#SharingSundays Recap 2013 Volume 6

#SharingSundays is always fun. It is simple and only takes less than 30 seconds to participate, but the results are always great especially when it means for potential new readers to your site.

As usual, I always have to tell people what #SharingSundays is about because not everyone reading this article is familiar with the event. Every Sunday on my Facebook fan page, I allow people to share their most recent blog posts. It is optional to go and read the other articles, but honestly, the intention is to get you interested in trying to widen your blog circle and connect with others.

This is a great way to grow your blog.

#SharingSundays Recap 2013 Volume 6

Harneet Bhalla 7 Tips for Newbie Affiliate Marketers

Shalu Sharma shared Mahabodhi Temple of Bodh Gaya

Samuel Pustea shared 14 Bloggers To Watch For In 2013!

Sadie-Michaela Harris shared GoMoSoLo Support the Peace One Day Corporate Coalition

iLocal Search shared Pinterest User Interaction

Devesh Sharma shared Keep Your WordPress Site Secure and Spam-Free With User Verification

A big thanks to everyone participating and supporting this event. I encourage you to share this opportunity with others so they have the same chance to connect.


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    Nice one Nile. I think there’s a good range of topics here. Thank you for including mine as well. Its good to know what others are blogging about and am glad you bring it on like this. Thank you.

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    I am new to your blog, and what are doing on Sunday’s is just amazing and great idea. Currently I am working on my new blog, whenever I will have a worthy article to participate I would love to.

    Greetings From Lithuania!

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    That’s a great way for their articles to get exposure, I really like that you offer something like this. Next Sunday I might have to join in myself.

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