How To Add A Facebook Fan Box To Your Site

A lot of website owners are making fan pages for their websites. For me, because I have several sites, I just have one here on to myself in general. However, I found after I put the fan page widget on my site, people were emailing me or sending direct messages to ask how I […]

News For Chat Catcher Plugin Users

Chat Catcher, which has a plugin for WordPress users allows bloggers to install their free service and add a “reaction” like in Disqus or trackback entries from Twitter, FriendFeed, and, along with various url-shortening services. Here is what Shannon Whitley, the creator of Chat Catcher said in an email I received for Chat Catcher […]

Blogging 101: Advertising

For those who are seeking a lot of traffic, whether because of selling a product or just to push your content, advertising might come to mind. These days there are text links, full page advertisements, a various assortment of banners. Of course, there are many programs out there too that offer to help webmasters advertise […]

Google Webmaster Tool Benefits

Google Webmaster Tools is a way for webmasters to get their site properly web index by Google. There are also other features that this tool offers that make this a hub for any webmaster. Getting a site indexed is important. What is web indexing? Indexing is as: “collects, parses, and stores data to facilitate fast […]

To Ping Or Not To Ping Your Own Blog

Recently Weblog Tools Collection published an article called Pinging Your Own Blog Posts? Good or Bad? Basically, it is arguing the side that pinging your own blog is bad. According to Wikipedia: A pingback is one of three types of linkbacks, methods for Web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their […]

DandyID Releases More Services For Your Social Identities

I blogged back in March 2009 about DandyID Plugin for WordPress. DandyID allows user to share their social network identities on their blog, Facebook, and other places by simply applying their code or widget. This eliminates the issues of manually coding each social identity you have online and placing it in your blog’s sidebar. Recently, […]

Tumblr: Should You Have An Account With Them?

Tumblr seems to be a nice little system that you can sign up and blog, share your twitter tweets, and import posts from other services. I recently signed up and perhaps it is because of their recent infastructure work on September 14th, the site loaded slowly, and frankly when it did load, I would have […]

P2: “Like Twitter In A Box”

A couple of months ago, P2 was mentioned at WordCamp Chicago (and I am sure it was mentioned at a few other WordCamps before that by Matt Mullenweg. It is a way to integrate microblogging and regular blogging. Or you can use it by itself. For those who are regular bloggers, this is an extra […]