Easy Guide Using TortoiseSVN For WordPress Plugin Developers

So, you made a plugin, submitted the plugin to be hosted at the WordPress Plugin Repository and got approved. So now what? All those directions are easily understandable by the geek gods, but you are like – huh?

You are going to need to upload your plugin using SubVersion.

So, for those who need the simple and “Dummy” version, I use TortoiseSVN. It is free and for those who use PC. There are some others, including Adobe Dreamweaver – I think CS4… not sure on earlier versions.

So, if you are going the easy way and using TortoiseSVN, here is a simple tutorial on how to upload your files to the repository.

1. WordPress will give you a URL to your plugin’s location in the subversion repository. You will need your WordPress.org/ bbpress (what you use to log into the WordPress Support Forum) and your password.

2. Go to your folder with your files. If you have followed directions, you should have put your plugin files in a folder named trunk. Side Note: You do not have to have your files in a zip folder at all.

3. Right click in your screen and look in the dropdown for TortoiseSVN. There will be an arrow next to it. Hover over and select “Repo-browser”.

4. A little box will show up and ask you for a URL. Add your URL to your plugin’s subversion instance. You may be prompted to put your username and password in.

5. After this, you will see a window that will show the folders:

  • /branch
  • /tags
  • /trunk

6. Right click on the trunks folder and select “Add File” from the drop down. Your computer will prompt you to find and select the files of your plugin – kind of like when you use FTP.

7. The files should add successfully. You may even have to tell your computer that you are allowing TortoiseSVN to operate depending on your security settings and anti-virus software.

8. Wait a few moments and it should appear in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

What other subversion control software are really handy for plugin developers?


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      Hi! Please use my contact form in the case of something like the plugin page URL not right. It should be corrected now. Thanks!

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    Hi Nile

    Thanks for this good info about WP we can always learn more about it , I will see if i can or need to install this .

    Thanks also for the post on my blog.


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    Hello thanks for this lovely information about WordPress Plugin, i am going to install this Tortoise SVN, i think it work well, it help a lot to enhance wordpress application in great way.

  3. Andy says

    Nice Post!! I always try to upgrade my knowledge about WordPress plug-ins, this one is very interesting and definitely useful for me. These kind of innovative articles are always welcome from my side. I really enjoyed your tips. Keep sharing this type of articles in future.

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      Did you submit your plugin to the WordPress Plugin repository and get it approved? You have to have permission to upload.

      What is occurring when you try to upload? You are being very vague about your issue.

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