing Your Own Site Hurting It?


When you decided to start a website, you may have looked into what it took to put one together. It may have become intimidating and you did not know what to do. A lot of business owners face this. Not every person out there is naturally gifted with creativity, nor has the patience to learn […]

The Power of RSS Feeds


An RSS Feed is one of the simplest ways to market your business online without having to invest any additional time or resources, once it is set up and running as part of your blogging strategy. The search engines love fresh content, when you have an RSS Feed you make it easy for them to […]

The Right Way To Advise A Newbie Blogger


There are so many tools out there for new bloggers to try and use. Unfortunately, for those who have already passed the ‘just born blogger’ hump, you learned that it took some searching to find what you needed. It also probably took extra searching to make sure what you found was not off the wall […]