Podcast Presentation: Making Money With WordPress

wordpress-podcast-presentationI was honored to be able to go to WordCamp Kansas City in July 2014 to present twice. Making Money With WordPress is actually the first one I did for them. It was actually the first time I spoke about business or social media in particular. I’ve normally presented in the past on blogging, user-end tips, web design, and web development topics for WordPress.

When I put this presentation together, I really had to think a bit on how to put it together, because there are so many ways to make money with WordPress. However, because I haven’t covered this topic so much, I wanted it to be more of an introductory presentation that has some tips and some inspiration. So, in the end, rather than focusing on one niche, I decided to cover a lot.

Making Money With WordPress is for the person thinking about getting into having a website for their business, as well as the newbie business owner. It doesn’t hurt for those that have been in business for some time to listen in as there are some inspirational tidbits that I truly believe could bring more a more positive outlook. Starting and maintaining a business is rough, no matter if it is a local business or an online business… aim I right?

I encourage you to listen through my Making Money With WordPress presentation… yes all 38 minutes of it if you can. I’ve embedded the slides, the podcast, and then also the combined slides and audio into a video for your convenience. I hope that this helps you. And for those who just dived in starting a business or website, but haven’t really thought about a direction, I hope this kinda inspires you. I also encourage you to ask questions and also to please share this everywhere you can.

making money with wordpress

Video Presentation: Making Money With WordPress

Slides Presentation: Making Money With WordPress

Podcast Presentation: Making Money With WordPress



    • Rizwana Mahzabin says

      hi Sushain,I think you are speaking right.this website is helpful for those who make and use website for making money.It is not complex helpful for biginners.

  1. says

    There are so many ways to make money through WordPress, that doesn’t involve blogging. I personally make money through web development based on WordPress, maintenance, theme and plugin development.

  2. says

    Hi Nile,

    What a great presentation you have made. Yes, I did listen to the entire 38 minutes and loved it! You have successfully explained all the pieces of the puzzle that one needs having a WordPress Blog.

    I like the way you talked about the importance of sharing your business online and off line. Especially when it comes to off line traffic! You have given such great ideas for us to use.

    The social sharing tools you have mentioned are awesome! Also you are spot on with your “Anatomy of a call to action.”

    All in all, you have explained the importance of having a WordPress Blog and how to use it correctly.


  3. Furqan says

    I want to say that Blogging (wordpress) is the best way to earn money online. But it is not a game of copy + paste. It needs Hard Working. There are many methods of earning through any way You have shared a great and informative post.

  4. says

    Hi Nile. What an excellent presentation. I’m just starting to use SlideShare more, and I didn’t realize I could embed it in my blog. Very cool!

    I’ll be honest and say I haven’t listed to the podcast. Country internet tends to be slow, so I always download videos and audios so I won’t be driven crazy by parsing. I loved your slides, though. Easy to understand and visually engaging. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,

  5. says

    When people hear about making money through Wordpress, there is a pre-conception that it involves blogging and content creation. But it is so wrong, wordpress can be use as a platform to buld websites for others, a good alternative for the non-programmer who want to thrive in the internet industry. 🙂

  6. says

    So many great opportunities for those looking to start their own business. Great presentation. I didn’t get through the entire 38 minutes due to connection issues, but I did love the first half.

  7. says

    I am going to have to come back to watch the video as my internet is lagging right now and it is not loading, but I love the idea. People often think blogging is the only way, when it is not. Thanks for sharing!

  8. says

    Very nice presentation, Nile.

    I’m sure that people new to the online marketing world will benefit greatly from your advice.

    It’s good you steer them toward Wordpress because it really is the best place to start your online business for all the reasons you point out… my favorite one being… it’s the simplest!

    Social media is the next big thing to get involved in, and again, for all the reasons you mentioned. Most important here, in my opinion, is that knowing it takes multiple exposures for people to consider buying your products, services or ideas… you need social media for that kind of exposure. Unless, of course, you have a huge budge for mass media buys.

    Thanks Nile. It was fun.

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