Taking That First Step To Starting A Blog


Starting your own blog does take courage. You are starting it with the obvious intent to reach out to others, whether it to provide information, provide inspiration, make money, for therapeutic reasons, or other reasons. Before you start a blog, you really have no need to be monetizing it yet. Of course, you can implement […]

5 Steps To Building A Business Plan For Your Blog


There are so many blogs out there and a lot of people are unsure of how to take their site to their next step. t is important to keep some type of plan, much like a business. Even if your site only has advertising or even if you are just wanting people to hear what […]

How You Can Make the Most of Guest Blogging


It is not uncommon to read from a lot of blogs about blogging that guest blogging has a lot of benefits. However, with all these people guest blogging and sites publishing these articles, are people really taking advantage of this in the best way possible. The benefits of guest blogging is a two-way street. Both […]

Building a Sturdy Community Around Your Blog With Comments


A lot of people like to use forums and social networks for communicating. Did you know you can have your own community, much like those forums through your blog’s comment system? Did you know that it should be one of your goals to convert people to comment on your blog? Well, its true! Each person […]

8 Ways You Can Support Your Favorite Blogger


I have a couple favorite bloggers I like to read, and I know you do too. While not everyone has the financial means to support their favorite bloggers, here are 8 ways you can support yours. 1. Leave a comment. This is the easiest way you can support your favorite blogger, especially if you regularly […]

A Guide to Blogging: Writing Product Reviews


Writing product reviews is not always easy. It does involve actually having used the product, being able to describe the item or service, and a lot of times, you may have to make sure you have a disclosure just in case you get compensation for your review. Here is a guide to writing product reviews […]

What Has Blogging Taught You?


So, you started blogging. For whatever reason it was (teaching, personal, entertainment, or other), you must have learned something. What has blogging taught you? For me, blogging has taught me a lot. I am a person that has a wide range of interests. I started with one site and ended up with several. However, a […]