How To Find, Connect, And Influence Followers

twitterthumbFinding, connecting, and influencing followers is definitely not easy when you are trying to do all three. It is easy to find followers on Twitter, but to actually connect and influence them, is a whole different game. On top of it, it is is hard to do all three, especially when trying to trying to follow people, at least reach quality people and not wallflowers (you know, the ones that rarely tweet, or could still be figuring out Twitter, or might even be brewing up a spell of spam.)

What I would like to do is share on how to focus on that more, connect, and actually influence those followers.

How To Find, Connect, And Influence Followers

  1. Finding followers – quality followers. These are the ones that are truly interested and want to connect on some level with others. Keywords and hashtags only go so far. In order to find quality followers, you should dig deeper by reading through profiles.. Places like Twellow are great, and you can look up keywords and hashtags on the Twitter search. Also, websites like Mashable, TechCrunch, WebProNews, and other sites, some people actually leave their Twitter username. If they have said something that catches your eye, you might want to follow them because they are the ones more likely to be quality followers. Another great service to find and connect with others is Triberr.
  2. Connect with followers. Auto DMs (automatic direct messages) are not always great to use. Some of the followers might not have followed you if your Auto DM is not something that relates to the topic they had stepped into and decided to follow. So, if you do Auto DMs – try using a general message that attracts them to know about you. For example, you could try a Twitter landing page on your site that says “Welcome Tweeps” and introduces yourself. The page could direct your visitors to either a blog, or certain places you think your visitors might be interested in seeing. For example, Graham Smith (@imjustcreative) has a nice landing page with a video introduction.

    Of course, it is difficult to keep up with everyone if you have a lot of followers. The key is to make the effort. Try asking thought provoking questions, tweet interesting articles, and make an effort to read other’s tweets. While you might not respond to them all, you can respond to the ones that could bring in others to the conversation.

  3. Influence followers. So, now that you have found followers, and then connected with them, you now need to influence them. Along this process, with finding and connecting, you have built yourself as a trustworthy person. Whether you are selling your product or just trying to get people to read your blog, you need to become a person that people see as very knowledgeable in your niche. That is what the leg work was before you became influential. All those blog posts with powerful information that you wrote, tweeted, and received feedback will pay off on some level. Eventually your followers will retweet and even recommend you. This is what you want to work on by producing quality work while also being consistent as a person. If you are all over the place, it is difficult for your followers to know what you want them to learn or even buy.

This is a process that you will rinse and repeat many times over, but will find one thing: you will build solid connections that will last.

Do you use this process? If so, how has it worked? If not, do you have a process that has worked for you?


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing these cool tips Nile …I completely agree the the first point …One should go through the profile of your potential follower seriously as if you try to follow him without his concern …he/she might report you to twitter …and twitter might suspend your account.


  2. says

    Hi Nile,

    Finding quality followers and influencing is a big challenge. Your post gives a clear process to hone in on potential QUALITY followers. I’m already on Triberr and I really like it. I’m beginning to establish some good relationships with a few bloggers with excellent content. I basically started over with Twitter so I’m always looking for tips fill the gaps I missed the first time around. I haven’t heard of Twellow, so I will check it out.

    One thing you mentioned, which is key is “If you are all over the place, it is difficult for your followers to know what you want them to learn or even buy.” I am a work in progress with this but your post is a very helpful guideline to help focus on attaining better results. Your post is packed with valuable information. Thank you!

    Raena Lynn

  3. Francesca says

    It is very difficult to find, connect and influence followers. First of all finding followers of your niche difficult but connecting and influencing them is very difficult game. It is easy to do so if you are all around.

    • says

      It can be.

      By the way… your comment was edited to remove your link and keywords. Also, I did not approve your comment for one of my podcast post because you did not specify why you did not like it.

  4. says

    As the social media has greater importance now so every one want to get maximum benefits for it, specially for the business point of view, The way you elaborate to find more followers and influence them on twitter is great, Thanks for superb sharing!

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    hi Nile
    nice article twitter is great social media site also prove huge traffic if followers are increase then traffic also increase. thanks for sharing

  6. says

    I have been using twiends to try to increase my twitter followers but most of them just unfollow after a few days. Have you tried twiends and if so, how do you rate it compared with Triberr and Twellow?

    • says

      How much are you interacting with your followers and are you targeting the correct audience when you are sharing posts. Aside from that, are you following and engaging with others that are top in your niche, and are you sharing their articles as well?

      • says

        hi Nile
        twitter is great social media site and when u share something on twitter then your website get traffic from your followers. so when increased followers u]your website also get more traffic. thanks for sharing this tips….

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    Thanks a lot for that nice mention.Tweet good stuff. Search for things that you know will help your tribe. Is it marketing, customer service, polished sea glass.Search some keywords you are interested in and follow people talking about that term.

  8. says

    impressive article about “How To Find, Connect, And Influence Followers”. the first point is great and I´m so agree to find potential follower. thank you for the tips.

  9. says

    Seriously I agree with the first point that give respect and get respect from your followers.Respect your potential followers so you can get most out of them.

  10. says

    Hi Nile,
    Nice post. Twitter is my favorite social media. But I never used it for my business. Now i get some ideas to promote my business throgh social media. I need your help, please reply me. what are the uses of hashtags in twitter and how it is used to promote business?

    • says

      Hashtags are another way to emphasize search on a certain term. If you do SEO, then you might want to use #seo when your messages are relevant to that topic. Those who monitor those hashtag trends will see you if you use that term quite a bit.

  11. says

    Nile, I’ve used Twellow in the past as well as Twitter Search. I think the search has gotten better there. I also recommend using Triberr, I’ve connected with more folks via it.
    I’m not a fan of using auto directs. I did in the beginning but they were not really efffective. Most folks like a tweet to know you sent a DM 🙂 Are you still using them Nile?
    #3 is difficult but it can be done over time. One has to have patience! Thanks for sharing some times on this! Have a nice weekend.

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    thanks for sharing the info and completely agree with your points.Twitter is a great Social Media tool if used properly.Actually most of us do not know how to use effectively twitter.Your tips are really useful.

  13. says

    Interacting with my followers and having healthy conversations and engaging with them is the trick that works for me. And they should completely fit in the scenario, or else they might get frustated and un follow you.

  14. says

    impressive and so informative article about “How To Find, Connect, And Influence Followers”. the 1st point is great and I´m so agree to find potential follower. thank you for the tips.

  15. says

    Another great article…I’m pretty new to Twitter and this is a perfect guide. I was told I should use auto DMs, but when I get them I just find them annoying. It’s better to build online friendships, I think.

  16. says

    hi thanks for this article article about “How To Find, Connect, And Influence Followers”. the first point is great and I´m so agree to find potential

  17. says


    This is good stuff. I do agree that we have to connect with our followers instead of just posting for the fun of it. It’s trite, but it’s true: quality trumps quantity.

  18. says

    1. Twitter search all you need
    2. I got 50 DMs a day, all spam, I think it’s useless.
    3. I don’t try to influence anybody. I think that’s key.

    coo post though


    Happy Holidays!


  19. Neeraj Dalal says

    Nile thanks for sharing this tips and it will definitely help me to increase my follower on Twitter so that i can receive good traffic from twitter as well

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