Gravatar: Why You Should Use It

There are so many services out there that help you with your authenticity online. Some are complex profiles, and others are simple. What a lot of people forget are the simple things like Gravatar.

Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar image that when you type your email address, your avatar shows up. However, you have to sign up for the service.

No worries though – it is free.

Why should you use it?

Because there are so many spammers out there, a lot of them do not take the time to fill out profiles at OpenID type services and load up their own avatars. Sometimes site owners may delete comments by accident because they are not sure if the person is legitimate.

It is also a great way to extend your brand, just like your pic you share in your Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking accounts.

Gravatar makes this simple, so even if you are not a member of comment systems like Intense Debate or Disqus, you can at least make your comment unique instead of letting the avatar have the infamous “Mystery man” image.

Gravatar rolled out for June 2010 Public Profiles, so there is a lot of development to come with the system. Also, a lot of websites have Gravatar enabled. If your site is not, but you would like to put it in your comment system, you can. Regardless of what system you use, there is a great Developer’s Resource section at Gravatar, including directions for Using Gravatar in WordPress.

Do you use Gravatar? If not, why not?

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  1. I haven't signed up for Gravatar yet – after this post, I'll definitely consider it more. Main reason why I haven't signed up is that I hate seeing pics of myself everywhere. I think my blog's look in general attests to the fact that I'm generally more comfortable with words more than images.
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    • Even if it is an image you like, a logo, or your own pic, it is fine. :)

      5 years ago, I would have not thought about using Gravatar, but it really is a nice touch. The avatar I regularly use is actually a vectored piece from a pic of mine.

  2. Gravatar is a must when commenting on diffent kinds of blogs, and it so easy to set up that it's really rude not to…
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  3. I'm too still haven't signed up for gravatar. But this post is a good motivator to do it right now!)

  4. ouw …
    I know, gravatar is one of our branding in cyberspace …

  5. I think it helps with the personal connection, especially if you find yourself reading the same blogs as others. I used to be a regular blogger in the Hawaii travel community, and met a lot of great folks and connected with them further because I happened to see their smiling faces on my posts and posts of other bloggers I respected.

    Not sure if I would have made that connection (them being the same user) on the name alone if not for the visual. Gravatar's reach just makes it de facto.
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  6. I'm new to the blogging thing, I'm relying on posts like this to learn the ropes. This is my first comment with a Gravatar account, you've also prompted me to figure out Intense Debate.

    Thank You…

  7. In those beginning days I was so curious to know how some people managed to show their photo along with comment when there is no field to upload image in comment form. Immediately I knew the fact, I was impressed with its power to reflect your authenticity.
    But yes, as you said, lot of people just forget these free and simple services. I see the comments above, they have no gravatars!
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    • I know… hopefully one day they will be convinced. I started using Gravatar only weeks after it started. At the time, only a few blogs had it and you had to add a code to your theme template that gravatar gave out to people. It took quite some time for WordPress to finally add it to the core files and I am really glad. Gravatar paved the way for the “avatar” showing and even other services were inspired to take up implementing the service in Gravatar’s early years.

  8. Nile, you convinced me so I just signed up to Let's see if it works.
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