What To Do When Your to Blog Inspiration Hits A Dry Spell


Sometimes blog inspiration might seem hard to come by. What can you do to prevent hitting that dry spell? Inspiration can come from many places, but it is how you harness it that counts. However, there are factors that can get in the way of getting your words to jump to your mind and onto […]

Before You Monetize Your Site…


In the whole set up of a website, you might consider what type of monetizing plan you want to try. There are quite a few options. – Self-hosted banner advertising – Banner advertising with a company like BuySellAds, Project Wonderful, and more. – Text Ads wit Text Link Ads, Google Adwords, and even Adbrite. Of […]

Adding and Editing Links in WordPress


Not everyone uses the Links section in the backend of their WordPress. However, there is Adding and editing links in WordPress. It is important to note that the Links section in the WordPress backend does not have to just be for blogroll links. It can be used for many things like affiliates, relevant sites to […]

Repurposing Versus Republishing Blog Posts


Repurposing and republishing blog post have both similiar and different meanings. Both mean handling a past post in order to post it again. However, repurposing is merely changing the date to the current day for publishing while republishing is totally removing the old post, and starting fresh. The reasons for both article marketing techniques are […]

How To Be More Relatable to Your Readers


One thing that really impresses me about one blogger over another is their relatability with their readers. Ever person has a different background filled with hundreds of unique experiences. It is often at this point, no matter what the article might be about, that a reader can become turned off. Here is how to be […]

Why Anonymous Blogging Is Not for Serious Bloggers


How much of yourself do you put out there on your blog and social network sites? If you are an anonymous bloggers, are you really taking the precautions for keeping your information from wandering eyes? Unfortunately, for serious bloggers, those who are making a business of blogging and developing an authority amongst the blogging community […]

Guest Blogging: Preparing For Your Debut


So, you considered guest blogging on another site that was well known and could possibly bring you both some link love and some traffic. However, your site is still new and you are unsure if you might be welcomed in that community. While some of your worries might seem bad to you, they are not. […]

Blogging Ain’t Perfect: Your Blog Voice


I was an English major the first time I was in college and I have to say that my writing style is far from what it use to be for my blog. I was the one pointing out the errors and being a real grammar snob. And you know what? It was a put off […]