Social Media 101: Be Prepared to Work

I was reading an article called The Clock’s Ticking: 10 Steps to Social Media Business Integration by Andrea V Lewis and though I recommend reading it, it is probably nothing new that has already been said here at or from top dogs in the social media industry. However, it is good to read articles online from others who are on the right path in social media.

I have worked with a lot of clients who want instant results. I have even seen this happening in the freelance sites where people ask others to seek out and invite thousands of followers to their social network handles for a very minimal amount. For one, a lot of these sites have made auto-following APIs null and void. Another is that it takes a lot of time, so expecting 1000s of followers on several social networks within one month for $250 is just insane and very unreasonable. ALSO, it is the WRONG way to go about building a sturdy following. The steps between are missing.

You can invite and people will probably join because they do not care, but for those who do, you really have to work to become reputable enough for them to trust and in the end purchase whatever you might be selling. While you could have a blog for your business, and you could share those posts for your followers to see, you also need to step in and engage in a conversation with your followers. Try to provoke them into giving feedback about scenarios including your product or involve them in contests. Offering coupons or discounts might be nice, but it does not always work.

Going back to the freelance positions available out there, the person hired is to get followers, not to engage them. That is for the business to either hire them full time to engage for a decent rate, or step in to do it.

There are social media consultants that charge thousands of dollars to step in and offer hands on training, but even they will tell you, it takes investing time and effort to reap awards.

Have you worked with people who expect immediate results? Have you tried to explain or refer them on how to go about the right way to conduct a social media marketing plan?

Note: Here is another good article to read called Just stop faking it already! by Walk Talk Chew Gum that I have found carries on a good chunk of thoughts I agree on related to this article.


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    Thank you for referring that nice article. Building social network circle is no way different than building real world circle when regarding time and effort it takes. Differences lies in tools available on this two different worlds.

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    Hi Nile.

    First off thanks for taking the time to read my post. Secondly, I couldn't agree with you more in terms of how much strategy, time and dedication is really involved in growing and maintaining a presence online, even if it's just your own. Coming from the advertising agency side, where we're accustomed to doing a little dance for our dinner for clients. From my experience it seems like clients pay agencies so they have someone to yell at when the campaign isn't as successful as they wanted. Most campaigns have a few months of turnaround time.

    My decision to leave the advertising world was mainly due to my agency's lack of wanting to embrace social media. I remember in 2008 when clients were asking about Twitter and the director of media made EVERYONE sign up to try to "figure what its really about" before giving up on it weeks later.

    Now, that I'm (trying to) freelance as a social media advocate, I'm sure the time will inevitable come when I'll have to school the client on the proper way to use social media.

    Great blog. I'm a subscriber now too!
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      I really do not think there is any harm for a business to take up learning how they can harness social networking. In fact, I would encourage it. The problem is that working with small business owners, they may not have the extra money to invest. BUT, if you educate them on how to put some of their social networking on auto-pilot while designating a little time each day (even 10 minutes will do!!!) then they could build a following online.

      I am in the process of creating a Southern Illinois focused website as when people ask me "What is there to do in Southern Illinois?", it was like telling them to go farther into the boonies. When people think about locations in Illinios, they think about Springfield and Chicago. And as businesses are awakening to social media and social networking, they can find a place to help promote their presence. 🙂

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    I found social networking not different than the real world circle. The major achievement is build up reliability. Get your personality believable. Thus it takes time and lot effort as well. But it worth the time and effort. You have more friends, there are less chances that you 'll get drowned even in hard times.
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      The only difference is that they are not there in front of you. For me, I am comfortable in person or online meeting people. I agree with you. As for your personality being believable… it is more like… just be honest. Because even car salesmen try to be believable.

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