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Whether you design, develop, or just use WordPress, or perhaps all three, you will run into questions. Some people know WordPress like the back of their hand. Others have cheat sheets or their own theme frameworks. However, the first place to start looking is the WordPress Codex.

The WordPress Codex is a wiki for people to learn how to use, design, and develop with WordPress. It is free to use and free to edit. Many questions that people ask can be found in the Codex first. Of course, not everything is in the WordPress Codex, but many of the basics are. I have found myself referencing links to the WordPress Codex when answering questions many times.

As mentioned, the wiki can be edited, but it is monitored, so you cannot spam it. Any links MUST be original and informative, and code syntax shared must be correct.

How often do you look at the WordPress Codex? Have you contributed to it?



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    The Wordpress codex sounds like a great tool. I think it could help a lot of people that want to upgrade their usage of word press or help those that have no idea how to navigate it.

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    WordPress is a powerful semantic publishing platform, and it comes with a great set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant and appealing as possible.
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    Hi Nile,

    Thank you for this great post, it is very helpful for someone like me who really gets through a lot of pain to make a decent blog on wordpress!

    Thanks again,

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    Agreed. That is one of the greatest aspects of WordPress: how easy it is to simply Google an issue and fix it. When I first started with WordPress, knowing absolutely nothing about it or HTML, I would simply do a Google search for whatever question I’d have asked a developer if one had been sitting next to me. More often than not I found an easy answer or even a tutorial that showed me what I needed to know.
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      You mean the WordPress Theme Directory. The Codex is the actual wiki… separate from the theme directory and plugin directory. Theme Forest is nice… though I usually stick with certain frameworks like my own or Genesis.

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        I didn’t realize you used your own framework — quite impressive. Your knowledge of WordPress is certainly impressive!!! And thanks for sharing this basic reminder that this is the place to go (WordPress Codex) when you have questions about WordPress! Most people just don’t realize that this resource is there! I’m gonna have to share this post on my Facebook Page!

        Thanks again for all your great posts!

        Have a great Sunday!

        ~ Jupiter Jim
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    Hello Dear

    i appreciate and yes its very informative and useful tool and word press codes this tool is solving many coding problem so thanks for sharing me

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    This was such a great article – thank you. As a new blogger, I sometimes feel like everyone is already at the next level so it was good to get some advice for WordPress Codex.

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      The WordPress Codex is really great to use. Sometimes even I have to go and refresh my brain on code and the Codex helps.

      Yes, I am available for hire.

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    Wordpress Codex is quite a new thing for me. Thanks for sharing this vital chunk of information through this post. Much appreciated!!

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    I can say that I have not looked at Wordpress codex ( until now). I have not contributed to it! find it easier and quicker to ask someone.. However I know that I should probably get familiar with it, cause then I can get my answers quicker!! Thanks for the tip, Nile!
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    Nile, wow, what a great article.. I never contributed to WordPress Codex and if I did, I did not even know (sorry, my learning curve sometime is very long haha πŸ™‚ I am not certain I was even aware of what this was all about. But thanks to you, now that I know a little more and will take a closer look soon.

    Thanks so much for giving more to work on haha πŸ™‚
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    wordpress codex, everyone should take a look for this. As it comes with lots of info regarding how to use wordpress and design of it. So taking proper care o it should teach you better things.

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    Hi Nile,

    Thanks for the tip! I’m now working for a year with wordpress, but there is a lot to find out about it! (and really, when I’m trying to change the codes without knowledge, and erease important things, well, …. happens;-) )This will save a lot of time, and I will look something up, before I try something. I will be around to read more! You allready seem to know a lot about it.

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    This is literally a site that I have been looking for for quite awhile. Codex seems extremely uesy to utilize on a weekly basis. Great post!

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    yes, i am agree with you, The WordPress Codex is the online manual for WordPress users. It takes you through everything you want to know about how to use WordPress. From installation to customization, it’s all there. It’s also a living manual, so new articles and information are being added all the time.
    thanks for share πŸ˜€
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