Niche Recommended WordPress Plugin Series: Mommy Blogger


This article in the Niche Recommended WordPress Plugin Series will cover suggested plugins for websites run by a mommy blogger. Some people think being a mommy blogger is a bad thing, but it really isn’t when a lot of bloggers actually are moms taking care of their children and working out of their homes. Many […]

The Excerpt Metabox in WordPress


Throughout the years, there’s some areas in the WordPress backend that people aren’t aware that exists, or really what it can be used for. The excerpt metabox is just one of those areas that happens to be it. By default, if you have a theme that pulls in the excerpt of a post, the post […]

Tag Cloud Do’s and Don’ts


I have been seeing a disturbing number of blogs with some creepy tag clouds. This isn’t something just recent. The tag cloud tragedies I’ve seen span more than a decade! Some have no CSS spacing implemented and others, well, they really are a ‘drag’ on the layout’s load time. I am not going to draw […]

Children Using WordPress: How Can Parents Keep Kids Safe


After a child safety discussion on a WordPress Security Facebook group that I managed to participate in, I felt the need to touch up on children using WordPress, as I’ve been finding a lot of younger kids getting into creating websites and blogs. My own son has a WordPress blog as well. The original question […]

WordPress Troubleshooting Tip: How to Fix the Pending Menu Problem


Sometimes when updating, WordPress brings up some strange issues. In this troubleshoot tip, the problem is a pending menu in the WordPress backend under Appearance> Menus. This usually occurs after a WordPress core update, and what happens is that if you’ve put together menus, they read as pending and custom links. Aside from the pending […]