Etiquette That A Paid Commenter Should Follow


There are spammers, and then there are paid commenters. I am sure some of you call them spammers, but really, if they are doing their job, they should not even be obvious. A paid commenter of course gets cash for commenting on blogs and other websites, even forums and other social network type systems. You […]

#SharingSundays ā€“ October 10th Roundup Recap


#SharingSundays still going well. I am really happy to share the following articles on this week’s roundup. Please do not expect a lengthy post for this roundup as it is focused on those who were nice enough to share their articles. Please visit and comment. Unsubscribe Me, Iā€™m NOT A SPAM! by Suresh Khanal Social […]

Internet Marketing Acronyms


The sheer number and volume of acronyms thrown around the blogging and internet marketing field can be overwhelming, KWIM? (know what I mean…) We are often inundated by a hodgepodge of abbreviations from different sources and that makes things even more baffling! Often seeing so many letters thrown around and wracking our brains to sort […]

#SharingSundays – October 3rd Roundup Recap


With some help from quite a few bloggers in the community, I think for this first #SharingSundays event, it was pretty good. With that thought, I had one thing come to mind. Why not have a nice weekly roundup based on those who participated? It just seems fair and something extra for all of you […]

#SharingSundays – Share Your Most Recent Blog Post


I decided to start #SharingSundays so anyone who has blog recently can share their article on my Facebook fan page. Maybe you are wondering – why would you do that? It is YOUR fan page? Well here is my answer. All these years I have blogging and it has been the people who have spread […]

Are You Following Hype Or Real People In Social Media?


There is a lot of hype on people saying they are coaches or specialize in social media, but when it comes down to it, their experience is merely a year or two under the belt… especially online. While social media is a special term that had been produced in 2009 for a type of marketing, […]