#SharingSundays – October 3rd Roundup Recap


With some help from quite a few bloggers in the community, I think for this first #SharingSundays event, it was pretty good. With that thought, I had one thing come to mind. Why not have a nice weekly roundup based on those who participated? It just seems fair and something extra for all of you […]

#SharingSundays – Share Your Most Recent Blog Post


I decided to start #SharingSundays so anyone who has blog recently can share their article on my Facebook fan page. Maybe you are wondering – why would you do that? It is YOUR fan page? Well here is my answer. All these years I have blogging and it has been the people who have spread […]

Are You Following Hype Or Real People In Social Media?


There is a lot of hype on people saying they are coaches or specialize in social media, but when it comes down to it, their experience is merely a year or two under the belt… especially online. While social media is a special term that had been produced in 2009 for a type of marketing, […]

The Real Way To Obtain A Better Alexa Rank


I was reading How To Breaks 100K Alexa Rank? on Another Blogger and found these to be a good start for people wanting to get their site rolling on Alexa. I am going to reveal how you can have an Alexa rank better than 100,000. However, before I go into it, you do not always […]

Why You Should Have A Mailing List


I recently re-activated my sign up form for MailChimp (by the way, please sign up… it is in my sidebar.) This was after being asked more times than I can count on where to sign up. Feedburner is nice, but it is not a substitute for Mailing Lists. For some, you might be hesitant to […]

BloggerLuv – Connecting With Bloggers


Yes, I wrote about BloggerLuv at FamousBloggers.net under the title BloggerLuv- Giving Back to Bloggers. However, I wanted to go into depth the necessities of why such a community is valuable… especially to bloggers. As a blogger, you know what it is like to squeeze out those articles. Sometimes you will have to read and […]