Managing Users In WordPress

I have put together yet another screencast for people who are new to using WordPress, specifically to help guide them through managing users in WordPress.

The biggest thing about the user section in the WordPress backend is that you have to be aware of the roles, especially if you are an administrator that is creating a new user. There are a couple plugins that do help distinguish exactly what a user’s capabilities are, like the Members plugin by Justin Tadlock.


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    hey i am recently transfer my blog from blogger to wordpress this post is really helpful for me
    thanks for share your plugin is very good

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    The video looks informative. I remember, we had this wordpress site where there were 3 users which included myself. This one user asked me to post an article written by him. Knowing wp and all, I signed in and posted his article. And then after that I checked the new posting only to find my name as the Author. LOL. And then I discovered I should have used his user account instead of mine. It was quite an interesting experience. From that, I learned more about managing users in wordpress.

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    Thanks for the info, this was one area of wordpress I haven’t really explored yet. I get a lot of guest authors but didn’t think there was a need for creating profiles for them. Great video too btw.

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    Thank you so much for the informative tips, i’m currently running blogspot but soon i have planned to build my future on wordpress.

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    This is especially important if you have guest bloggers and you want to assign them their own access so they can blog on a particular schedule. Good informative post.

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    Hi Nile, Very helpful video. Managing users on Wordpress is very important. You want to give the proper access to each user and your video explained the process very clearly.

    I will caution people that giving someone “Author” status give them the ability to publish on your site without your knowledge. I give Contributor status to my guest authors so I have control of the content being published at my site.

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    Great post, Great Video tutorial because I am about to have my first guest post on my site very soon and I have never created another user other than myself so this tutorial is critical.

    One of your readers suggest I use “contributor” so that the person (who happens to be in another country) cannot just come along some day and add another post when they feel like it.

    So I assume a contributor can respond to blog post comments?

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

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