How to Be a Better Webmaster


Being a webmaster requires knowing what a webmaster is and what responsibilities are required. If you cannot maintain your own site, why bother having one. You might as either pay someone to help maintain your site or as I already said… don’t even bother having a website. A webmaster is someone who does not necessarily […]

Using An Image For The Submit Button


This is a simple tutorial you can use if you would like your submit form to have a submit button other than one you can customize with regular css. I will be using the following image, but you can made your own and adjust the tutorial to what you need it to be to fit […]

3 Examples of Too Much White Space in Web Design


White space when it comes to web design is a great tool to use. It can be used to draw the eye to specific areas of your site, especially for conversion. It does not have to be specifically “white” to be white space. It can be color. However, it can also harm your site if […]

Signs That Your Website Has Been Hacked


Every day someone is getting hacked. Why? Who knows. It could be for malicious intentions or for someone’s personal fun. The world of hacking contains a whole community of its own that it is hard to figure out a reason why such things happen. However, for the regular website owner, how do you know when […]

Graphic: Typography Is An Art


For some, typorgraphy is just a bunch of words with letters shaped in some sort of manner. However, with some color and strategy in placing words, typography can become an art in itself. It is no rumor that many people find that they remember things much better from aesthetically pleasing images. There are thousands of […]

Incomplete Tutorials Do Not Help Anyone


One of the worst pieces of help a person can get online is from an incomplete tutorial. Many of the ones I have encountered that do this leave room for a business to do the rest for a fee. However, does this really help anyone? Not really, especially when it leaves the job half done. […]

Graphic: CMS Is The Solution


A very common question I get from clients is how can they maintain their web site with ease. Normally, these are clients that have web sites that are totally static HTML, and this makes them have to know some code to actually keep up their site. Then, there are clients with some knowledge of coding […]

Graphic: What Web Designers Are Not


The web designers usually have a lot of different skills, but only provide specific ones to their clients. The issue is that often the communication of what is expected to be done on a project and what is not expected becomes obscure, especially if the projects guidelines have not been put in place. It is […]