What Makes An Expert in Blogging And In Your Niche?


Dan Keller covers a great article What Makes Someone An Expert At Blogging. It is funny because this is something that a lot of people will hear covered at social media related conventions. Now, it is not always focused toward being an expert in blogging, but also being an expert in your niche. In 2009, […]

How To Use Social Networking To Build Your Brand


A person’s ambition to succeed can be seen in what they do. Their reputation, and how they interact with others eventually builds a brand. People are doing this everyday online and offline. When you go to work, when you connect with a stranger in the line at the post office, and even when you are […]

Are You Really Open Minded To Business Ideas Online?


There are so many types of businesses online. Some are solely Internet based and others involve a little bit of engaging online as well as offline. The problem is that some people do not see the potential or fear to fail. Before I go further, if you start a business online, do not quit your […]

Content Is King – Not Just A Fad


Producing content and using social media techniques have not been a fad – something that will go and come on a whim. Before the Internet, people were using other types of marketing methods. It was not until recently, “social media” became a popular term in exchange for “marketing” in general. As Mike Spakowski pointed out […]

The Advancement Of The Internet And Your Reputation


Hands down, the Internet has changed a lot in the last decade. There are far more people online and there are so many websites to visit now that it is certain that no one will be able to visit each one. Along with this comes the problems like identity theft, and losing a job over […]

A Guide On Blogging And Recommending People You Should Follow


There is a reason why there is a #followfriday on Twitter and though a lot of people miss the point in recommending others. Follow Friday was created by Micah Baldwin (@micah) and was to allow people to honestly tell others who they should follow and why. This concept has been altered and unfortunately for the […]

MailChimp: A User’s Experience


MailChimp is the only e-mail marketing service I have used. Not only is the design user friendly, but so are the features. Site Design The tabs and set-up make navigating very user-friendly. Generally speaking, you can get to a feature in two clicks or less. List Management Their service is free for e-mail lists of […]