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I get tons of questions on a daily basis on Facebook regarding WordPress. Of course, there are a lot of groups on Facebook that are WordPress-related, but frankly, a lot of questions fall through the cracks, and some of the people I have run into just really have little knowledge about anything.

I am no elitist, but with millions of WordPress powered sites out on the Internet, there is a need for answering questions all about WordPress.

So, to direct people to asking their questions publicly, I have created a new Facebook group called All About WordPress. The group WILL have activities tied to and there will be a #WordPressWednesday issue started where I will share questions recently covered, and a little WordPress mashup.

If you use WordPress, design with WordPress, or develop with WordPress, please come on in. I have already started a Quick Reference document for anyone that may have a question that has been answered, or if they wish to jump into a discussion. There is also a document to list your WordPress site. One other document is topics you would like me to cover here on

Again, please feel free to come over and join the Facebook group All About WordPress.

What other WordPress related groups are you a part of? What WordPress topics have you been wanting to hear about on


  1. Maris King says

    Oh, I think, I should also join the group.
    Do you think there will be a lot of useful things we can get in the new page they have created?

  2. says

    What an excellent resource, Nile! I find the WordPress help facility useful, but often it gets into too much detail and can be hard to follow.

    I also enjoy Terry Anglin’s sessions “WordPress/Blogging from the ground up” every Tuesday evening which you can access from He is very patient in answering questions at all levels, from installing WordPress to the settings for the most useful plugins.

    Thanks for forming this group – I’m looking forward to following it.


  3. says

    Nile, thanks for showing initiative and leadership! I can’t wait to be part of the group, and I already have a nice couple of questions ready to go! ๐Ÿ™‚ I look very forward to joining!

  4. says

    I think most people who visit your article have really little knowledge about WordPress related Facebook groups. And I’m one of them. I’m glad I’ve seen this post, thanks for the link.

  5. says

    Very good group started by you Nile. I am on it. I think this group is good and precise for those interested in running smooth wordpress sites and get help from their pioneers. Cheers Nile.

    • says

      Thanks Shalu! It seems to be going well and I hope to introduce some pretty cool activities that will only be available to the members of All About WordPress.

  6. says

    Most of the time I love WP but sometimes I hate it. Was trying to sort one of my contact pages out today and the text just wouldn’t go where I needed it to. Always the simple things that cause the most hassle.

  7. says

    Hi Nile,
    I know of another blogger that did something similar on Facebook. He deals basically with blog theme design and I had a question about tweaks with my theme.

    He answered my questions the same day.

    • says

      Yes, I do that often, but I needed something more focused since it seemed to be a very common thing. I answer in many different places, but Facebook, I end up being contacted with a lot of questions…sometimes by the same people. This will at least give it that community feel so others can respond as well.

  8. says

    Great post. we use Adfly for advertising in eperiments but never used it as a publisher. After reading this and your other post we shall be looking into it and running a few more eperiments.

  9. says

    You have said it right. We use wordpress but we don’t know much about it. Most of the times the people claiming to be seemingly all knowing don’t really know much. I for sure will definitely head out to clear my doubts in this all about wordpress group. Thanks for sharing!

  10. says

    I am curious to find out what blog platform you have been working with? Iโ€™m having some minor security problems with my latest site and I would like to find something more safeguarded. Do you have any recommendations?

  11. says


    Nice to know there is a resource out there for when we get stuck with Wordpress… and there are those times. So much more fun interacting with humans rather than in the Wordpress Forum.

    I’m in.


  12. says

    Nile, this a great initiative.. you will benefit a lot from yoru expert advice and for certain every one else will benefit as well at different levels.

    I joined the group… may not ask any questions yet, but for certain I will learn from otehr people questions and answers.

    Thanks again

  13. says

    I joined your group the other day ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah I know what your talking about some people don’t really know much in some of those groups…lol. I sent you a PM on Facebook asking if I could link drop one of my comp in Wordpress. I will actually be giving away a free Wordpress plugin shortly, again. Honestly I would like information on having someone build a custom plugin that would be useful for bloggers. Do you do that type of programming. I will probably need it later on down the road.

  14. says

    Hi Nile. This is great info and I’m sure a great resource. I have been stuck on a number of occasions and not being particularly techie can get very frustrated with my lack of knowledge. I will look forward to joining your group and turning to it when I have questions…which is often:) Thanks.

  15. says

    Hey Nile,

    Your new group is a great idea. I have already used it and I am sure it will be a group I use and engage in moving forward.

    Thanks for setting it up,

    Beth ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. says

    hi Nile,
    this is great! You are obviously a go-to person with regards Wordpress. I realize that as a wellness blogger, there is no way I can keep up with all the features and changes to wordpress.

    see you there!

    Best wishes

  17. says

    My website is based on wordpress ! Congratulations on creating a really useful resource group, Iโ€™ve just click through and joined, and now to spread the word. Thanks

  18. says

    Hi Nile,

    Yeah Wordpress can be a bit difficult to work with for new users who don’t have any technical knowledge. I’ve also had a lot of things I didn’t know how to configure or set up.

    It’s good to have someone to give you directions, especially if you’re a DIY person. I always try to learn new stuff by experimenting with settings but unfortunately because of this I’ve managed to crash my blog a couple of times.

    Now I always create a backup before I try something new.

    Have a great day Nile, take care.


  19. says

    Hi Nile it is a nice job done by you. I have seen your page and joined it. It is really nice for newbies as well as pro. We can learn a lot from there.

    • says

      Thanks Jeremy! I missed speaking at WordCamp Louisville 2012, was at 2011’s event as a speaker. WordPress is 100%. You are welcome to join the community… we have a few active people that are big players in the WordPress community and always welcome questions, thoughts, and even love to see people participate and share their WordPress related articles.

  20. says

    Hi Nile,

    great idea, creating a group for Wordpress questions.

    I see it has quite a few contributors, so it will have a great variety.

    Thank you for taking the initiative in creating this!


  21. says

    This is second time I am visiting your blog and I reached to this post. You are writing about facebook and wordpress relationship. I want looking a plugin which help me to post my blog post to my blog fan page directly with out any click.

    When I will post on my blog it is automatically on my blog fan page.

  22. says

    I am join the group right now.This group will surely helpful to me when I will have a problem In my WordPress.Nice Idea of creating a group like that.

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