Niche Recommended WordPress Plugin Series: Photography Websites


The photography website niche encompass both photo blogs and sites by photographers. WordPress users in the photography niche usually require a theme and plugins that help showcase their artwork. This usually means the site will have a lot of images on it, and most likely contains a means to view the the nuances of each […]

Niche Recommended WordPress Plugin Series: Blogs About Blogging


Blogs about blogging are one of the more competitive niches in the blogging community. These are the ones run by bloggers who have a lot of experience and success in running websites, especially blogs. Anyone considering on getting into this niche should have experience and success in another blog niche before trying. This post shares […]

Attention WordPress Designers – Here’s a Tip!


Are you a WordPress designer? Good, then this post is for you. If you’re going to design for someone, design. Don’t just install and activate a theme, or framework and child theme, installing necessary plugins, and THEN just add their content, and tweak a couple CSS elements for $500… spending not even 2 to 3 […]

Niche Recommended WordPress Plugin Series


Niche recommended WordPress niche plugin series? I bet you’re wondering what that means. Its not a plugin, but a series on WordPress plugins that are more appropriate for certain niche sites. There are so many posts on general plugins that are recommended for anyone blogging or using a WordPress site, but not many that are […]

Ask Nile: Can You Use WordPress to Create an Ezine?


Yes, you can use WordPress to create an ezine. An eZine is just another word for an online magazine. With the right theme design, and organizational structure with your taxonomies (like categories and tags), you can run your own ezine. Being that WordPress is a content management system, it is fully capable to handle a […]

How to Add Images to Widgets in WordPress


The great thing about WordPress is that you can do a lot of things, including the fact that you can add images in most places. However, after encountering a few clients who were still learning how to use WordPress the question on how to add images to widgets keep popping up. So, I am going […]

How to Upload and Display a PDF in WordPress


While some social networks and plugins have made it easy to display dynamic content like videos, powerpoint presentations, and music, there aren’t too many that allow embedding PDF files. PDF files are an Abode file extension for documents containing images, text, and other dynamic content. PDFs are often used as a file format for ebooks. […]