Podcasting: A Fun Tool For Personal And Business Use


Some people have a hard time typing or writing their thoughts into their blogs. However, these same people have no problem talking their mind. These are the people that might do well podcasting. According to Wikipedia, podcasting is: Podcasting a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and downloaded […]

Let Your Followers Decide Who The Expert Is


There are so many people out there in the world, and even millions upon millions of websites out there. Each person is knowledgeable in their own field. Whether it be novice or an expert, when you begin a site, you should not be telling people you are an expert in your field. In fact, I […]

Ways to Reach Out To Your Visitors To Keep Them Coming Back


It takes work to get your content out there for others to see. Whether by social networks, social bookmarking, message boards, and more, it all is based on how you deliver your message. That is how social media works. If you have people who are visiting, you will retain a few, but possibly have some […]

The Importance of a Contact Form


If you do not have a contact form, people probably tell you that you need one or you have been reading that you need one. Something to generate a lead will help your site greatly. Your form could be for general inquiries or perhaps a form for visitors to ask questions as prompts for possible […]

Are You Digitally Distinct?


What is digital distinction? Well, digital distinction in regards to social media, though it has no official meaning, is describe as: Digital Distinction(in my own words): It is a description in the development your own internet branding or your internet reputation. It is how you brand yourself online to be unique and how people can […]

The Death of Uninformed Shopping


I love polls, but not every poll taken is going to exactly reflect the whole of a target audience. Every opinion has its nook and cranny to observe. TechCrunch wrote on The Death Of The Impulse Shopper saying that more shoppers are prepared when shopping these days due to technology allowing the consumer to find […]

Poll: Make Money on Twitter?


I was recently going through some of my older posts on sponsored tweetings and making money twitter, that even though there are a lot of people who have read, shared, and commented, I wondered, how many of my readers actually make money on twitter? It does not matter if you are using Sponsored Tweets, Twtmob, […]