Intense Debate: More Ways To Log In

I actually use Intense Debate on my main website, and at first, it was an experience I was conducting to see what would be better – Intense Debate or Disqus?

I have really enjoyed the updates in the past few months that have come up and even deciding to try Disqus on another blog has been pushed to a low priority. Sad, because I could be blogging my own experience here at WPAddict, but great because that means I really do like Intense Debate.

So far, Intense Debate has integrated CommentLuv, and just a few days ago rolled out automatic logins from various places including Facebook, Twitter,, and OpenID as mentioned at Introducing User Accounts & Auto-Login to IntenseDebate.

Truthfully, I think it would be wild if they tried working with Disqus to allow a login for that since there are a lot of Disqus users too. Though, it is just a whimsical thought.

This is great as Intense Debate has finally started to catch up to Disqus. I can only wonder what else they have planned.


  1. says

    Thanks for posting about our update Nile – we appreciate your help spreading the word. Glad to hear that you’re an IntenseDebate fan! If only I were typing this comment in ID… 😉

    • Nile says

      Actually, until I try out Disqus, I am going to hold off on WPAddict. I wanted to do an article comparing both. Already I am indeed a fan of Intense Debate.

      If you have a mailing lit at ID for people to sign up for on the development, I would love to listen in. Also… feel free to pass me info any time in the WP/ Auttomattic world and I will definitely publish it.

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