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Nile is a 33 year old female from Southern Illinois. Nile is a mother of 1 son. She is also a web designer and developer, a graphic designer, and a public speaker, who exclusively designs and develops using WordPress. She is currently a student working for a Bachelors in Business. She also blogs at FamousBloggers.net and her very personal site, Blackish.net. Click to read more about Nile and Blondish.net


  1. Hi Nile,

    Great tips on how to get started with social media. Lack of time is one of the main reasons that I haven’t really delved into it the way that I should.

    I have so much on my plate, I just don’t have the time. I currently use JustRetweet and have heard of some of the others on your list.

    I may have to check out some of these other networks to see if I can get more involved with social media. I definitely need to be using it more. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.
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  2. Automation is really a great option available for all bloggers, as it helps you instantly share your new posts on popular social media sites. But just sharing won’t work, you need to take time to engage with your audience. That’s how you can derive more from social media sites.
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  3. Great info as always. Social media marketing is probably the big hole in my marketing plan. Thanks for piling on more things on my to do list.
    Adam Kielich recently posted..Employer background checks Texas: what do they show?My Profile

  4. Great list, Nile. Lack of time has been a major factor for me. I tried a couple of them before, and it just seems to take longer for me. If you say it takes an hour a week, I know it will take me at least two… more at first when I’m getting things set up.

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  5. A social media strategy is a must for businesses. If you’re not utilizing social media, you’re missing out on one-to-one communication with current and potential customers, building brand awareness, free traffic and a medium to distribute content. Hootsuite is an amazing product for businesses to load up on posts and schedule them for a future date. It’s one of the better tools and helps you leverage scale.

  6. Social media plays very important role in driving traffic and getting popular. It becomes really tough for one person to handle all social networks with the blog. The tools you shared definitely help peoples.
    I use Buffer and JustRetweet will try other too. Thanks :)
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  7. Hi Nile

    Thanks for the Biz Blogging Buzz and Social Buzz Club recommendations – I hadn’t heard of those before.

    Outreach is something I’m keen on improving at the moment so hopefully these sites can help.
    Mark Ford recently posted..50+ Ways to Improve the SEO of Your WebsiteMy Profile

  8. Great set of social media promotion tools Nile. I use most of these and my favorites are Buffer and Social Buzz Club.

    Two that I would add to the list are Triberr and Blog Engage. Both are great for promoting YouTube videos through RSS Syndication. Since I started using Triberr, I no longer need Twitterfeed or dlvr.it. I can just add the autopost option in Triberr.
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  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us,the best thinh which i like about this post is that its content is quiet unique and one can easily understand it,
    and you have quiet great grip on this topic,you have explained those points which normally aren’t explain by others so keep working and posting hope to learn more from you. And definitely i will recommend others.
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  10. These are some excellent resources Nile. I use Buffer occasionally because I like the ease of adding content on the fly from various websites I visit, but the other tools you mention are good as well. I haven’t tried Just Retweet but going to check it out now. I have heard good things about it, just never taken time to look into it.
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  11. Hey Nile
    Lots of helpful sources – how about a post on how a newbie should spend that hour a day on Social Media – should they start with Facebook? Should they be looking for people to comment on? There’s a lot about services you can use – but then nothing about OK now that I’ve got HootSuite what do I do?

  12. Hi Nile, I just wanted to say that Triberr kicks some serious ass! It can be a bit difficult to get the first day you use it as it seems too empty. But if you start to get the tribes concept going, it will work wonders for your blog! I’ve seen a significant increase of traffic, which I didn’t expect to be honest. Give it a try and you’ll remember me! I have to make tests with the rest of your suggestions and I’ll come back with more feedback. Thanks a lot!

  13. Thanks, I’ll be looking into Biz Blogging Buzz now for my own blog.

  14. Hello Nile,
    I actually spend time in social media, by adding friends, follow, join groups, like pages, share. And that’s my routine everyday. I found your site useful and it helps me a lot on, how can I manage my social media task. I already used Hootsuite and its nice with your help I found something good news to use those sites you give to us. Thank you for posting and good job :)

  15. Nice! I also use Retweet.ly although not every day or week. (It takes a while to repopulate with valuable tweets to share.) I love the idea of a community to share each other’s articles, very simple and positive.

  16. I never used any of them. All of them are really new to me. I will use them for sure. Thanks you Nile for the nice and helpful information.
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