Ask Nile: How To Start Your Own Website?


I get a lot of people asking my on how to start your own website. However, it really depends on whether you are going to do it yourself or if you’re going to hire someone. Once you have decided, the plan is nearly the same, but a few added steps within the general ones are […]

24 Common Web Design Terms


For anyone learning how to create a website, you definitely have to learn some of the terminology. I’ve put together 24 common web design terms to help you on you way. 24 Common Web Design Terms HTML – Hypertext Markup Language PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor. This is a server-side scripting language. CSS – This is […]

Basic HTML: The A Tag


The <a> tag is a very common piece of HTML. It allows you to link to other websites or within a website. There are quite a few things you can to with the <a> tag. It is synonymous with the term called hyperlinking. Basic uses of the <a> tag Linking within and to outside sites […]

Understanding How to Use Transparency in Web Design


Transparency techniques in web design, if done properly can add to the value of a website. Using transparency in web design is a means to open up space without hindering the view of the site. You can pull off this technique with either CSS or with creating a graphic. Either way is fine, but using […]

Why Monitoring Your Website’s Uptime Is Necessary


Monitoring your website uptime is necessary. It means less time for visitors to see what you have to offer, and even losing advertisers. Downtime can be caused by any of the following: The server is simply down or the network it is on is down. Improper configuration of your web host’s server. Improper configuration of […]

How to Be a Better Webmaster


Being a webmaster requires knowing what a webmaster is and what responsibilities are required. If you cannot maintain your own site, why bother having one. You might as either pay someone to help maintain your site or as I already said… don’t even bother having a website. A webmaster is someone who does not necessarily […]

Using An Image For The Submit Button


This is a simple tutorial you can use if you would like your submit form to have a submit button other than one you can customize with regular css. I will be using the following image, but you can made your own and adjust the tutorial to what you need it to be to fit […]

3 Examples of Too Much White Space in Web Design


White space when it comes to web design is a great tool to use. It can be used to draw the eye to specific areas of your site, especially for conversion. It does not have to be specifically “white” to be white space. It can be color. However, it can also harm your site if […]