#SharingSundays – January 30, 2011 Roundup Recap

I am a little behind on #SharingSundays updates. We had some issues with weather (some power outage and internet down time- some at the same time) – ice storm had rolled through the midwest US. However, I did not forget.

Thank you for everyone who came by and shared their most recent blog post on my fan page, the Facebook fan page of Nile Flores. #SharingSundays is for you and I hope it has helped you connect with a few extra people, or learn some new stuff. 🙂

Here is the #SharingSundays January 30, 2001 Roundup Recap:


  1. says

    Hi Nile, the snow storms and icy weather have hit everyone hard this year! We finally got through one week without any snowfall and some of the streets are still in bad shape.

    Thanks for the round-up. I see that there are a few blogs I still need to visit from this one so I'm off to make the rounds.
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