Facebook Tagging Etiquette

Facebook is a really popular social networking site with many uses. In the case of this article, tagging is just one of many things a Facebook user can do.

However… what is tagging? Are there any guidelines that should be followed when tagging another person on Facebook?

Tagging, according to Facebook is:

A tag links a person, page, or place to something you post, like a status update or a photo. For example, you can tag a photo to say who’s in the photo or post a status update and say who you’re with.

In fact, Facebook has a whole section dedicated to everything almost anything about tagging.

When a person tags another person on Facebook, they are saying that a phrase, picture, or some kind of event involves another person. It could be tagging a person or several people that you know that might be able to answer a questions you really need an answer to, or even giving credit to a person for a quote, a picture, a video, an article, or any other type of media.

The thing is that you can tag as many people as you want in any article, picture, or other media. This has become a big problem on Facebook and although there are some that exploit this opportunity, others are unaware of the actual etiquette in tagging another individual in Facebook.

Here are some Facebook tagging etiquette suggestions:

  • Tag other people that are relevant to whatever is shared, whether it be a picture, quote, question, video, or anything else.
  • Try not to mass tag as many people as possible. If it is in regards to an event, create an event on Facebook and invite others to it instead.
  • Do not tag people in order to sell any products. This is spamming….BIG NO NO!
  • If you only want certain people to see the tag, make sure to adjust the privacy settings of the post in case you do not want the entire public privy to the message.

Do you have any other suggestions about etiquette when it comes to tagging others on Facebook?


  1. says

    Facebook is best social media place where we can share our services and brands.As i have said this is big platform where some restriction should be used.
    thanks for this attention to everyone.

  2. says

    Lots of users on Facebook do not care about this tagging guidelines, especially people selling stuffs on Facebook. I always see them tagging everyone randomly in the photos of the products they are selling. I’ve been a victim of these spam tags before and I’ve to say it is really annoying! Maybe Facebook should allow users to report a tag as spam just like reporting those spammy friend requests.

  3. says

    Hi Nile,

    Yes, I do agree with the etiquette pointers you’ve shared in the post – Unfortunately not a lot of people tend to follow the etiquette, and in the process damages their reputation and image in the eyes of the public community and the specific people who you have “spammed” by not following a good general etiquette.

  4. says

    wow great and unique topic. Actually it was very important that some one write on this topic as many freak facebook users dnt know how to use tag option in facebook.They just tag anybody.Thanks author for such a great article

  5. says

    I definitely have to agree with you here, I just wish more people could see this! There’s nothing as irritating than when you get tagged in someone’s picture that you do not even know! Facebook CAN be used to promote businesses, but tagging people is NOT the way to go about it! Thank you for sharing this.

  6. says

    It is so true that lots of people don’t seem to follow any kind of etiquette when tagging their friends on Facebook – especially people promoting their websites or home businesses. To protect yourself from overzealous taggers without having to unfriend them, you can change your privacy settings so that any tags of you won’t be published without your approval. This doesn’t mean that your friend won’t post an embarrassing picture of you, but it will give you the option to keep yourself untagged so that it won’t publish to your page (or your other friends’ new feeds).

  7. maria says

    I hate being tagged especially if i do not even know the person tagging me..well, my fault!!!In the first place, they should have been removed from my list of friends but if i do that then , i wouldn’t have any friends left…:(

  8. says

    It is so true that lots of people don’t seem to follow any kind of etiquette when tagging their friends on Facebook – especially people promoting their websites or home businesses. To protect yourself from overzealous taggers without having to unfriend them, you can change your privacy settings so that any tags of you won’t be published without your approval.

  9. says

    I hate people tagged me with photos, especially my own photo that they keep. I mean they should ask my permission first before posting isn’t it? but then using timeline we can control what people tag or share so i change my setting to “only me” can see the tag. I feel more secure that way. 🙂

  10. says

    Hi Nile, Thanks for this post and this tagging features of facebook is really annoying. Especially to those people who keeps on tagging and sadly hitting the unfriend button is my solution. Is there any ways to prevent people from tagging at your facebook account?

  11. says

    I really appreciate you sharing about tagging etiquette as I frequently get tagged for products from people I don’t know very well. Obviously many aren’t aware of the polite guidelines to tagging.
    Many thanks!

  12. says


    Thank you for bringing up this topic. Most of my Facebook friends do not tag me unnecessarily but a few do. For example, one person writes a poem with an image and tags everyone. This is irritating to me because I may have looked at it in my newsfeed but I do not want it to appear in my email.

    However, if I have attended an event and someone tags me in a few photos of that event, I am happy to be informed about it.

    I do not want my inbox inundated. If something is interesting in my newsfeed, I will respond.


    Dr. Erica

  13. says

    Hi Niles,

    your post very clearly explains tagging and what to do and what not to do.

    A lot of people probably don’t know that they can set ‘tagging’ so it has to be approved first before it will show up on facebook.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.


  14. says

    Hi Nile. I’m glad I found this post. I’ve been tagged before, and I didn’t really know what it was about. I’m working/learning so many things that I’m not too concerned about tagging right now, but when I do have a few more things under control, I’ll come back here and read this again. Thanks!

    All the best,

  15. says

    Hi Nile. I agree with you that tagging on Facebook should be used appropriately. Thank you for sharing your perspective.
    I am sick and tired of photos with shampoo and jewelry too. However, I am sure that people who try to sell their products by tagging users know that they are doing wrong and simply ignore etiquette. Facebook should place certain restrictions to solve this problem.

  16. says

    Hi Nile,
    In regards to tagging on Facebook i think it is need of some definite restrictions to who tag’s who, for what reason and how many people you can tag at a time.

    Some people go way over the top with these social media sites and its a shame that it can get so bad that it is refereed to as spam.

    Tagging is a great way to include people or places you went and letting other people know about it but as you said some people just go to far.

    All the best, Jessica.

  17. says

    This is just an awesome tips and i also want to enable the privacy setting so that people do not tag me in some unwanted material.This is surely an annoying thing.Sometimes people post something odd and tag us.Which is not fair at all.Thanks for the post.

  18. says

    Awesome tips. It really is important to learn the best ways to use social media sites and not abuse them. It only hurts you and your brand. Thanks so much for the advice!

  19. says

    Hi Nile,

    Thank you for sharing such an important subject . It is important to understand Facebook settings for business and our personal use . I use the Timeline approval feature myself . take care Rosemary

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