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There are a ton of plugins dedicated to allowing webmasters place their IDs from their favorite social venues. However, from doing some plugging and chugging with plugins (more like install and un-install), I found that the DandyID Services plugin was the best one yet.

In fact, I am using the plugin here in the sidebar of Blondish.net. What I like best is that I can put my ID numbner or name and it is automatically saved. With the widget, it just puts all of my IDs up without me to have to struggle with putting up individual coding for each 16×16 pixel icon.

Also, when there is a place online that was not listed at DandyID, I have been able to suggest the new place. Actually, every place that I have suggested so far has been listed, including one for InuYasha-Fanfiction.com!

The plugin is XHTML valid and as you can tell on the sidebar on this site, that it looks great.


  1. says

    Hi Nicole,

    I’m so pleased that the plugin is helpful for you. This is what it’s all about. If you ever have questions or suggestions, more services to add, etc., please let me or DandyID know. Thanks!

    Best regards, Neil (plugin author)

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