Graphic: You Control Your Success

I find that people forget that they are the ones that control their success. Lately, I have seen quite a few people that blog, social media consult, or have some business online that they are not happy with. Often, they blame it on one thing or another.

However, you control your success. If you decide to quite your day job and take up blogging, and expect an immediate return on investment…. you are delusional. You chose to do it. Failure definitely happens, but your reaction and action is key to whether you have the gumption to succeed.

You cannot expect things to happen for you. That is a gamble that could cost you money, and maybe your reputation. Those who succeed take an active role in their path to success. They are learning, and making the decisions to achieve each goal.

So I ask you to do away with whining, the blame game, and excuses, and to take control of your success. Do not let others plan your path to success even if they are good at what they do. Your path may not be the exact one they can perfectly construct. Instead, get involved by asking questions and being up front about what you want. And… if you do not… go back to the drawing board or you could find failure sooner than you think.

I put together a short graphic meme to illustrate my point.

you control your success

This is where YARRP will go

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  1. Nice message. I like that fact that we are born to succeed. In fact, what’s happening is that, we are fed with fear and negativity from the day we are born that accumulates to such an extent that we are unable to do what we are capable off. Like the message.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Seasons and climate of IndiaMy Profile

  2. We need to be hard working and keep realistic views. You are not going to be a success overnight but if you use good strategy and work hard you very well might be a huge success.
    Tanya recently posted..The Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins for 2012-2013My Profile

    • Hi Tanya! You are correct. Success does not happen that quickly, and it is hard work… far from being glamorous as some people believe the road to success may be in some niches.

  3. Elissa Uber says:

    Hi i would like to say success in not impossible if do the hard work.Its in your way.Some people do nothing and want to get success in any way but that is not possible to get without any struggle.

  4. this is very nice graphic and these lines are very motivate and thanks for sharing..
    Rahul recently posted..Blogging Goals of 2013 to Make More MoneyMy Profile

  5. I immediately picked up on the blame game because I was coaching a client yesterday on it. It was difficult at first helping her to see how she has been unknowingly sabotaging herself and accepting the undesirable role of a victim. When she blamed others, she was passing responsibility for her life on to others.

    Blaming someone else feeds our ego and gives us the righteous feeling that we are okay and it is the other person who screwed up our life. Unfortunately, this thinking keeps us as victim and powerless to make any positive changes. Blaming others might feed our ego in the beginning, but it has dangerous side affects.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..Step Up, Step OutMy Profile

  6. So true Nile. We all have the potential to succeed but most don’t have the perseverance to stick with it.
    Justin recently posted..Psychic Sparks – Becoming a Psychic Intuitive with Julie BarrettMy Profile

  7. Hey Nile,

    Yep, right on sites and blogs take sometimes years before they start generating any good income. A lot of people get real motivated write a ton and don’t see results. Don’t get any traffic or quit. I say ok you made 15 dollars a month lets get that number up a little. It’s a real job and there is no way to do it longterm without actually working at it. My mentality when I first started 4 years ago was make $1 this month. Then next month at least $2. Overtime it has greatly increased, but it was tough in the beginning!
    Garen recently posted..RSS Syndication – Get Noticed and Establish Your BlogMy Profile

  8. Excellent tips .. got a lots of tips here! keep posting great tips often.. Good job!
    Thanks for share this post.
    Abhinivesh recently posted..Make Your Home Safe Before TravelingMy Profile

  9. Really inspirational words, In every new field you generally see failure at start but failure only help you to correct all your mistakes and convert it to success in your next attempt.
    Pankaj recently posted..Online Mobile Recharge API IntegrationMy Profile

  10. Thank you for this inspirational post Nile. I am always looking for ways to help keep me on track to achieve success, this has done wonders for my confidence level :)

  11. Nile, tahnks for reminding us that we were born to succeed… love it:-)
    “So I ask you to do away with whining, the blame game, and excuses, and to take control of your success” THAT is PERFECT for where I stand now… I AM A SUCCESS.
    tahnks so much for all yoru encouragement and hope you are on top of it for yoru own success..
    nick catricala recently posted..Lost DirectionMy Profile

  12. Im so glad you said this. I don’t know how many people i know who think that “if this person just showed me this or gave me that ill be good”. It doesn’t work that way, go out and get it. If you are not willing to work hard for your success and happiness then you will never know what it is.

  13. Great message Niles. I saw a LOT of what you’re referring to last month – hopefully it was just year end stress. I must admit I have a real aversion to negativity, so I applaud your message!
    marquita herald recently posted..The Secret to Living a Bigger, Bolder LifeMy Profile

  14. I started blogging as an editor for my friends site for money while I was studying. I quickly fell in love with it and when I finished my studies, much to my parents dismay, decided to try and make my own successful blog. I have now been in the game for 2 years and can say if you are looking for an easy way to make money, blogging is not it. If you don’t have the passion and really want to achieve it, you most likely never will. It’s a lot of work and my site 0 which is a year old now – is far from a full time wage.
    Mathew recently posted..Critical Android Issues And Helpful Android tipsMy Profile

  15. I definitely agree with this and have done the best I can to try to make mine graphically friendly! :)
    Mitch recently posted..UAVs with lasers as weapons coming sooner than you might think!My Profile

  16. This is a great reminder to stop the “blame game”. Who has more control over your life and what you do with it than you do? We are not victims. We are in piloting this aircraft. As long as we thing someone else is responsible for our successes or failures, we cannot truly make the changes and achieve the results we want. Thanks for the reminder.
    Angela Arnold recently posted..Facebook Marketing MagicMy Profile

  17. Nile,

    It seems that you are a bit ticked off at people who blame others for their lack of success. Your message is clear and to the point for sure, but I sense something behind your words.

    Don’t let those people get to you. You and I can help those who want to be helped and the others we must let go. For a long time I wanted to help every stray cat that came by because I knew I could. Some just don’t want to take the help and that is their path and their choice.

    We must all be grateful for the lessons we are willing to learn and… wait for it… ready?… here it is… APPLY!

    Happy New Year!

    Rick Lelchuk recently posted..Extraordinary Living Through DisciplineMy Profile

  18. Too True!! We often don’t work at it long enough or put in enough effort to make it happen!! I won’t quit my ‘day’ job yet as haven’t got anywhere near enough going on online to even touch my offline success!! We definitely need to be RESPONSIBLE!!
    Holly recently posted..10 Simple Ideas To Get More MOVE In Your DayMy Profile

  19. Lovely post…I left my job two years ago and I couldn´t be more happier now. I don´t earn that much but I feel like I´m responsible for my own decisions, for my life and nobody can control me. Suddenly I can organize my time which was something unachievable when I was employed.

  20. Its all about passion. You just need to discover yours and engage yourself in doing that. Similarly if blogging is your thing, no matter how much failure comes your way you will succeed someday.

  21. Hi Nile,

    Great message today. What silly sausages have been thinking they can quite there day jobs just like that. Blogging in particular is a long term . I love the journey and the relationships that come with blogging, but it certainly take a lot of time and there is a lot to learn. Certainly more than just writing words on a page.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth :)
    Beth Hewitt recently posted..Blogging for Leads or NOT?My Profile

  22. Maris King says:

    I love that quotes and it really inspires me. It is always a matter of yourself how you become success in every thing that you want to achieve.
    Maris King recently posted..Tips for Getting Quotes for Timber Joinery ProductsMy Profile

  23. Very inspiring. I am really born to succeed thanks for reminding me of something I’ve forgotten long time ago.

  24. Blogging in particular is a long term . I love the journey and the relationships that come with blogging, but it certainly take a lot of time and there is a lot to learn. Certainly more than just writing words on a page. thank you.

  25. Hi there,

    It is an awesome message and damn true.
    We all have the same energy in ourselves, it’s just the way of handling it that determines our success rate.

    Keep posting such wonderful & motivational updates.
    Harneet Singh Bhalla recently posted..OptinSkin – Convert Your Visitors into SubscribersMy Profile

  26. Hi Nile,

    I am glad that I arrived at your blog! Although we are in different industries, I totally agree with you about success.

    We all have the potential to succeed (in whatever we choose to focus on). Are we exercising our choose wisely? Or, are we crippled by fear or other excuses?

    Life is tot precious to be wasted. Decide what is meaningful and reach for that full potential.

    Thanks, Nile :)

    Viola The Business Mum
    Viola Tam recently posted..Stay at Home Mum – Why Network Marketing?My Profile

  27. Nice point of advice. It’s like don’t let others tell you what you want to happen to your future.
    Matt recently posted..Cebu Pacific Air Job Fair 2013 for Cabin CrewMy Profile

  28. Insightful. This is a very appropriate message for blogging as well, you can”t just churn out a blog, invest no time and/or money in it and expect it to just take off.

  29. Great article. Good point of view and message delivered through this post.
    zahid recently posted..Producing Online marketing without any SoftwareMy Profile

  30. Hey Nile, very inspirational article. A lot of people will get inspired by this article including me. Well said that everyone have to play some gamble. Success never comes to you, you have to go for the success. Thanks for your concern.
    Vikram recently posted..Jabong Coupon Upto 60% OFF with Additional 15% Discount all productsMy Profile

  31. Short, simple and straight to the point! I whole-heartedly agree that you need to work for the success that you dream of achieving instead of just waiting to be fed! :)
    Ardiv Jauhari recently posted..What Is Capitalism In Business And Why I Choose To Be A CapitalistMy Profile

  32. I’m ready to go higher and higher and higher and achieve more and more success. I’m doing everything (legal) I can do to be the best in The world.
    saqib razzaq recently posted..11 Secrets to Reduce Bounce Rate DramaticallyMy Profile

  33. In just few paragraphs you have discussed a whole topic and it’s very effective. love your writing skill.
    Vikram recently posted..Indiatimes Shopping Coupon Midnight Sale flat 15% extra Off on Mobile phoneMy Profile

  34. Hi! This is my first time here, and love the site! Lately I’ve been struggling with what path I want to take when it comes to continuing blogging or going in a different direction. I definitely needed to read this. Love it!
    Christy | Frugalful recently posted..Foods That Aren’t Doing Your Teeth Any FavorsMy Profile

    • Hi Christy! Just go back to what your site focus is and brainstorm whether you need to adjust it. Often, people veer away from their core plan and sometimes forget that they can get back on target. You might have to add or remove some goals in your focus. Good luck!

  35. This is very nice graphic and these lines are very motivate and thanks for sharing.

  36. yes you are the one that responsible for your success
    so the one who can make you succeed is yourself
    adi kurniawan recently posted..Rocket Spanish Review | Rocket Spanish: A Great Tool to learn Spanish!My Profile

  37. Well said Nile..We are not naturally born to succeed.For succeeding in any task like blogging,we have to do work.hard work.Thanks for this motivational post Nile.
    Mahendra recently posted..Ways to reduce cell phone bill :easy and effectiveMy Profile

  38. I liked what you said that We are born to succeed and We have potential and the only thing that can stop you is you.
    Gautam recently posted..Download WhatsApp For Pc,WhatsApp For Windows 7/8My Profile

  39. Everything is Tough and we must word hard but we really have potential to do anything.
    Vishu recently posted..Top 10 Best Android Apps For PcMy Profile

  40. Hi Nile, nicely said there and I really agree.. All too often I hear people complaining that they’re not getting traffic, or the results they want, or Google isn’t giving them good SERPs but you sum it up perfectly. To have any sort of success online one has to embrace the grind and do so in the most intelligent way they can.


  1. says:

    Graphic: You Control Your Success

    I find that people forget that they are the ones that control their success. Lately, I have seen quite a few people that blog, social media consult, or have some business online that they are not happy with. Often, they blame it on one thing or another…

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