#FanPageFriday Recap 2013 Volume 2

I am please that #FanPageFriday has been welcomed with open arms. I know for some people who are newer to the concept, getting the hang of it took a little, but hey… we all learn something new everyday, right? :)

For those that are reading this and are not sure what #FanPageFriday is, well, it is an event held every Friday on my professional fan page. I allow each person the opportunity to share 2 fan pages. The first must be a fan page owned by someone else that you recommend. The second fan page is the one you own. This makes it fun and allows some friendliness in the community.

#FanPageFriday Recap 2013 Volume 2

David E. Stanley


The Official Facebook Fan Page of David E. Stanley

InnerVeritas Direct


Nick success with past life experience and skills learned in the field of Life, Health, Wealth and Spirituality can be shared. You are invited to connect and discover how to achieve your “Own Definition of Success.”

Deeper Cravings


I began Deeper Cravings as a way to help others foster a connection with the body through the practice of presence: mindfulness, mindful eating, meditation, self exploration, art etc. This allows us to embrace our body & heal our relationship with food.

Rocofit Health & Fitness


Expert Trainer Rosa Coelho helps you become fit & healthy with kettlebell workouts, following a primal diet and being kind to yourself! Stop dieting, wasting time at the gym and start enjoying the benefits of being incredibly healthy!



Learn Blog Tips is an inbound marketing blog where you’ll learn blogging productivity, copywriting and landing page optimization tips.

Blogging Tips Today


Blogging Tips Today is Dedicated to Making You a Better Blogger and to help you build a Great Blog

Kevin Muldoon


I’m a full time blogger, affiliate marketer and WordPress fanatic. Through my blog I share my knowledge of working online for 13 years to help others make a living through the internet.

WP Kube


WordPress Kube, a WordPress Marketing Blog which focuses on WordPress Themes, Plugins, News, Tutorials and Modifications.



Our goal is to consistently conciliate your curiosity with our top 25 lists.



Guide on WordPress Training, Techniques, Security and Some Fun!



Healthy Happy You.

Pepper Scraps


Scraps of life: Enjoy the everyday, improve your blog, and reach your dreams.

Kimberly Castleberry


Social Media Technology Specialist

Boom Social with Kim Garst


Your #1 resource for learning how to become a ‘social’ entrepreneur!

The Best Web Hosting Service


Web Hosting Reviews

Just a note to some of these fan page owners… you need to take off the URL and any call to action on your Fan page header images as it violates Facebook’s terms of service.

Feel free to visit the fan pages above, and connect. See you next Friday for #FanPageFriday!

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  1. I liked Softstribe the most out of the above stated. Great share
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  2. Great shot, I’m very appreciate your tips, Thanks for sharing this post.
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  3. Wow nice list of fan pages i checked most of them but i liked Softstribe the most i think it will be very helpful for wordpress users, thanks for this nice share Nile and keep up the good work…
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  4. Nice List!
    Thanks for Sharing these all Fanpages. List25 is the best.. Syed Balkhi and his team always rocks:-)
    Saurabh recently posted..Install Android Gingerbread / ICS / Jelly Bean and Run their Apps on PCMy Profile

  5. I like the idea of promoting a fanpage or two on your fanpage. Maybe I can find someone who I like and promote theirs and mine as well.

    Take Care
    Justin recently posted..The Rise of the Feminine and the End of the Patriarch SystemsMy Profile

  6. Hi Nile
    So many wonderful reminders here. I’ll be bookmarking and referring back all year. Thank you so much!
    Akala recently posted..Have You Been Sexually Harassed At Work? Learn What To Do About ItMy Profile

  7. Deeper Cravings is the fan page that I absolutely love! Great collection! Thanks! You are always so helpful and up-to-date with your posts! !
    Marta recently posted..Top 50 Bootstrap Website Templates ExamplesMy Profile

  8. Hi Nile
    Awesome post. Thanks for sharing this great article. I agree with all your 5 points which you have mentioned in your post.
    Anil recently posted..Basic Tips for Your Cairns Fishing TripMy Profile

  9. I like the idea of promoting a fanpage or two on your fanpage. Maybe I can find someone who I like and promote theirs and mine as well.
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  10. Great post . YOu always share a nice work with inspirational ideas.
    Rahul recently posted..Blogging Goals of 2013 to Make More MoneyMy Profile

  11. This is a fabulous showcase of FB pages Nile… what interesting peeps you have visiting your blog and FB page! I’ll hop over and join in today! :)
    Sadie-Michaela Harris recently posted..Will The UK Embrace Making Payments Mobile Phone in 2013?My Profile

  12. Hey Nile,

    Wow thanks for link to my hosting review site! Sorry, I am late I would have participated earlier on your FB Friday. Been a long day moving sites to new servers. Didn’t do mine this week. I love Kim Garst fanpage she does an excellent job. You can get lots of traffic and likes from her page :). I like fanpage Fridays and try to get up early and post on them for more exposure :)
    Garen recently posted..iPod Shuffle 2 G.B. ContestMy Profile

  13. This is very smart and helpful. By this smart list of fan page, you just opened up a new level of blogging. Checking out most of them, I love list 25 and blogging tips today. It is amazing.
    Mark Dumes recently posted..Top 10 Airports in AfricaMy Profile

  14. This is such a cool idea! Everone wins and you may just find something you’ve been looking for, web socialism! Love the blog name by the way…

  15. Nile,
    you sure keep busy… and that is great. Nice to know you so I can learn from all what you do (I cannot say I am learning everything as I should, but it get me to know many things that I am not aware at all, unless I visit your page.. THANKS) This FB page think was a great idea.. and thanks for inviting me to participate.. it took me a little bit of time to figure out what to do.. but from looking at the page now, I can see that I done fine… hope next Friday I will know what I did this time and so I can do it again haha :-)
    Thanks again.
    nick catricala recently posted..Lost Direction 2My Profile

  16. nice artikel. .
    thanks for the share..
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  17. fine post..thanks for a sharing it..

  18. Love your pictures. you did a good job, plz keep going and i am looking forward to your next post. Enjoy fun with runescape account.
    mary recently posted..Farmer100 runescape power levelingMy Profile

  19. Hi Nile,
    Good idea for introducing a fanpage day like this. But, when you don’t have your own fansite, but you do know another site, is it possible to publish 2 sites?
    I live in Holland and there aren’t a lot of Dutch ideas so far…
    regards, Tim
    Tim de Vrind recently posted..NL masaal op social mediaMy Profile

  20. Thank you Nile Flores. BTW the description of my site has quite changed from “Guide on WordPress Training, Techniques, Security and Some Fun! TO “Free Ultimate Web Development Resources”. However the list is awesome specially the cover of List25…
    Muhammad Haroon recently posted..How to: Set SEO Friendly Permalinks on WordPress?My Profile

  21. Hey Nile,

    Awesome selection of fanpages. I actually a fan on 2 of them.

    It’s really nice of you to promote other members of your community on your blog. I think that’s what it’s all about.

    You can’t do blogging without a community, and building relationships that last.

    I love what you’re doing, have a great day.

    Philip recently posted..Keyword Research: How to Find Long Tail KeywordsMy Profile

  22. Awesome list Nile, thanks for adding our Fanpage to the list. I didn’t know about this post until today when I was doing my usual Goggle image things and alas i found our fanpage image and it brought me to this post.
    Joseph Adediji recently posted..Google PageRank Update: Blogging Tips Today is now PR3My Profile

  23. Wow nice list of fan pages i checked most of them but i liked Soubcribe the most i think it will be very helpful for wordpress users, thanks for this nice share Nile and keep up the good work… thnx

  24. Wow, i’m quite grateful in your sharing of this list. Thanks once more.

  25. Great and very good post. you did a good job, plz keep going and i am looking forward to your next post. Enjoy fun with runescape account.

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