Implementing Fonts in WordPress Using the @font-face Method


I’m a stickler for telling people to stop using Google Fonts. Everyone knows that some services of Google have been slow or down at times. It’s not often, but it is an annoyance because the end user can’t do anything. Most web hosts allow you to host your fonts in house, so why not do […]

Change Default Role Names In WordPress


For people who are customizing their WordPress backend, sometimes the little things like how to change default role names are needed. This is good for membership sites, multi-author blogs, companies, and more. By default, WordPress has the following roles: Administrator, Contributor, Editor, Author, and Subscriber. In order to do this, you have to add create […]

WordPress Plugin Review: Google Analytics For WordPress


Google Analytics for WordPress is a plugin that makes it easy for both the basic and advanced user to implement Google Analytics into any website. It does require signing up for Google Analytics and adding your website, in order to track traffic. Let me clarify… it has the ability to help track your site in […]

How To Set Up Google Analytics In WordPress


Google Analytics is just about a standard necessity to have when creating a website, especially for web stats. A lot of new website owners aren’t sure where to implement it, especially with WordPress. Google has developed their Analytics product to help you track as much of your website, as well as social engagement. Below are […]

WordPress Web Design: What Happened To Being Creative?


Trends come and trends go. This is true even in the world of web design, even WordPress web design. The fact of the matter is there are more WordPress designers using pre-built frameworks to customize their work. This is quite fine and often a way to help streamline work. However, the work is different from […]

WordPress 3.8 is Available!


WordPress 3.8 is available! WordPress 3.8 was released on December 12, 2014 and was named after Charlie Parker, a jazz musician who was noted have developed bebop. This version came with a big change to the user interface. In fact, the last major user interface change was in WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” back in December 2008. […]

Adding Content Between Posts In Genesis


I’ve written a short tutorial in the past about being able to add Adsense or any other content between posts in WordPress. The Genesis theme framework by StudioPress is a bit different. The concept is not all that different, but applying the method requires knowing a little PHP and the hooks to the Genesis theme […]

How Easy is it to Use WordPress?


Like any software out there, it does take some time to learn how to use WordPress. However, WordPress is not hard at all to use, especially if you are using it out of the box. It’s normally the things you want to install on top of it, like plugins or themes, that it necessary to […]