WordPress Video: How To Create A Page In WordPress

Here is a video tutorial for newbie WordPress users on how to publish a page in WordPress. Pages and posts although seem alike, they are used for different purposes. Pages are usually more static, as mentioned in the video. Static is usually more for pages you normally do not update as often, like an About page or Contact page.

Hope the tutorial above helped for those still new to WordPress. I would recommend watching the video tutorial on posts too.

There are a lot of videos and as time goes on, I hope to cover more, so please feel free to suggest topics for WordPress videos. Those who are not newbies, please feel free to also suggest on topics that you really could have used when you started using WordPress. It really helps a lot.

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  1. Nice tutorial, easy to understand especially with new wordpress bloggers and builders. Thanks for sharing. Great!

  2. I want to watch this video but it showing some error………. pls check this.

  3. Thanks for the post and tutorial video,

    I remember when I was first getting started blogging and the initial setup was a challenge.

    WordPress has had such an amazing impact on how we share ideas. With there being so many blogs out there, it can be easy to take for granted how amazing it is that the average person can now be an online publisher.
    Paul Reimers recently posted..A Powerful Technique to Make Decisions EasyMy Profile

  4. Nile Thanks for the video. it’s very useful for my kid, he is just 13 years old and now learning to publish the page in WordPress. So definitely it’s going to help!

  5. Hi Nile,
    Great tutorial for newbies in WordPress, thanks for sharing, I am sure many people who have no idea how to make make a site using WordPress will appreciate your informative video…
    Kostas recently posted..How to Make your Website Immediately More ProfitableMy Profile

  6. Heidi19 says:

    Thanks for providing this video. Another additional knowledge for me. I should try this as soon as possible, need to create my own page too!

  7. cmichaelsny says:

    WordPress dashboard, go to the post or page where the pictures is. Click on the picture and then click on the little picture of a mountain to open the image’s editing panel.
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  8. Hi Nile

    Thanks for this, Well i am not a newbie on this ,so all i can sat is I use it for a lot of things some time just to get a URL for i Photo that i want to post on my blog.

    Grate Video and good help for newbie’s :-)

    Theuns recently posted..How to Manage Your Time – Father Time and YouMy Profile

  9. nice tutorial must a great supports for newbies i usally prefer video to understand thing because it always help me to understand thing fast
    rohit kothari recently posted..How to root Sony Xperia S in easy stepsMy Profile

  10. after getting a web guy that charged too much to build our site, I was stuck with something I had no idea how to use. Your tutorial video was a lifesaver. Thank you so much!

  11. No doubt in that this kind of article will always prove good for every newbie in blogging world because if blogging is doing in right ways then no body can stop you to become a popular writer in front of many.

  12. Dipendra from Givemegoal

    The Video Tutorila is always easy to understand. Nice one for new wordpress bloggers.
    Dipendra recently posted..Champions League 2011/2012 Semi-Final Fixtures and PredictionsMy Profile

  13. It would be interesting to make a comparison between static pages and regular posts, in terms of long term Seo. I mean, which of these two has better chances to rank better and longer (I know that pages are used for contact, privacy policy and so on, but I have this question in mind for several months).
    Jack Sander recently posted..How to grout wall tilesMy Profile

  14. WordPress is a big plateform for blogging and for newbies it is good to know about at its best from the start.Nile you did good work to make video on how to create a page in wordpress which is a good effort because newbies gain useful knowledge from it.
    Pete Goumas recently posted..Penguin Coupon & ReviewMy Profile

  15. Hi Nile,
    I already worked on wordpress page but still I must say you did a good work to share your information on how to create a page in wordpress here and newbies will definitely find it helpful for them.
    Syeda Mehwish recently posted..Webhosting PlansMy Profile

  16. I was once new to wordpress. I’m no expert yet, but the learning curve is actually not that bad. Just be patient!
    Paul recently posted..Design Engineer – Windsor, ONMy Profile

  17. Thanks for the sharing your knowledge Nile.
    matt recently posted..Instagram for Android Free DownloadMy Profile

  18. Thanks for this guide for newbies. It’s true that WordPress is very easy to use for non-technical person but there should be someone to guide, how to do thing first time. And you are doing this for newbies. Great work :)
    saha recently posted..Top Ten Best Tools to Improve Your WebsiteMy Profile

  19. Jeffrey T. Sooey says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. It really is very helpful. There are still some things I do not know how to do in wordpress and with this information, you answered some questions I had. Thanks again Nile!

  20. wow buddy thanks for the info i really wanted it i am a newbie so i needed it so badly i want a suggestion from you that i am looking for a webhosting which one do you recommend me i want a good hosting with good uptime and performance

  21. what a post thanks a lot blondish dot net
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  22. Thanks for making the video. Would you say that it’s best to use a page if the information is really important and a post if it’s something less important? Or does it not really matter?

  23. This is a great tutorial for first time or beginner wordpress users. I sure wish I had come across such a great resource when i first started using WordPress. Would have saved myself a lot of headaches!
    Chris recently posted..How Much Down Payment For Owner Financed Homes? – VIDEOMy Profile

  24. Thanks for sharing nice video tutorial, this information is very useful to new bloggers.

  25. working profect thanks for sharing

  26. Here is a video tutorial for newbie WordPress users on how to publish a page in WordPress. Pages and posts although seem alike, they are used for different purposes. Pages are usually more static, as mentioned in the video. Static is usually more for pages you normally do not update as often, like an About page or Contact page.
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  27. this tutorial is really helpful…this information is really helpful for new blogger …thanks for sharing……!!!!!!
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  28. nice article & good fro newbie

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