Terms of Service – Do You Read Them?


One of the things I hear a lot from people when they tell me they hate a place they had been a member of online and got their account suspended is that they believe they did not do anything wrong. The problem is after asking if they violated the site’s Terms of Service, they said […]

Tweet Pirating: Are You A Victim?


There are tons of sites out there for Twitter users to harness in order to have a better experience. Some may be getting more followers, some may be unfollowing, some may be simply using to Tweet. Some of these services participated in tweet pirating – a method of where you joined the service and they […]

So You Got A Social Network Account? Now What?


Nothing wrong with it unless you are glued to your computer seat even when you should be sleeping. Or you are a business that needs to expand their presence? The Internet really can help. Social networking has proved it. However, are you making the most of that time? Are you connecting with people that matter […]

Are You Site Lurking?


I bet the title of this one threw you through a loop. And no, I am not making up junk – people do this more than anything else online, especially bloggers. It is perfectly okay to go site lurking. I think just about anyone reading this article has site lurked more than a couple times. […]

Etiquette That A Paid Commenter Should Follow


There are spammers, and then there are paid commenters. I am sure some of you call them spammers, but really, if they are doing their job, they should not even be obvious. A paid commenter of course gets cash for commenting on blogs and other websites, even forums and other social network type systems. You […]

#SharingSundays ā€“ October 10th Roundup Recap


#SharingSundays still going well. I am really happy to share the following articles on this week’s roundup. Please do not expect a lengthy post for this roundup as it is focused on those who were nice enough to share their articles. Please visit and comment. Unsubscribe Me, Iā€™m NOT A SPAM! by Suresh Khanal Social […]

Internet Marketing Acronyms


The sheer number and volume of acronyms thrown around the blogging and internet marketing field can be overwhelming, KWIM? (know what I mean…) We are often inundated by a hodgepodge of abbreviations from different sources and that makes things even more baffling! Often seeing so many letters thrown around and wracking our brains to sort […]

#SharingSundays – October 3rd Roundup Recap


With some help from quite a few bloggers in the community, I think for this first #SharingSundays event, it was pretty good. With that thought, I had one thing come to mind. Why not have a nice weekly roundup based on those who participated? It just seems fair and something extra for all of you […]