BloggerLuv – Connecting With Bloggers


Yes, I wrote about BloggerLuv at under the title BloggerLuv- Giving Back to Bloggers. However, I wanted to go into depth the necessities of why such a community is valuable… especially to bloggers. As a blogger, you know what it is like to squeeze out those articles. Sometimes you will have to read and […]

Facebook, Google… Who Else is Competing in the Game of Monopoly?


During my studies, it was clear that companies that basically took over a whole market of products were considered a monopoly. In the United States, it has been a law against companies becoming monopolies since the early 1900s. However, does that also include companies that conduct business online, and more so… how far can the […]

7 Ways To Building Trust With Your Readers


Building trust is really important in any aspect of a person’s life. Every person you encounter has been raised with slightly different morals and ethics. They also have varied manners. So, with you putting your content out there for people to read, how can you build their trust to entice them to keep coming back […]

10 Ways To Turn Away Followers With Auto DM on Twitter


For me, a lot of the automatic direct messages on Twitter (Auto DM) are annoying. Some of them do not make sense and I am more apt to unfollow unless it is something worthwhile. So in a way, I put a list of my own guidelines for Auto DM. The best way I can explain […]

Gravatar: Why You Should Use It


There are so many services out there that help you with your authenticity online. Some are complex profiles, and others are simple. What a lot of people forget are the simple things like Gravatar. Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar image that when you type your email address, your avatar shows up. However, you have […]

While Content Is King, Your Visitors Are Queen


For some it might be debatable whether it is that Content is king or actually your site visitors. At WordCamp Chicago, Amanda Blum mentioned during her speech that content was not king, but it is the visitors that fill that role – specifically, “Relationships are king”. I disagree. Why? You start a website. You create […]

Facebook Profiles, Groups and Pages for Business


Facebook: Profiles, Groups & Pages Getting started as a business on Facebook can be confusing! For an individual to get started on Facebook is really pretty straightforward, but businesses are often left scratching their heads at what solutions are available to them. Facebook has three basic functional units: Profiles (for individuals), Groups (for community and […]

Can You Become Famous On Twitter?


Yes and No. You can have thousands of followers and still be just another John or Jane Doe. It is up to you to brand yourself, engage, and influence. People are still doing the numbers game, but where is that getting them when they find out a lot of them are empty numbers? – Nothing, […]