Do Bloggers Really Deserve to Be Paid?


After reading Do Bloggers Really Deserve to Be Paid? at Mom Blog Magazine, I was not really sure why there was any controversy in this area – regardless if the blog was for mommy bloggers or any other niche blogger. I do not care how long someone has been online, the blogging did not go […] on Blog Talk Radio: Intro to Monetizing Your Blog


I am really starting to get the hang of using Blog Talk Radio. Being my 4th show, I wanted to cover somewhat of an intro to monetizing your blog. What I cover in this segment are things I am asked from clients and newbies in blogging about trying to make a little money. I also […]

The Truth About Blogging And Making Money


I was asked by a client how to make their website so good it would make a million dollars. Aside from over 2,000 posts on his website (by the way- no you may not ask which site), there was next to nil on engagement. That many posts are admirable. Without even having the opportunity to […]

How to Keep Your Blog Growing When You Are Too Busy


When you have not updated or engaged with your blog, you do lose some traffic. If you go on vacation or your life offline might be a bit more busy than usual, this can be frustrating. So what can you do? How can you keep your blog growing when you are too busy? Here are […]

Is KeywordLuv Really Necessary?


For anyone who does not know what KeywordLuv is, it is a plug created by Stephen Cronin that has promised blog owners that their reader’s comments on their DoFollow blogs can be rewarded by using a keyword, rather than the person’s name. While this is great and there are plugins like GASP that have helped […]

What Is Your Blog’s Pitch?


If you have a blog, you are pitching. How often have you heard that (even at conferences)? It is a very true statement. When you put up a website, you are most likely not hording it all to your lonesome. You are telling people about it. Some of you might not understand this and be […]

5 Tips To Finding The Right Blog To Guest Write For


Guest blogging has its link building benefits, but sometimes choosing the right site is better than guest posting at just any place. It is obvious if you are going to guest blog, you are going to get something out of it- even owners of larger and more popular blogs are going to know this. Of […]