8 Ways You Can Support Your Favorite Blogger


I have a couple favorite bloggers I like to read, and I know you do too. While not everyone has the financial means to support their favorite bloggers, here are 8 ways you can support yours. 1. Leave a comment. This is the easiest way you can support your favorite blogger, especially if you regularly […]

A Guide to Blogging: Writing Product Reviews


Writing product reviews is not always easy. It does involve actually having used the product, being able to describe the item or service, and a lot of times, you may have to make sure you have a disclosure just in case you get compensation for your review. Here is a guide to writing product reviews […]

What Has Blogging Taught You?


So, you started blogging. For whatever reason it was (teaching, personal, entertainment, or other), you must have learned something. What has blogging taught you? For me, blogging has taught me a lot. I am a person that has a wide range of interests. I started with one site and ended up with several. However, a […]

Be Selective When Accepting Guest Blog Posts


Occasionally I receive guest post inquiries from previous guest bloggers that want to submit a post under another name, even a fake one. I normally do not accept these types. I am very selective when accepting guest blog posts and encourage others to do the same. Why? Well, I want my readers to read posts […]

Blogging Ain’t Perfect: Language Barriers


I love reading blogs all the time. There are so many people with different experiences and different reasons for wanting to blog. This includes bloggers with language barriers to overcome. This article will cover my series- Blogging Ain’t Perfect. I hope to address the language barrier issue. I am not perfect when it comes to […]

How To Make Sure Your Content Is Different From The Next Blog


You hear it all the time. “You have to be passionate about blogging.” “You need to make sure your content is fresh and unique.” Of course, there are many other tips out there that are re-hashed aplenty. You might read a lot of repeat material. It can be frustrating, especially if you are really trying […]