Confessions Of A Dyslexic Blogger

good-bad-writerDear Bloggers:

I’m dyslexic. Some people know it and others don’t. It’s one of the reasons why I’m tough on people who choose blogging or writing as a career, or a means to elevate themselves to a leadership position. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect some care in writing.

There are so many people out there with the same issue, or maybe another, like being legally blind in one or both eyes, or having some other eye issue. I appreciate fair to excellent writing, specifically spelling. Grammar is usually something that is not as emphasized, but it’s also much appreciated.

Bloggers- please have some type of care when you go to other blogs, forums ,or to social network sites, and write out comments. If I can hit the edit, you can too, especially if you’re asking a support question.

While I’m dyslexic, it doesn’t mean I’m dumb. I’m not even perfect, and my first degree was in English. (lol) I went through a lot to learn to get past most of my issue (even learned another language, and studying 2 others), but in those moments of being tired, it’s hard to piece together a sentence that looks like a word find.

It’s also hard to believe that the person communicating so poorly is a blogger. Imagine if it was you who wrote something that people had to ask you to clarify because they couldn’t understand a 7- word question. It might be frustrating, or it might be embarrassing. Imagine what other people are thinking. They probably will answer your question, but they won’t be interested in reading your blog unless it is to verify if you write the same way on your website.

Hey, it doesn’t matter what language you originally write in. The same rules apply in forums, blogs, or social networks using your language. It’s no different in other languages as people are going to ask you to repeat yourself carefully. People like myself aren’t being rude or tough on you to be mean or racist. We’re doing this to help you improve.

The same advice can be said of blogging, so please have a heart and be a little more careful.

Nile Flores


  1. says

    Writing is a skill – trouble is that because we learn to put fingers to keyboard early in life we equate the action of putting letters on the page with writing. As you point out, part of writing a good piece or a good comment or forum post – is editing your work… and that’s where I’ve found that lots of blogs/comments/posts seem to break down. Some people must think that all that’s required is to put hands to keyboard…type whatever comes into their head…and hit the send button – without ever reading what they wrote. These posts are easy to spot – they’re wordy, overly complex, use lots of jargon, ignore spelling and grammar rules, and make 10 unconvicing points when 1 good one would suffice. If you want to make a point, get a conversation going or get people engaged – you’ve got to edit your work. Spell check, grammar check at the minimum – but even more important is to check to make sure that your points are clear and concise – and your piece makes for easy reading on a small screen (think mobile).

  2. says

    Well said Nile. Sometimes I’m really thrown by the goofy comments bloggers leave on my site. Fortunately I moderate all my comments so I do take the time to correct language and typos unless it’s just so bad I’d have to completely rewrite it. Then it comes down to publish it and let the blogger look like an idiot or delete it.

  3. says

    Hello Nile, I must say, That as like other bloggers in the blogosphere i too face the problem of commenting, People leave spammy comments on my blogs, But fortunately i always moderate comments to filter the valuable comments. Sometimes due to spell mistake, I rewrite the comments so other readers can understand them properly.

  4. Arun Kumar says

    Well said Nile.. People just spam on our comment boxes with out any reasons. We are forced to hear what they are saying whether it is good or bad. Since the comments on my blogs are moderated it hasn’t done much damage for my blogging reputation. Your post is an eye opening one and hope it will open the eyes of visitors and one who is posting goofy comments..

  5. says

    I always try my7 best in putting comments on blogs. But sometimes there could be a mistake. Ya bloggers must should not be extreme level of dyslexic.

  6. says

    Hi Nile,

    Great post there!

    I hate typos too. I’m an average Grammar Nazi but it really pisses me off when people leave comments with grammatical errors and typos. I make it a point to send them emails about their errors if they leave a comment on my blog. If there are errors on social platforms, I promptly message them and make them understand their error.

    DJ Sid

  7. says

    Well said.

    Personally, I try my best to write good as much as I can. English is not my language, but still I have learned a lot and dedicate handful of time to learn more about it. I can understand your point, in my heart, I always think twice before pushing the publish button.

    I even use different kind of tools to make sure that whatever I am typing is truly making sense to my readers.

  8. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I agree with you completely. I was an English major in college and using spell check and proof reading are both pretty easy.

  9. says

    A really great blog post Nile, I really enjoyed your writing.

    It’s interesting when you talk about how some bloggers don’t check their own grammar with comments and social media, which is so important! I always try and make my comments meaningful and understandable.

    Hopefully this comment has no grammar mistakes, ahhh! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. says

    I had a friend before who was dyslexic and she said it was really difficult to cope up with everyday life activities. Yup, we have to be careful about these people because they tend to be more sensitive.

  11. says

    I wholeheartedly agree. Some of the writing I see is unacceptable and insulting to my eyes as I read it. I don’t edit the comments I receive. I believe that we need to bear responsibility for our writing and so it is our own duty to correct our own mistakes. With spell check being one button away, spelling mistakes are unacceptable.

  12. says

    I think if you are making a career out of blogging it is important to use spell check and proper grammar. If someone leaves me a comment, as long as it is not spam I’m okay with their grammar or spelling being off because for some, English is not their first language.

  13. Gabrielle Lynn O'Brien says

    I’m dyslexic too. I have such anxiety when I first publish a post. I am always worried that I messed up my words or sentences. I typically create a post and reread it a few times, then leave it as a draft and reread it hours later as well.

  14. Rebecca Swenor says

    Great post indeed. It is important if you are going to make blogging your profession to at least put effort into you work. I love how you said you are just trying to improve the fellow bloggers and not be rude, etc. which I find very polite. Thanks for sharing.

  15. says

    I totally agree with the comment issue. People must be so much in a hurry to just leave it as it is (most probably they just comment whatever comes to their head first without really reading the post). I am not going to be plastic (are jargons allowed here?) about it but I sometimes do not proof-read what I write, more specifically with Facebook comments. I do not consider myself good in English so if there’s a grammatical error on my post, then I guess I won’t notice, because I’ve gotten used to the ‘wrong way’. Maybe you can help in correcting my posts without anything in return? LOL! Someone put me back to English101. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I used to be so shy speaking in public so I started putting those words through blogging. Now I am still here and I wish I could be like one of you guys, I don’t want to feel like people are talking behind my back just because of my wrong grammar. That never crossed my mind. Feel free to correct me but please do it via PM, I’d gladly appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I was a journalism major in college and grammar was a big pet peeve of mine. So much so, that I would continually correct my mother in law on Facebook to the degree that she had to pull me aside and say, ‘ listen I know that you went to college, but in my day and age women were not forced to get an education and I feel like you are belittling me by pointing out every mistake. I felt horrible about it but I have realized the way people write comments on Facebook or twitter tends to rub off and you see it “wrong” so many times that your mind doesn’t process it when it is wrong. For example my mother in law still to this day no matter how many times I explain possessive phrases to her, will get it wrong every time. She uses apostrophes when she shouldn’t like “I love my boy’s”. Instead of “boys” and when I tell her its wrong, she looks at me with a blank stare. I really sometimes don’t know where to draw the line when I want to correct someone. I think the worst part was when she made business cards with at least 5 typos. When I told her they look like a child wrote them, she took it as making fun of her. It drives me nuts too, but now I just bite my tongue.

  17. says

    I have a best friend that is dyslexic. He’s not a writer, but he has mentioned how dyslexia has affected him over the years. I’m not dyslexic, but I have ADHD, and it can pose as a problem (i.e. writer’s block or lack of concentration) from time to time. However, I have always been good at spelling. Even though I’m adamant about proofreading about what I’ve said, whether it is via comments or on my own blog, I do admit that I do make typos every now and then since I’m fast at typing. Therefore, I have a tendency to overlook when others make typos. It happens to the best of us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. says

    I just found out that I was dyslexic about a month ago. It’s frustrating because I had a hard time learning how to correcting my grammar and spelling. Due to me, not understanding because I’m a hands on learner. As I’m learning about my disability and finding ways to make sure I put my best foot forward. I skip a lot of blogs because the font makes all the words look weird.

    As a blogger, we have to make sure we appeal to all disabilities as well. Such as make sure our font is easy to read, photo’s to a minimal for those who are visual disability.

  19. Jenise says

    I understand what you’re saying, but not everybody that leaves comments are bloggers. And while I strive for perfection, a lot of people don’t. What can ya do.

  20. Melissa Smith says

    I’m one of those that might have a mistake or two when typing up a comment. But my fingers tend to go faster than my mind at times & not all sites have an edit option when commenting.

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