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The are so many different charitable organizations out there. With natural disasters, poverty and more, there is always a need for either monetary help or even volunteering. Even art advocacy for children in need is just as important. is an organization that does this and even partners with other organizations to raise funds for all sorts of causes. The main goal of Singforhope is to gather professional artists in any genre to volunteer in community services in the name of art.

For those who are graphic designers and web designers, this might be a great organization to be a part of. With the growing Internet, and even how much of the graphic and web design community has developed since the 1990s, there are a lot of subjects to cover and teach young aspiring artists this this niche. It is also a great way to give back to the community in a way you know best.

There are so many under privileged children who attend schools that may not have the funding for certain arts. This makes it hard for those children who yearn to achieve dreams like becoming a singer, a writer, a photographer, a dancer, a graphic designer, and much more.

Sing For Hope can help you make a change in your community.

I wanted to share this organization with with my readers here at because: to me, art has always been important. I have been fortunate to attend schools that had the funding, but as I grew up and moved to different states (because I was a military brat), I met people who were not so fortunate. And because of that lack in having classes to teach certain arts, even music, using computers for graphic arts, or dance, the potential talent is never developed.

While I have helped online to teach both web and graphic design, I would love to see children who are interested in these same arts to be taught as well. Please check out and see if you can fill a need.


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    Hi Nile, I think it's so great that you posted this. What an awesome way to help those less fortunate….and in the world today, graphic design and web design are such valuable, potentially-lucrative skills to have. You really can't go wrong there. I, myself, am not skilled in these areas, but if I think of anyone who might be able to support such a worthy cause, I will send them the link.

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    I'm reminded of a line from a movie, Mr. Holland's Opus. The school where Mr. Holland, a music teacher, was employed was cutting all funding to all art departments. He went in to fight the decision and told his boss, essentially (It's been awhile since I have seen the movie), "If you cut out music, theater, art, pretty soon, you won't have anything left to read and write about." The point being, we often think those subjects should be sidelined but when in reality, all subjects seem to at some point be intertwined and effect others. seems like a wonderful organization to help ensure the future of the arts for our children.
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