Infographics Are Suppose to be Simple!

Infographics are great ways of marketing and spreading necessary information to the masses online. However, there are a lot of people that have no idea how it should work and how to make one that makes an impact on their audience. Of course, many infographics are well designed and many are chock full of important information. However, many are also long, load a bit, are not friendly to share on social networks, and really are somewhat overwhelming to take in.

Infographics are images that are suppose to send a message to the viewer. It could be fun, or perhaps something serious. Many people are more motivated to read aesthetically pleasing material versus a normal blog post. Also, many people do not have the time to read more than 300-500 words in a blog post, and needs something that can be read and understood within a minute. This is where infographics can make a big impact. In fact, previous to the term ‘infographic’ many people called them memes. However, memes are normally considered more lighthearted in nature.

If your infographic is more than 50% text and more than 2 times longer than scrolling in a 1024×768 resolution, you might want to considering blogging instead. Infographics with too much text or ones that are way too long are: confusing, not really SEO friendly for your site, for our slower surfing users…a pain in the ass to wait to load (and yes, in some rural parts of the US, and even in the world that the US dumbly calls 3rd world, there may be dial-up as an only choice for connecting to the Internet), and frankly, and just a pain in the ass to decipher because some graphic designed get cutsie and their version of reading is ass backwards from a lot of other people.

Infographics are not suppose to be some elaborate graphic with a lot of info. They are suppose to be a summarization of that very info you are trying to get across. Imagine if you made a billboard to put on the highways… do people have time to read them… NO!

They are too busy driving. On the Internet, a graphic needs to be to the point, no matter how awesome or elaborate it is designed.

I don’t bother reading long infographics because I do not have time and I am dyslexic. No matter if you have perfect eyesight, some glasses, or some type of reading issue, infographics that are short are faster and easier to read, and even for someone with eye issues, shorter infographics that pack the punch do the best.

If you are making some elaborate infographic…. stop! Make a blog post… or efve4n a post with the infographic and link to any posts on your blog that are relevant… of course, explaining why.

Infographic making is getting out of hand. Long infographics really suck for Facebook users…both mobile FB users and direct Facebook users.


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    Info-graphics have helped me get more visitors to my website and mostly I take the idea of design and structure of my infograph from or other infograph websites. From my experience the length has to be medium with text only when necessary.

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    I haven’t gotten into infographics yet, but I hear it is a great way to get traffic and links to your site so I am very interested.

    Do you make your own infographics, or do you hire someone to make them for you?

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    Till now I have not created any inforgraphic but hope to do so in the future. I have seen some infographics here and there and some are designed very simple and easy to follow. I have seen many complicated ones and lost half way though. I too do not bother reading long infographics.

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    Hi Nile,

    Agreed with your points, Infographic means explaining thing in short and interesting way, but if you’re using long infographic then it generally become confusing and difficult to understand.

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    Hi Nile,

    While I agree they should be simple, more important to me is that they tell a story. I’m getting tired of infographics that don’t actually teach me something, they just aggregate a bunch of statistics without drawing a conclusion about what those stats mean.

    Creating infographics truly is an art and a skill.



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    Hi Nile,

    Well, I do use images in my posts but they do not contain any text in them. However, these images are related to the title and the content which I talk of at length.
    Now, that you’ve mentioned it, I’ll give the info-graphic method a test run to see how it goes.
    Thanks for this tip. 🙂


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    This might be a simple question, but can Google differentiate between the “info” and the “graphic”? It seems like you’d lose your relevant keywords, and possibly seo juice by only posting graphics with little text to identify your content to the search engines

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    Due to its several advantages, the use graphics has turn into a need nowadays to get the desire result from your content. Sharing’s and interaction are the aspects of online achievements. You can connect to you audience through your content and content marketing through infographics is an effective strategy to reach the audience. This makes sure that visitors are not only reading you content but also sharing it with others.

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    I am very impressed about the importance of infographics you discussed here! I think we should put some quality content along with good infographics, its great idea!!!!

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    In a world where the online communities attention span is that of a ‘newt’ infographics are great at grabbing your readers attention, rather than reading boring plain old text, but as previously mentioned above it shouldn’t be a novel but a few well placed attention grabbing words!

    Great post!


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    Info graphics are best way to get attention of reader.These makes a website attractive.But if they are not simple,difficult to get conclude from them, then there is no meaning of them.Thanks for nice sharing.

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    I totally agree. Simple and to the point is best. I don’t read long infographics . . . or posts . . . either. I agree that they’re a pain in the ass :). I think people often try to cram too much information into a lot of things (e.g. courses, speeches, etc.). Maybe the tips for writing speeches would come into play here – – have 3 main points with some clear, simple bullets/explanation for each one.

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