Graphic: Blogging is an Art

I have always said that blogging is an art in itself. It takes passion and dedication to write your thoughts down. It also takes courage to do it knowing that others will read your work.

In blogging, as time goes on, you learn a lot, not just about your writing voice, but from your peers in your niche. You learn to re-focus your site to make it stay up to date because blogging is definitely a technology that is always evolving. You will always find new ways to share content and interact with your visitors.


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    Totally agree Nile. Blogging successfully is an art that needs to be learned. Sometimes blogging gives us the feeling of liberation because we are able to share our ideas with the world. This was impossible only 2 decades ago.

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    Nice. The value of creativity cannot be under-estimated, it seems. I want to be successful and thinking of publishing as a creative art seems like a good way to work towards success.

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    Hi Nice,

    This is Sanjib. Your post is very much apt for bloggers like me.I am still learning this great art. This feature enables us to post our views on the net without being opinionated. We can share our views without any inhibition. In fact, we can master this art if we indulge frequently. I am learning every day and every minute. There is no end to this if carried on in a creative manner.


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    It can take time to be successful with your blog. You can be writing for a while with little engagement from people and the all of a sudden you hit upon something and a connection is made. Be patient and work hard!

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    I couldn’t agree more. Blogging is also another way to help others since they will benefit from what you have written in your blog. 🙂

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