WordPress Support Tips – Wait, There’s Etiquette?


The WordPress community is constantly growing. This means that there are more newbies needing help. Aside from the newbies, there are seasoned users, designers, and developers that all look for help. Aside from the official WordPress Support forum, there are groups all over the place just brimming with people either needing help, or people wanting […]

How To Optimize and Repair A WordPress Database


Don’t forget that your website is saved on a server, which is another computer. Sometimes your data gets corrupted, or sometimes the databases fail. To keep your WordPress database happy, it might be necessary to repair and optimize them. Your web host isn’t always obligated to do this for you, but one of the more […]

What Do You Do When a WordPress Plugin Breaks Your Site


So, your WordPress site seems like it’s down or has some type of error. What do you do? The first thing you shouldn’t be doing is panicking. Troubleshoot it out. The biggest clue in whether your site is truly down before you check it, is if the browser screen says “No Data Received” or “Site […]

A Theme Is What You Make of It


WordPress themes can be tricky to learn how to build. There are a lot of great resources explaining how to build a WordPress theme from scratch, but the end result depends on the designer. My philosophy when designing and developing themes is – A theme is what you make of it. There are so many […]

Change Default Role Names In WordPress


For people who are customizing their WordPress backend, sometimes the little things like how to change default role names are needed. This is good for membership sites, multi-author blogs, companies, and more. By default, WordPress has the following roles: Administrator, Contributor, Editor, Author, and Subscriber. In order to do this, you have to add create […]

WordPress Plugin Review: Google Analytics For WordPress


Google Analytics for WordPress is a plugin that makes it easy for both the basic and advanced user to implement Google Analytics into any website. It does require signing up for Google Analytics and adding your website, in order to track traffic. Let me clarify… it has the ability to help track your site in […]