Are You Following Hype Or Real People In Social Media?


There is a lot of hype on people saying they are coaches or specialize in social media, but when it comes down to it, their experience is merely a year or two under the belt… especially online. While social media is a special term that had been produced in 2009 for a type of marketing, […]

The Real Way To Obtain A Better Alexa Rank


I was reading How To Breaks 100K Alexa Rank? on Another Blogger and found these to be a good start for people wanting to get their site rolling on Alexa. I am going to reveal how you can have an Alexa rank better than 100,000. However, before I go into it, you do not always […]

Why You Should Have A Mailing List


I recently re-activated my sign up form for MailChimp (by the way, please sign up… it is in my sidebar.) This was after being asked more times than I can count on where to sign up. Feedburner is nice, but it is not a substitute for Mailing Lists. For some, you might be hesitant to […]

BloggerLuv – Connecting With Bloggers


Yes, I wrote about BloggerLuv at under the title BloggerLuv- Giving Back to Bloggers. However, I wanted to go into depth the necessities of why such a community is valuable… especially to bloggers. As a blogger, you know what it is like to squeeze out those articles. Sometimes you will have to read and […]

Facebook, Google… Who Else is Competing in the Game of Monopoly?


During my studies, it was clear that companies that basically took over a whole market of products were considered a monopoly. In the United States, it has been a law against companies becoming monopolies since the early 1900s. However, does that also include companies that conduct business online, and more so… how far can the […]

7 Ways To Building Trust With Your Readers


Building trust is really important in any aspect of a person’s life. Every person you encounter has been raised with slightly different morals and ethics. They also have varied manners. So, with you putting your content out there for people to read, how can you build their trust to entice them to keep coming back […]