A Walk Through Hootsuite.com


For those still floundering out there in the social networking community while using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more individually, I am sure it has become time consuming and a bit tedious. I have put together a 5 minute screencast video, a walk through Hootsuite.com to help you condense your time and focus on both marketing […]

Engaging With Your Followers


Engaging with your followers – a lot of you out there know what this means, but for those still not as experienced with social media, this might be a little confusing. Remember, communication is not a one-way street. It never was and never will be. You can have a website, a blog, a Twitter account, […]

Facebook iFrames 101


I am lucky to have a great friend like Kimberly Castleberry that also loves to help people. She has been working hard on a comprehensive Facebook series to help those needing a leg up in using Facebook, especially fan pages. With some of the changes that Facebook came up with, especially with the Facebook iFrames, […]

How Can Local Meetups Boost Your Reputation?


Meetup.com has been a great place for people that have common interests to get together. There are groups for hiking, social media, web design, business, and much more. While you always have Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to talk, sometimes a real face really helps. It also is a time to meet new people […]

Creative Ways To Network On Facebook


I like Twitter and have found some great uses for it, but let us face it, 140 characters can be limiting. Some of the trends I have been seeing, as well as participating in at Facebook has allowed me to connect with others, even people not originally in my social networking circle. So, I have […]

Are People Still Confused About You?


With so many people trying to rise above others with branding and social media techniques, it is bound to cause some confusion with the masses. Are people still confused about you even months or maybe even a year after you starting branding yourself as a public figure or business? If you are having problems, you […]