Niche Recommended WordPress Plugin Series: Blogs About Blogging


Blogs about blogging are one of the more competitive niches in the blogging community. These are the ones run by bloggers who have a lot of experience and success in running websites, especially blogs. Anyone considering on getting into this niche should have experience and success in another blog niche before trying. This post shares […]

The Ultimate Checklist to Setting Up a New WordPress Blog


Blogging has evolved over the years to becoming a cultural thing. Each blog represents the voice of someone passionate (at least I hope that each blogger is passionate about what they do) about what they like to write about. However, it is no longer just open up a new blog and write away. There are […]

Before You Monetize Your Site…


In the whole set up of a website, you might consider what type of monetizing plan you want to try. There are quite a few options. – Self-hosted banner advertising – Banner advertising with a company like BuySellAds, Project Wonderful, and more. – Text Ads wit Text Link Ads, Google Adwords, and even Adbrite. Of […]

The Importance of Sitemaps


Sitemaps are important because they allow the search engines like Google and Yahoo! to index your entire site and leave it available for other internet users to find. A sitemap is defined: A site map (or sitemap) is a representation of the architecture of a web site. It can be either a document in any […]

Pingbacks And Trackbacks: Using Them Successfully


A lot of times when I go to my WordPress administrator panel, I look at the trackbacks. Sometimes it may be someone referenced a post in twitter, or another person’s blog. According to Wikipedia, A trackback is one of three types of linkbacks, methods for Web authors to request notification when somebody links to one […]

RSS Feed 101


What is the purpose of an RSS feed? That is one of many questions I get from people on a daily basis. I decided I would share. First, you have to understand what it is before I go onto explaining how you can use your RSS feed to your advantage. According to Wikipedia, an RSS […]

Is It Really THAT Annoying to Moderate Comments on Blogs?


I have heard a lot on the verdict about anti-spam plugins for WordPress and even after trying a lot of different plugins, I still come to the conclusion – you will see spam get through. Some plugins less than others, but still… there is always a factor that there will be spammers. It does not […]