Graphic: Open Your Mind To Success!

With so many businesses out there, there are many that are succeeding and others that are failing. However, the difference between them is the frame of mind in which successful business owners versus failing ones are that they have opened their mind to success!

How do you do open your mind to success? Well, you choose to become positive and make positive choices. You choose to open your mind to all options, even some wacky ones. It is very true that even though someone else may have become successful by certain means that it may not work the same way with you.

It is very much a discovery into who you are and your branding. How you do your business does make that difference. If you are not trying different methods, then you are not reaching your full potential.

I have made a simple text graphic to help illustrate my point. I urge you to become more positive and open your mind to success with your business, with your blog, and with your life!



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    And so people say that this mindset will lead to failure since change will continue to change and that is inevitable. It is very true that even though someone else may have become successful by certain means that it may not work the same way with you.

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    Absolutely right, Nile. It does take several different tries and I am definitely worth it. Success is a way of thinking, not so much a short term result. If I think I can be successful, even if what is right in front of me is not working so well, then with a success mindset, i can choose something different to work on.
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    They say all hands are not equal, I’ve seen a person makes good amount of money his first day online, and have seen one ten years online he makes nothing but refused to give up, because he believed so much he will succeed. After hopping from one training to the other. He finally made it big time..

    I have come to realise that if you have a stong WHY, you will make it no matter how long it takes..As long as you have a open mind to success… I sure do..

    Thanks for sharing Nile.. Actually, I read your comment at Julieanne’s blog, I thought I come over to yours and leave a comment.


    Lucy Bieri
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    Why is it that we can be so stubborn about finding excuses for failing? Thankfully, when we open ourselves up to new company, like yourself, we can start possibility thinking. It’s a whole lot more conducive to success than negativity!

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    Nile, I had to come back to this post, because I’m heading to the Internet Prophets conference tomorrow for three days in Chicago, IL. There’s always part of me that feels skeptical, as if I am going to be hyped and sold to. My guideline to myself is this, after reading yoru infographic and article, is to keep my wallet closed and my mind wide open! Of course, I will take my notes about all the opportunities offered, and I’ll keep my mind wide open to all the possibilities for enhancing and expanding my businesses, both online and off.

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      Exactly… listen… people want to sell you things, but frankly, if you hear them present, it is more than likely they also blog about it as well. I do, but difference is… I don’t hold back the goods. I know that is some business no-no, but if someone succeeds because of me, I want them to have all the information they can get. And that means I have gained their trust and they are more than likely to tell others about me.

      I don’t go buying everything. In fact, these days…people are giving me their product in hopes I would review it. lol. Have fun at the conference.

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